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Terence Crawford biography
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Interesting Biography Facts

Real name

Terence Allan Crawford



Birth Date

September 28, 1987


36 years

Zodiac Sign



Omaha, Nebraska, United States


Bryan High School



Terence Crawford family members

Father's Name

Terry Crawford

Mother's Name

Debra Crawford

Siblings names

Shawntay Crawford (older sister), Latisha Crawford (older sister)

Is Terence Crawford a gay/bisexual?


What is Terence Crawford marital status?

In relation

Who is Terence Crawford wife?

Alindra Person (baby mother; long-term girlfriend)

How many children does he have?

5 (sons: Terence Crawford Jr, T. Bud Crawford, Tyrese Crawford; daughters: Miya Crawford, Lay Lay Crawford)

Terence Crawford wife

Alindra Person (baby mother; long-term girlfriend)

Terence Crawford wife Alindra Person

photo instagram.com/esha_0102_

Date of birth: January 3, 1991

Terence Crawford is not married officially, but during many years he has been cohabiting with Alindra Person. It’s not even known when the couple has met and fell in love, but as of now, Terence and she are raising a family. They have five kids – two daughters and three sons.

Alindra Person was born and raised in Omaha, NE. The woman spends the major part of her time, caring about her and Terence’s kids. Mostly, she stays out of the limelight, but recently the woman has appeared in the center of public attention, when she was involved in the fight with another girl, who was supposed to be Terence’s mistress. 

Terence Crawford kids

Terence Crawford Jr (son)

Terence Crawford Jr

photo instagram.com/terence_crawford_jr

Terence Crawford Jr. is the oldest son of Alindra and the famous boxer. He lives the life of a normal teenager, spends time with his friends, the most close of which is the girl, named Neph. It’s hard to tell, whether Terence is interested in boxing, but obviously, he supports his father during his fights. 

Miya Crawford (daughter)

Miya Crawford daughter Terence Crawford

photo instagram.com/tbudcrawford/

Date of birth: March 5

The oldest daughter in the family of Terence and Alindra is Miya Crawford. She is a school pupil and attends the six grade as of 2019. The girl is quite corpulent, which causes lots of negative comments on social media. Nevertheless, she doesn’t pay attention to it and lives her calm and happy life as a typical teenager (but from a rich family).

T. Bud Crawford (son)

T.-Bud Crawford son Terence Crawford

photo instagram.com/esha_0102_

Date of birth: March 4, 2011

The full name of Terence’s third kid is not known, but his mother calls him “Baby T” all the time. The boy is vivid and smart. He studies at primary school as of now. Baby T is very athletic; he participates in sports competitions and wins the first prize very often. 

Tyrese Crawford (son)

Tyrese Crawford


Date of birth: August 30, 2013

The other little athlete in Terence’s family is Tyrese Crawford. Like Baby T, he participates in sports contests and very often brings the victory at home. He studies at school and spends a lot of time with his famous father, whom he loves most of all. 

Lay Lay Crawford (daughter)

Lay Lay Crawford

photo instagram.com/esha_0102_

Date of birth: March 14, 2015

Lay Lay is a beautiful little gem and the youngest child of the sports star Terence Crawford. She is a little fashionista, whom her mother names “my little chocolate drop”. Lay Lay goes to the kindergarten. She attends dancing lessons, too. 

Who are Terence Crawford parents?

Debra Crawford (mother)

Date of birth: July 29, 1965

Terence Crawford doesn’t like to tell about his childhood. His early years were not happy. His relationships with his mom were quite contradictory, but now they are very close. From time to time Terence posts the pictures of his mother on Instagram and congratulates her on Mother’s Day or on her birthday. 

Debra Crawford, who is also known under the name Debra A. Mcneail, was born in Omaha, NE and there, actually, she lives till now. She got married Terry Crawford at a young age, and the couple welcomed two girls and a son. Unfortunately, their family life turned out to be unhappy. They divorced, and that influenced Debra in a bad way. She was depressed and started to drink. Very often she raised a stink with her son Terrence and could even beat him with a belt or with an extension cord. In his interviews, the boxer told that it made him stronger and increased his pain tolerance. 

Later Debra managed to take under control her passion for alcohol. Her son and she are in cordial terms as of now.

Terry Crawford (father)

Terry Crawford

photo twitter.com/MsTT1986

Date of birth: October 6, 1964

Terrance A. Crawford Sr. and his famous son, a boxer, were big friends many years ago. But their connection was lost after Terry had left his wife Debra and went away from their home.

It’s hard to tell now, whether the father and the son stay in touch or not because the athlete very rarely mentions his daddy in his interviews. 

Terence Crawford siblings

Shawntay Crawford (older sister)

Shawntay Crawford sister Terence Crawford

photo twitter.com/MsTT1986

Shawntay Crawford is Terence’s sister. Although she prefers to stay out of the limelight, some pictures of the woman have appeared on the media, mostly due to her brother. Terence and Shawntay share warm brother-sister relationships. 

She still resides in her hometown – Omaha, NE. She has a son, named Trey Crawford, who has also become an athlete. He makes a career as a basketball player. Trey and his uncle Terence share a close bond. 

Latisha Crawford (older sister)

Latisha Crawford

photo https://twitter.com/MsTT1986

Latisha N. Crawford is Terence’s second oldest sister. She is a young beautiful woman, who resides in Omaha, NE. She is her brother’s big supporter. Very often Latisha attends Terence’s fights and then posts pictures from there on social media. 


His fans name him “the best boxer in the world” as of now, and it’s hard to tell, whether this idea is right, or is just the result of their incredible love. But in any case, Terence Crawford is a unique athlete and a very contradictory personality, whose life story is interesting, successful and tragic at the same time.

He was born in Omaha, NE and fell in love with the box at the cusp of his adolescence. He inherited the passion for this dangerous and very masculine kind of sports due to his father. Terry Sr. liked to watch box matches, and in his free time, he put the gloves on Terence’s little fists and allowed him to strike at his daddy’s hands.

He dreamed to become a professional boxer, but he was too hot-tempered and tongue-tied to sign any lucrative deal or to find sponsors. 

Fate gave him a smile in 2013. That year was special in his biography – he beat three undefeated opponents in a row – Andrey Klimov, Viktor Postol and Yuriorkis Gamboa. Since then his career has been developing with a rocket speed. Currently, he is the holder of the WBO welterweight title.

Interesting and fun facts

  1. Terence Crawford made a scandal in the body shop in 2016. The boxer took his car there to be painted, but then he had a conflict with the workers and as a result – damaged the property at the car shop. After that, he was arrested and sentenced to 90 days in jail. He has been still on probation as of 2019.
  2. He comes from a poor family, but now his net worth is estimated at an astonishing $6 million. 
  3. His height is 5 ft 8 in. He fights in the lightweight and welterweight categories.
  4. His aunt Jackie, who died from cancer in 2003, previously was sentenced to prison for cocaine possession. 
  5. In 2008 he was shot in his head while sitting in his car. Probably, Terence was born with a silver spoon in his mouth, because the bullet went around his head, not through it. He drove to the hospital himself and was helped. 
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