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Taylor Caniff biography
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Interesting Biography Facts

Real name

Taylor Michael Caniff


rapper, actor, social media star

Birth Date

February 3, 1996


24 years

Zodiac Sign



Princeton, Indiana, United States



Taylor Caniff family members

Father's Name

Kevin Caniff

Mother's Name

Victoria Caniff

Siblings names

Jordan Caniff (older brother), Kellie Caniff Bruce (older sister), Tristan Caniff (younger brother)

Is Taylor Caniff a gay/bisexual?


What is Taylor Caniff marital status?

In relation

Who are Taylor Caniff parents?

Victoria Caniff (mother)

Victoria Caniff

photo instagram / jornadocaniff

Date of birth: February 21, 1966

The name of Taylor’s mother is Victoria Caniff, or momma Vickie, as her kids name her. It seems that our today hero is not connected with his mom. Actually, his biological mother didn’t raise him. She appeared in jail soon after his birth. His father divorced from his mother.

The woman, whom Taylor called “my mom” and whom he congratulated on mother’s day, was his paternal grandmother. The social media star literally grew up in the family of his grandfather Jack Caniff and grandmother Shirley. Unfortunately, Shirley passed away in November 2017.

Kevin Caniff (father)

Kevin Caniff

photo instagram / kevcaniff

Date of birth: July 6, 1966

The full name of Taylor’s father is Kevin Lee Caniff. Obviously, they have close father-son relationships. Kevin is proud of his son’s achievements.

Mr. Caniff put lots of efforts to provide his son and other kids for everything necessary. In spite of this fact, Taylor describes his childhood as “tough”. No wonder, because his parents divorced, Mrs. Caniff went into a jail, and Kevin worked from morning till night. His parents helped him to raise Taylor.

As for now, Kevin Caniff is an Instagram star, too. He boasts of 66k+ followers. The man is dating a beautiful woman, named Kelli Odom.

Taylor Caniff siblings

Jordan Caniff (older brother)

Jordan Caniff

photo instagram / jornadocaniff

Jordan is Taylor’s older brother. He resides in Princeton, IN. The man is married and has a daughter. He is a big fan of motorcycles.

Jordan and Taylor have typical brother-brother relationships. They stay in touch and are proud of one another.

Kellie Caniff Bruce (older sister)

Kellie Caniff Bruce

photo instagram / kncaniff

Date of birth: February 1, 1989

Kelli is Taylor’s “big sister”, whom he loves and respects. According to Kellie’s posts on Instagram, she admires her little brother, who accidentally grew up and turned into a handsome young man and a celebrity.

Kellie’s life seemed to be perfect, too. She is a happy wife, and a mother of two boys and one girl. She resides with her family in Oakland City, IN.

Tristan Caniff (younger brother)

Tristan Caniff

photo instagram / jornadocaniff

Tristan is the youngest member of the Caniff’s family. He is not much older than his cousins (children of his sister Kellie and brother Jordan. Like any other kid, Tristan enjoys his happy childhood years – he walks a lot, visits various places of interest and plays with his peers.


Each teenager knows who Taylor Caniff is. He is a YouTube and Vine actor, social media star and aspiring young rapper.

Taylor founded his YouTube channel in September 2012 and soon the number of his viewers highly increased. He started to post numerous comedy videos and pranks on Vine in 2013 and became a sensation on that platform, too.

The young man became a social media star really rapidly and turned from an unknown teenager to a star with $2 million net worth within just a couple of years. Being young and energetic, he didn’t stop and tried his hand as a rapper. Soon he formed the music band, titled “2Virgins” in the company of another hip hop artist, Dillon Rupp. They presented their first song “Buckwild” in spring, 2014.

Taylor comes from Princeton, Indiana. He was born in the family of Vickie and Kevin Caniff. Except for him, his parents had a son and a daughter, both older than Taylor.

The Instagram star was raised mostly by his paternal grandparents. Being cute and funny since his childhood, the boy decided to make humorous videos and upload them on YouTube. Very soon he gained a large fan base.

The secret of Caniff’s popularity is his ability to make people laugh. He created numerous prank videos, which were appreciated by millions of viewers.

Nowadays Taylor develops his musical skills. In January 2015 he released his first music video on the song “Cash on Me”.

Interesting and fun facts

Taylor Caniff facts

photo instagram / taylorcaniff

  1. Taylor Caniff caught the hearts of numerous young girls all over the world. The star keeps his personal life in secret. He tries to convince his fans that he is single and his heart is empty. Previously, he was romantically linked to another social media star – Taylor Alesia. Not long ago the entertainer uploaded the pics from his Mexican vacations, where he was depicted with a hot young girl, his possible girlfriend.
  2. In one of his vids, Taylor confessed that he dealt with anxiety attacks, which quite often appeared in his life. He feels especially nervous before going on planes or performing on the stage.
  3. He is afraid of needles, and once he even canceled his public appearance, because he needed vaccination before it. His other big fear is snakes.
  4. His favorite place to visit is San Diego. He loves the weather there.
  5. Taylor’s height is 5 ft 9 in and weight is 154 pounds.
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