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Interesting Biography Facts

Real name

Alia Shelesh


gamer, YouTube star

Birth Date

October 22, 1992


31 years

Zodiac Sign



England, United Kingdom


nursing college (drop out)



Sssniperwolf family members

Siblings names

two younger brothers and a younger sister

Is Sssniperwolf a lesbian/bisexual?


What is Sssniperwolf marital status?

In relation

Who are Sssniperwolf parents?


Not much is known about the girl’s father. He has three kids, except for Lia. The man resided in England, but then he moved his family to Arizona, USA to improve their living conditions.

It was her father, who helped her understand that gaming was her cup of tea. He bought her a PlayStation to play with her younger brother, with whom she was fighting all the time.

Later Lia started her first business venture – she bought action figures for $1 only and then sold them through eBay for bigger amount. Thus, she got some extra money, which her dad took from her to pay the bills. Later Mr. Shelesh took his daughter’s car, which she bought for the money she saved herself.


Sssniperwolf parents

photo / sssniperwolf

The real name of Alia Shelesh mother is not known. Mrs. Shelesh doesn’t like to be in the center of public attention, but she has alaredy appeared on some of Sssniperwolf’s videos and Lia shared several pictures with her.

Mama Shelesh is “the best mom ever”, as her daughter Lia tells about her. She tried to support her little daughter in any situation. Mrs. Shelesh wanted Lia to become a pharmacist, but she allowed her to stay at home, after the girl had been bullied at college. She had even bought PlayStation 2 for her.

Lia cared about her mom, when in 2013-2014 she got sad news about some health issues. Sssniperwolf convinced her mom to quit her job. Later Lia and her boyfriend Evan Sausage moved into the house of their own. But still the YouTube star lives not far from her mother and visits her every day. She bought a car for Mrs. Shelesh.

Sssniperwolf siblings

Ranya Shelesh (younger sister)

Sssniperwolf siblings

photo / sssniperwolf

Lia has a sister, who is 8 years younger than her. Her name is Ranya Shelesh, but in one of Lia’s videos she nicknamed herself as Optimus Prime Alligator.

The sisters very often have fun together – they go shopping, arrange dancing challenges and play twister. Lia makes great videos about their leisure time and upload them on YouTube.

Ranya lives in Glendale, Arizona. She works at Glendale Water’n Ice company.

Paul Shelesh (younger brother)

Paul Shelesh


Date of birth: 1993

Paul is one of Sssniperwolf’s brothers. He lives in Glendale, AR like other members of their family. He is a devoted guitar player and a car lover.

Bakir Shelesh (younger brother)

Sssniperwolf brother

photo / sssniperwolf

Sssniperwolf’s second younger brother is Bakir Shelesh. She used to play video games with him in their primary school years, and she always won.


Sssniperwolf, or Lia Shelesh, rose to fame as a skillful gamer and YouTuber. She runs two YouTube channels – SSSniperWolf and Little Lia, they have 16+ million and 1,5+ million viewers respectively. She enjoys massive social media following at other platforms, too.

Lia was born on the second autumn month in 1992. She is the oldest kid in the family of Mr. and Mrs. Shelesh. She saw the world for the first time in the ordinary hospital in England. Soon her two brothers were born, and their apartment became overcrowded. That’s why her parents decided to move to USA and improve their life conditions. But that didn’t work – they lived in poverty.

Lia got her first PlayStation at the age of 8. Games supplanted friends for her. For her weird hobby Lia was bullied at school. One of the boys even beat her. After that she begged her mother to make a pause in her studying at a nurse college.

In early 2013 she launched the eponymous YouTube channel. She recorded her playing various video games. Soon her channel became popular.

Now she is a celebrated gamer and social media phenomenon. Lia plans to return to college and earn a degree in game design.

Interesting and fun facts

  1. At school she was praised as the best hula hooper. Lia took part in the competition of that kind and she was hula hooping during several hours, till someone made her laugh and she stopped. Sssniperwolf won the first prize!
  2. Since 2013 she has been dating an Arizona resident and YouTube star Evan Sausage. He noticed her online, and wrote her a message. After that they started to talk every day, and their conversations were really long – they lasted during 6-8 hours. Finally, both agreed to meet at Comic Con. Their romance started immediately, and soon both moved into their own house.
  3. She likes to dress into the suits of her favorite game heroines.
  4. Evan and she own a dog, named Kaz.
  5. Her height is 5 ft 4 in and her weight is 115 pounds.
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