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Steve Gold biography
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Interesting Biography Facts

Real name

Steven William Gold


reality TV star, real estate agent

Birth Date

March 1, 1985


36 years

Zodiac Sign



Stamford, Connecticut, United States


Stern School of Business at New York University



Steve Gold family members

Father's Name

Richard Gold

Mother's Name

Nancy Gold

Siblings names

Laura Gold (oldest sister); Jennifer Gold-Bockman (older sister)

Is Steve Gold a gay/bisexual?


What is Steve Gold marital status?

In relation

Who is Steve Gold wife?

Luiza Gawlowska (girlfriend; baby mother)

How many children does he have?

1 (daughter Rose Gold)

Steve Gold wife

Luiza Gawlowska (baby mother; girlfriend)

Luiza Gawlowska wife Steve Gold


Date of birth: October 16, 1992

In 2017 Steve gave an interview to “Huffington Post”, where he confessed that he was single. But in August 2018 he had already met a woman, who was interesting for him at first sight. He crossed his ways with Luiza Gawlowska in the airport in London, where both were waiting for their flight. Steve asked the beautiful woman for a date, and she agreed. Thus, they spent a romantic evening in London. Their second date took place in Monte Carlo and the third one in Ibiza. After that, both moved together in New York.

For a long time, Steve kept his relationships with Luiza in secret. The reason was online trolling, which the girl had to face when she was rumored to date a reality TV star. But they went out of the shadow after the birth of their daughter.

Luisa has Polish ancestry but she was born and raised in London. She served as an art consultant before she had to make a pause in her career and become a full-time mother. Gawlowska has already made appearances on “Million Dollar Listing New York” show.

Steve Gold kids

Rose Gold (daughter)

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Date of birth: June 6, 2019

At first, Steve intended to keep his personal life in secret, but as he tells, “I changed up my mind but wanted to share my happiness with my fans after I had seen my daughter’s beautiful eyes”.

The girl was born in summer, 2019 and got her trendy beautiful name after her parents had rejected some other options. Finally, they agreed to name a baby girl after Steve’s great grandmother, who came from Russia. She died, when the future real estate star was just 7. “She was that glue, which kept all of us together”, he confessed in one of the show episodes.

Who are Steve Gold parents?

Nancy Gold (mother)

Nancy Gold mother Steve Gold


Date of birth: March 23. 1955

In Episode 11, Season 6 of Million Dollar Listing New York (MDLNY), Steve told that his parents live happily together for more than 40 years. He added that he dreams to create such a happy family, too.

Nancy J. Gold resides with her husband in Stamford, Connecticut. She is a devoted mother and grandmother.

Richard Gold (father)

Date of birth: 1952

Richard E. Gold, or simply Rich Gold, is Steve’s father. His son introduced him to MDLNY viewers in one of the episodes, where he visited his parents and an older sister Laura.

Rich spent the major part of his life in Stamford, Connecticut. He studied printing management at Rochester Institute of Technology. Rich is a loving husband and doting father of three kids. He has five grandchildren, too.

Steve Gold siblings

Laura Gold (oldest sister)

Date of birth: 1979

Laura occupies a special place in Steve’s heart. She has a learning disability, and she doesn’t lead the life as her younger siblings do.

Steve told that he likes to visit Laura and to communicate with her. Sometimes she impresses him more than other people. “She is the kindest person on the planet”, Steve adds.

Jennifer Gold-Bockman (older sister)

Date of birth: 1981

Jennifer is Steve’s second sister. She lives in Great Falls, VA with her husband Jonathan Bockman and their four kids. Jennifer shares a close bond with her famous brother.


His face has become known to the wide audience after the release of the Bravo reality series “Million Dollar Listing New York”, which got two Emmy nominations. He joined the show cast-mates in the six-season, but very soon became one of the favorite characters for many people all over the world. By the way, he knew the other main participants, Fredrik Eklund and Ryan Serhant before joining them on the show.

But the popular TV show was not the first successful project in his life. He has already proved, that he is a skillful businessman – Steve worked as a real estate agent for elite home buyers in the USA, founded “The Gold Group New York City” and even tried his hand as a model, having advertised the luxury brands, Louis Vuitton and Giorgio Armani.

Steve entered this world in Stamford, Connecticut. He has two older sisters. His parents are Richard and Nancy Gold. In his early years, Steve spent a lot of time with his father. They liked various sports activities, like sailing, boxing, etc. But Steve didn’t dream to become an athlete. His main passion was business. After graduation from high school, he entered the business school, which was part of New York University. There he studied Finance and Marketing.

During his years at the college, Steve worked as a model. But in one of his recent interviews, he confessed that modeling had never been interesting to him. “It was just the way to earn some money, while I was studying at college. But real estate was my main passion”, he told.

He didn’t dare to start earning as a real estate agent until he met the successful broker, business guru, and took some lessons from him. That was the start point in his career. Soon he was showing the luxurious houses to rich people.

Now Steve is considered one of the most popular brokers in the USA. He has incredibly busy shedule, but always finds time for his family members.

Interesting and fun facts

  1. He has known Fredrik Eklund and Ryan Serhant for 10 years before they started a reality TV show and invited Steve to join them. He worked with Fredrik in the same company and crossed his way with Ryan on various deals many times. He valued high them both.
  2. He doesn’t have a celebrity crush. He tells, that there are celebs, whom he considers as beautiful people, but to have a crush on someone, he needs to meet that person live.
  3. The feature of the character he hates the most in others is dishonesty.
  4. He considers managing time and multi-tasking as two main stones of a successful job.
  5. His net worth is estimated at $10 million.
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