Sophia Grace Brownlee

Sophia Grace Brownlee biography
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Interesting Biography Facts

Real name

Sophia Grace Brownlee


YouTube star, Instagram star, singer

Birth Date

April 18, 2003


17 years

Zodiac Sign



Essex, England, United Kingdom


Essex school; homeschooled



Sophia Grace Brownlee family members

Father's Name

Dominic Brownlee

Mother's Name

Carly Brownlee

Siblings names

Belle Milliana Brownlee (younger sister)

Who are Sophia Grace Brownlee parents?

Dominic Brownlee (father)

Dominic Brownlee father Sophia Grace Brownlee

photo instagram / dominicbrownlee

Date of birth: August 17, 1981

Every little princess needs help and every miracle has its creator. In case of Sophia Grace, her instant star status is a result of hard and wise work of her father. The writer and producer Dominic Brownlee manages career of his talented daughter and helps her make right decision of her way to success.

He earns his living as Tiger Blu Artists principal. His company is aimed to manage careers of young talented people. The rapid success of his daughter is the best proof of his competence.

He comes from England. The man was educated at Burnt Mill Academy in Essex. He started his career as a music consultant.

Currently the man shares his time between London and Los Angeles. He is married and has two daughters.

Carly Brownlee (mother)

Sophia Grace Brownlee mother

photo instagram / therealsophiagrace

Date of birth: September 4, 1983

Carly is internationally popular as a mother of Sophie Grace. She spent the major part of her life in Essex, UK. Currently the woman resides with her husband and daughters in Los Angeles. She is a home stay mom, who helps her daughters develop their talents. She operates Sophia’s public accounts.

Sophia Grace Brownlee siblings

Belle Milliana Brownlee (younger sister)

Belle Milliana Brownlee

photo instagram / therealsophiagrace

Date of birth: May 20, 2014

The cute little girl is the youngest member of Brownlee family. To the moment of her birth Sophia had already become a celebrity, so Belle made her first public appearance at a very early age, when her older sister devoted her post in Instagram. Her sibling created YouTube channel for her, named “My Sister Belle”. It boasts with circa 10, 000 subscribers. Channel viewers have a chance to watch Belle’s daily routine and share with her lots of funny moments. She leads the happy life of a beloved kid, which is pleasant to follow.

Belle is the apple in her sister’s eyes.

Rosie McClelland (cousin)

Rosie McClelland

photo instagram / rosiergm

Date of birth: September 07, 2006

Rosie is her co-star and little cousin, who performed with Sophia at Ellen and in her YouTube videos.


Sophia Grace Brownlee bio

photo instagram / therealsophiagrace

Sophia Grace Brownlee is an English girl, who is close to realizing American dream. The modern Cinderella, she rose to fame overnight after her aunt uploaded to YouTube a funny video of little Sophia and her relative Rosie. The girls in cute rose tutus performed the cover to Nicki Minaj composition. That happened in the year of 2011, when Sophia was just 7 years old, and Rosie Grace McClelland was about 5.

After becoming YouTube stars, girls got a chance, which turned their lives upside-down. The cult TV host Ellen DeGeneres called two Internet starlets to her show and they had a warm meeting with their queen Nicki Minaj in her studio.

In addition, Sophia and her co-star were invited to host the segment of her TV program, called “Sophie Grace and Rosie Do Tea”. The girls invited to their tiny tea table A-list stars of entertainment industry, like Taylor Swift, Miley Cyrus, Justin Bieber and many others.

In addition to her activity of Ellen DeGeneres little representative, Sophia has already released a number of original songs, “Best Friends” and “Girl in the Mirror” to name a few. She became the queen of music charts.

Interesting and fun facts

Sophia Grace Brownlee facts

photo instagram / therealsophiagrace

  1. Alongside singing and hosting, she tries her hand in acting, too. Brownlee has already featured in episodes of some popular series, including the teen sitcom “Sam & Cat”.
  2. One of her singles, “Girl in the Mirror”, deals with the problem, known to any teen girl – her concentration of physical beauty and depression, it her body is not model-like. Brownlee, who wrote the lyrics herself, hopes to support other girls of her age and remind them, that it’s better to be beautiful inside, not outside.
  3. She co-authored with her cousin a book, which was illustrated by a famous artist Shelagh McNicholas.
  4. She continued her way to Hollywood Olympus with presenting her own doll. The company “Just Play”, inspired by the girly looks of our heroine and her cousin, created two dolls – Sophia and Rosie – in pink tutus, of course. The toys were sold exclusively through Walmart at first and then were spread to other stores as well. The interactive doll has a secret button on her belly, which sings with Brownlee voice, if it is pressed.
  5. Her favorite color is mint green, and her favorite food is cheeseburgers.
  6. She likes cats and has one of them at home. Her pet’s name is Poppy.
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