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Tai Lopez biography
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Interesting Biography Facts

Real name

Taino Adriano Lopez


TV personality, YouTube star, investor, marketer

Birth Date

April 11, 1997


24 years

Zodiac Sign



California, United States


college dropout



Tai Lopez family members

Mother's Name

Andrea Avanzato

Siblings names

Jacob Avanzato (younger half-brother), Christopher Avanzato (younger half-brother), Ben Avanzato (younger half-brother)

Is Tai Lopez a gay/bisexual?


What is Tai Lopez marital status?

In relation

Who are Tai Lopez parents?


Tai Lopez didn’t know his father properly, because he was in jail for many years and didn’t raise his child well.

Andrea Avanzato (mother)

Andrea Avanzato

photo facebook.com/chris.avanzato.1

Date of birth: 1952

Andrea Franziska Avanzato is Tai’s mother. She is the most important person in his life. Andrea was married to Tai’s father for a short period. Later she remarried Mr. Avanzato and had three kids with him – Benjamin, Jacob, and Christopher.

Tai’s mother is a La Jolla High School graduate. She works as a life coach and motivator for women. Andrea is a healthy natural lifestyle enthusiast. She gave birth to three of four of her sons at home.

Tai Lopez siblings

Jacob Avanzato (younger half-brother)

Jacob Avanzato

photo facebook.com/jacobiat

Date of birth: 1984

Tai has three half-brothers from the maternal side. All of them worked by his side in the company, founded by him – TaiLopez.com.

Jacob and his older brother Tai are closely-knitted. They both spent some time at the Old Order Amish religious group. To find himself, he studied in a boarding school in India. After that Jacob traveled a lot. Nowadays he makes his living as a photographer.

Christopher Avanzato (younger half-brother)

Christopher Avanzato

photo facebook.com/chris.avanzato.1

Date of birth: 1987

Chris is Tai’s second youngest brother from the maternal side. He also assisted Tai with his online projects and worked at TaiLopez.com. Nowadays Chris lives in Los Angeles. He is the founder of the company “Lucid Artifacts”, which offers handmade jewelry to its clients. He believes that each precious stone has its energy and he sends the piece of it to his customers through jewelry. He is in relations with a somatic therapist Steph Scarminach.

Ben Avanzato (younger half-brother)

Ben Avanzato

photo facebook.com/benavanzato

Date of birth: 1992

The youngest boy in the Avanzato-Lopez family is named Benjamin David Avanzato, or simply Ben. He is a Jesse O. Sanderson High School graduate. Ben works as a marketer at his brother’s company now. Besides, he is an aspiring singer and shares his songs through Soundcloud. In August 2020 he released his mini-album “Vibrate”.


Taino Adriano Lopez is one of the most contradictory celebrities in the world. Being a talented marketer, he reached great results in the Internet business. Nevertheless, a lot of people from different parts of our planet don’t believe him and consider his brand as a scam.

His biography is a mystery, too. He shared lots of interesting facts, but some of them seem doubtful and unconfirmed. He entered this world in California, USA on April 11, 1977. The boy lived in poverty; he didn’t know his father well. The most important people in his life were his grandmother and grandfather. He names his granddad as the person, who had the greatest impact on him. His grandfather was a scientist, and he encouraged the boy to read books and to care about his self-development.

After graduation from high school, Tai entered a college, which he didn’t finish, but he was certified as a financial planner. Tai started his way on top as the co-owner of “Global Elite Dating”, the online community, whose aim is to connect people. Besides, Mr. Lopez is the night club owner.

Since 2015, he started to share his philosophy of becoming successful and achieving a rich and luxurious life. Many people follow his advice to improve their lifestyle. He hosts a YouTube channel with 1.31 million subscribers.

Interesting and fun facts

  1. He is proud of his connections with celebrities. Tai knows Will Smith personally. And his brother Ben posted his picture with Arnold Schwarzenegger.
  2. He is not married officially, but he has a long-term girlfriend Kenna Alastair. She is a model. They have been together since the summer of 2014.
  3. Tai’s net worth is close to $10 million. He earned his fortune as an investor, motivational speaker, and businessman. He stays behind many online products. One of the most popular of them is his program “67 Steps”. It is an online video course, which helps people to become successful. Some people consider it as a scam, while others think, it is working.
  4. One of his first jobs was shearing sheep in New Zealand.
  5. He is a devoted reader. He has read 5, 000+ books.
  6. He lives in a huge house on the beach in Beverly Hills, CA. His neighbors are Katy Perry and Cameron Diaz.
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