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Taylor Alesia biography
photo instagram / tayloralesia
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Interesting Biography Facts

Real name

Taylor Alesia Compton


Instagram star, YouTube star

Birth Date

October 13, 1996


25 years

Zodiac Sign



Arizona, United States


high school



Taylor Alesia family members

Mother's Name

Mary Anne Compton (mother)

Siblings names

Alli Compton (older sister)

Is Taylor Alesia a lesbian/bisexual?


What is Taylor Alesia marital status?


Who are Taylor Alesia parents?


Taylor Alesia father

photo twitter / tayloralesia

Taylor doesn’t publicize the first name of her father, so for many people, he is just known as Mr. Compton. The man appears in her daughter’s videos from time to time. Obviously, he is very close to his daughter and they share lots of sweet memories together, about which both shared through social media.

Mr. Compton, who speaks with a strong New York accent, once told, that he hadn’t liked her daughter’s videos, which she posted at Musical.ly. He didn’t tell, what he does for a living, but opened up, that he was very busy with his job, when Taylor was a baby, so she spent most part of her early years by her mother’s side. But now Mr. Compton and his daughter do a lot of things together – they go shopping, watch TV and even sometimes go to the mountains.

Mary Anne Compton (mother)

Mary Anne Compton

photo twitter / maryannecompt11

The name of the woman, who brought Taylor to this world, is Mary Anne Compton. Currently, she lives in Arizona, but she has Italian roots, about which Mrs. Compton confessed through Twitter.

Mary is a great parent to her daughters – Taylor and Alli. She taught them everything she knew – how to do makeup, how to stay fit and actually shaped them in women, who they are today.

Taylor tells that her mother is a best friend for her. And Mary Anne is proud of everything her daughter Taylor does in social media.

Taylor Alesia siblings

Alli Compton (older sister)

Alli Compton

photo twitter / maryannecompt11

Date of birth: circa 1990

Alii is Taylor’s older sister. They have quite a significant age gap – Alli is 7 years older than our today heroine. They were very close in their early years. Taylor told in one of her YouTube videos, that her sister did hair and makeup for her.

Then Alii moved to Florida, and they didn’t talk on the phone too often and stopped seeing each other, and Taylor felt, that she lost connection with Alii. The girl made an emotional video, where she opened up that her sister “passed away”, thus having made her fans confused a bit. But now she and her sister talk as often as possible and maintain warm close relationships.


Taylor Alesia bio

photo instagram / tayloralesia

Taylor Alesia is the Internet celebrity, who gained an incredible following due to her stunning looks and interesting topics she discusses in her videos.

She entered this world in Arizona in the family of Mr. and Mrs. Compton. The girl changed a number of schools and attended college during one semester only. Her main passion was her social media activity, that’s why she wasn’t so interested in her studying.

Taylor gained initial popularity on Instagram and Twitter, and later she launched her YouTube channel. The girl uploaded her first picture on Instagram at the age of 13, and within two months only she gained 400k followers. Then the girl uploaded her first video on YouTube in May 2015. Very soon the number of her subscribers crossed 1-million line and it continues increasing till now.

Taylor makes videos, which are really useful for people of her age. She speaks about makeup technique, diets, and fitness and at the same time teaches her viewers to be themselves and to be self-confident. She likes making videos and hopes to develop her career as a YouTuber. At the same time she tells, that family has always been her main priority.

Interesting and fun facts

  1. At first, Taylor didn’t tell to her fans, that her surname is Compton, and “Alesia” is her middle name. She decided to omit her surname because she didn’t want to be mixed up with an actress Scout Taylor-Compton.
  2. She tells that her parents are quite old-fashioned, and they don’t like her ideas to pierce a belly button or to make a tattoo. Nevertheless, when she turned 18, she got her belly button pierced.
  3. She dreams to fly a high balloon. It’s on the top of her wishlist.
  4. Her favorite movie is “The Great Gatsby”.
  5. When she was 13, she had a cute pet – a little yorkie, but she passed away in 2014.
  6. She likes making videos and feels really comfortable on the camera. Taylor tells that she forgets about all her troubles when she appears in front of the camera and starts talking to her fans. She really likes her job.
  7. Previously Taylor dated another YouTube star, Tanner Fox. She was also in love with a social media personality Taylor Caniff.
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