Susan Eubanks

Susan Eubanks biography
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Interesting Biography Facts

Real name

Susan Elaine Eubanks (Johnson)


celeb's relative; nurse

Birth Date

September 14, 1954


65 years

Zodiac Sign



United States



Susan Eubanks family members

Father's Name

Charles Johnson

Mother's Name

Anita Wells

Is Susan Eubanks a lesbian/bisexual?


What is Susan Eubanks marital status?


Who is Susan Eubanks husband?

Ex-husbands: Steven Rupe, Lee Bennington, Mr. Eubanks (died)

How many children does she have?

2 (daughter Tobi Rupe-Knehr and son Chester Bennington)

Susan Eubanks relatives


The mother of a rock legend earned her living as a nurse. It was she, who encouraged her son’s interest to music in his early years. He liked Depeche Mode and Stone Temple Pilots most of all, and this music influenced him and helped to form his own unique style.

When the boy turned 11, his mother disappeared from his life. Susan divorced from the boy’s father, and lost the custody over her son. During many years she didn’t see Chester, but one day he came to the porch of her house, completely lost and drugged out. She helped him cope with addiction and at first Chester was stable and strong, but then he started to use drugs and drink alcohol again, and left his mother’s house.

His mom is alive till now, but she stays out of limelight and didn’t even attend Chester’s funeral (or at least, she stayed private and nobody noticed her).

Currently she resides in Page, AZ. The woman is a widow. She named her late third husband, Mr. Eubanks, the best partner and stepfather to her kids. Previously she was a wife of Lee Bennington (her second husband), with whom she had a son Chester. Her first husband was Steven Ray Rupe, with whom she welcomed a daughter Tobi Rupe (now Knehr), musician’s older half-sister.

Her maiden name is Johnson, and she was the only child of Charles Johnson and Anita Wells.

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