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Sommer Ray biography
photo instagram / sommerra
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Interesting Biography Facts

Real name

Sommer Ray


fitness model, Instagram star

Birth Date

September 15, 1996


27 years

Zodiac Sign



Colorado, United States


Castle View High School; homeschooled



Sommer Ray family members

Mother's Name

Shannon Ray

Siblings names

Savana (older sister), Bronson (younger brother), Skylyn (younger sister)

Is Sommer Ray a gay/bisexual?


What is Sommer Ray marital status?


Who are Sommer Ray parents?


Date of death: June, 2015

Sommer Ray doesn’t publicize his father’s name. But she shares his pics through social media from time to time and thanks him for everything he did for her. The fitness model names her father “the best daddy ever” and thanks him for being her inspiration and coach and for teaching her everything he knew about bodybuilding.

Mr. Ray was a person of a hard fate. He was adopted at an early age and that’s why knew nothing about his ethnicity. He practiced bodybuilding since the earliest age and soon started to participate in competitions, some of which he won. He married his colleague Shannon and welcomed four kids with her. Mr. Ray died in 2015

Shannon Ray (mother)

Shannon Ray

photo instagram / shannon_rayyy

Date of birth: August 21, 1964

In social media she is often named as “the hottest mother in the world”. Like her daughter, Shannon is a fitness model and Instagram star. She has about 600k subscribers there and serves as a motivation for many people, who want to create the body of their dream.

It’s hard to believe that Shannon has already crossed the 54th age mark. She looks young and fresh and her stomach is perfectly flat in spite of the fact, that she gave a birth to 4 children. The woman has Czechoslovakian roots.

Shannon previously was a fitness writer and bodybuilder, and she attended fitness competitions, just like her husband. She stars in Sommer’s videos from time to time.

Sommer Ray siblings

Savana Ray (older sister)

Savana Ray

photo instagram / savanaray

Date of birth: April 15, 1990

Savana is Sommer’s older sister. She resides in Denver and works as a photographer. The woman tells, that she likes “dead things”. She is a social media star with 93k followers on Instagram.

Bronson Ray (younger brother)

Date of birth: February 19, 1998

He is a younger brother of a model Sommer Ray. He isn’t active in social media. He is Skylyn’s twin.

Skylyn Ray (younger sister)

Skylyn Ray

photo instagram / skylynbeaty

Date of birth: February 19, 1998

Sommer’s younger sibling positions herself as a devoted lover of nature and all those natural things, which are around us every day. Her original selfies helped the girl gain more than 160k of subscribers.


Sommer Ray was nicknamed as “Belfie Queen” in social media (it’s the term, invented by Kim Kardashian and it means “butt selfie”). As for now, she is celebrated as a fitness model. She has more than 19 million Instagram followers.

Sommer Ray’s incredible success was possible mostly due to hard and careful work of her parents. Her mother and father were popular bodybuilders, and they took their daughter for sports contests since her early years. At the age of 15 Sommer began practicing bodybuilding herself. Coached by her father, soon she shaped the perfect bikini body and started to participate in various fitness contests, held in Colorado, where she resided with her parents.

In 2015 Sommer’s talent and hard work returned to her with the first professional success. She won two prizes in “NPC Colorado State Championship” as a bikini model.

Alongside career of a bodybuilder, she started her activity in social media. The girl posted fine short videos on Vine and then moved her way to YouTube, Instagram and other platforms. In 2016 she posed for “Sports Illustrated”.

Sommer Ray invites to her videos other members of her family – her mother Shannon, who is a social media star, too and her sisters.

Interesting and fun facts

Sommer Ray Interesting and fun facts

photo instagram / sommerray

  1. In 2017 she joined “Cloutgang”, the other members of which are Faze Banks, Alissa Violet, RiceGum, whom she previously dated and others.
  2. She had to quit her studying at Castle View High School because of bullying. Her classmates laughed at her bikini photos from fitness competitions, so she decided to become homeschooled.
  3. Although now Sommer is very young and she doesn’t think about starting a family in the nearest future, she has already decided to have three kids and name them after three summer months.
  4. She rose to fame as the girl with perfect butts. She was rumored to make a plastic surgery on that part of her body. But in her interview Sommer denied all such gossips and insisted, that no part of her was fake.
  5. She tries her personal life in secret and officially she is single. But the girl was rumored to date a young actor Max Ehrich. The couple was caught by paparazzi several times together. They attended the premiere of the film “Happy Death Day”. Currently is rumored to date Eduardo Chacon.


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