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Thomas Barbusca biography
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Interesting Biography Facts

Real name

Thomas Barbusca



Birth Date

March 3, 2003


18 years

Zodiac Sign



Barnegat, New Jersey, United States


high school



Thomas Barbusca family members

Father's Name

Louie Barbusca

Mother's Name

Debra Barbusca

Siblings names

Brielle Barbusca (older sister)

Is Thomas Barbusca a gay/bisexual?


What is Thomas Barbusca marital status?


Who are Thomas Barbusca parents?

Louie Barbusca (father)

Louie Barbusca


Date of birth: 1962

Thomas Barbusca’s father is named Louie Barbusca. Not much is known about this handsome man, just the fact that he resided in Barnegat, NJ, after that he moved to New York and finally he settled in North Hollywood, CA with his wife Debra and their kids.

He is Italian. He was born in the family of Rosalie Contessa and Gaetano Barbusca. His mother died many years ago. After that, Gaetano re-married a woman, named Tina. Thomas’s paternal grandfather Gaetano was a Mafioso. In 1974 he was killed  by an unknown man.

Debra Barbusca (mother)

Debra Barbusca


Date of birth: 1970

Debra Lynn Re, widely known as Debra Barbusca, is the mother of two talented kids, Thomas and Brielle. She is a full-time mom; the woman is not making any career.

Debra is the daughter of Thomas Re and Linda Corda. She has been married to Louie Barbusca since November 1996 and they are still so happy together.

Thomas Barbusca siblings

Brielle Barbusca (older sister)

Brielle Barbusca


Date of birth: November 2, 1998

In his interview, Thomas confessed, that his sister inspired him to become an actor. It was Brielle, who tried her hand in acting for the first time in their family. She was in primary school age when she was cast as Jaden Kagan in the miniseries “The Starter Wife”. That was a great chance for Brielle. She portrayed Debra Messing’s screen daughter, and her play was so natural! After that lots of new doors opened in front of her.

Nowadays, Brielle has wonderful screen works in her resume. She appeared in one episode of the super popular series “Modern Family”, became a regular on “Shameless” and acted in a big-screen movie “Big Time Adolescence”.

Brielle is a busy actress, but first of all, she is the great sister to her little beloved brother Thomas.


You may know Thomas Barbusca as Link McNeil from “Grey’s Anatomy” or as Chris Schenck from “Preacher”. As of 2020, the boy has 40+ projects in his resume – and that’s impressive for a person in his late teens. Thomas is considered a new promising name in Hollywood.

He was born in New Jersey and spent the initial years of his life there. The son of Louie and Debra Barbusca, Thomas grew up with his older sister Brielle. He likes to recollect in his mind childhood memories. The boy spent a lot of time in his grandmother’s house. His granny lived in the neighborhood, so he visited her very often. In summer, his sister and he went for boat rides.

He was just 6 when his family moved to Los Angeles. The reason was his sister’s wish to pursue the career of an actress. She got her first role and was looking for new acting opportunities. She inspired her little brother to try acting, too.

Having started from TV commercials, Thomas gradually moved his way on TV, and then to the big screen. He appeared in the episode of the short-lived series “Body of Proof”, and that was enough for him to be noticed. After that Thomas got lots of invitations to successful screen projects. He featured on “Shameless”, “New Girl”, “Anger Management” etc. Finally, he won the role, which changed his life – in “The Mick”. On the show, he portrayed Chip Pemberton, the boy-loser, who always got into trouble. The actor himself confessed in his interview, that he liked his character on “The Mick”, and considered that role of a lifetime.

Among his recent projects, there’s the drama “Big Time Adolescence”. Besides, he contributed to the sitcom “Solar Opposites”, having appeared on its two episodes.

Interesting and fun facts

  1. He is a huge NBA fan and is obsessed with Michael Jordan.
  2. Thomas Barbusca was featured in various commercials at the beginning of his career. His visiting card is the Geiko commercial, where he turned into Peter Pan. By the way, The Mick producers chose him among many other applicants because they watched that advertisement.
  3. He dreams to play in a biography film one day. His favorite movie of that genre is “The Wolf of Wall Street” and he considers Leonardo DiCaprio’s play in that film as absolutely perfect.
  4. Thomas confessed that all his friends are older than him.
  5. To understand the script of “The Mick” better and to memorize the lines faster, he worked with the on-stage coach Joel Brooks.
  6. He is a big fan of the actress Kaitlin Olson. He watched her show “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” and then was extremely happy to play Kaitlin’s on-screen nephew in “The Mick”.
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