Sy Kravitz

Sy Kravitz biography
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Interesting Biography Facts

Real name

Seymour Kravitz


television producer for NBC

Birth Date

December 10, 1924

Death date

October 29, 2005 (80 years)

Zodiac Sign



Brooklyn, New York City, United States



Sy Kravitz family members

Father's Name

Joseph Kravitz

Mother's Name

Jean Kravitz

Siblings names

Leonard Harold Kravitz (younger brother)

Is Sy Kravitz a gay/bisexual?


What is Sy Kravitz marital status?


Who is Sy Kravitz wife?

Roxie Roker and Erika Kravitz

How many children does he have?

3 (Lenny Kravitz and 2 daughters with his 2nd wife)

Sy Kravitz relatives


The name of Lenny’s father was Sy Kravitz. From his side, the famous singer got a great mixture of races, which probably, defined his talent. Sy had Jewish and Slavic roots.

The man fell in love with Lenny’s mother in his late teens, and they got married too fast to think it out. Being too young, Sy couldn’t provide the necessary care for his wife and small son. He cheated the actress Roxie Roker numerous times, and one day her patience had run out. She filed for divorce.

Sy worked as a filmmaker and news producer for NBC. He re-married the woman, named Erica, and welcomed two daughters with her – Lenny’s younger half-siblings. Sy wasn’t a doting father to any of his kids.

Just a couple of years before his death Sy opened his heart to faith and asked his popular son to forgive him. Lenny, who got his name from his father’s younger brother, killed in the Korean War, reconciled with his father shortly before his tragic death from leukemia in one of New York hospitals.

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