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Tom Brady biography
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Interesting Biography Facts

Real name

Thomas Edward Patrick Brady Jr.


football player

Birth Date

August 3, 1977


44 years

Zodiac Sign



San Mateo, California, United States


Junipero Serra High School; University of Michigan



Tom Brady family members

Father's Name

Thomas Brady, Sr.

Mother's Name

Galynn Patricia Brady

Siblings names

Nancy Brady (sister), Julie Brady (sister), Maureen Brady (sister)

Is Tom Brady a gay/bisexual?


What is Tom Brady marital status?


Who is Tom Brady wife?

Gisele Bündchen

When did get married?

February 26, 2009

How many children does he have?

3 (son John Edward Thomas Moynahan, son Benjamin Rein Brady, daughter Vivian Lake Brady)

Every time, when you look at Tom Brady, you understand that he is special. He is like a living god – beautiful, talented and very rich. It’s hard to believe, but for someone, Tom Brady is not a star, he is just a husband, a father, a brother or a son. But what is known about the members of his family?

Tom Brady wife

Gisele Bundchen (wife)

Tom Brady wife Gisele Bundchen

photo instagram / gisele

Date of birth: July 20, 1980

Tom Brady kids

John Edward Thomas Moynahan (son with Bridget Moynahan)

John Edward Thomas Moynahan

photo instagram / tombrady

Date of birth: August 22, 2007

It seems that Tom Brady is a big supermodels’ lover. Prior to his marriage to Gisele Bundchen, he dated a model-turned-actress Bridget Moynahan, whom we know as tall and stylish Natasha on “Sex and the City” and Erin on “Blue Bloods”. Tom and Bridget’s meeting ended with her pregnancy, and she announced her baby news when her ex has already started dating his new love – Gisele.

Bridget welcomed her first (and only) son on August 22, 2007. She opened up in one of her interviews that she liked the “pregnant” period of her life. “I felt sexy and felt beautiful at that time”, she told.

According to Bridget’s words, Tom wasn’t near her in the delivery room, but he stayed connected with her during her pregnancy and came immediately after the birth of their son. The actress and a quarterback put lots of efforts to create a friendly family atmosphere for their son, so now John feels comfortable, staying with his mother and stepfather Andrew Frankel. He feels natural near his biological father Tom Brady, his wife Gisele Bundchen and two half-siblings as well.

The boy is 11 as for now. Due to his famous father, John knows everything about the football game. In the future he dreams to become a soccer player.

Benjamin Brady (son with Gisele Bundchen)

Benjamin Brady

photo instagram / tombrady

Date of birth: December 8, 2009

Benjamin, or Benny, as he is called in the family circle, is the first kid for a supermodel Gisele Bundchen and the second kid for her husband Tom Brady. Obviously, his father loves his son and is proud of him. He tells about his close-knitted relationships with Benny in his interviews and very often uploads his pics on Instagram.

As shared, Benny was born at home, to get read of pain; Gisele gave birth to her son in a bathtub. His parents told their fans numerous times, that Benjamin was a real blessing – he is a calm and kind boy.

Benny is 9 as for now. He is a frequent guest at Super Bowl games, where he is not just watching his father of the field, but also eats junk food.

Vivian Lake Brady (daughter with Gisele Bundchen)

Vivian Lake Brady

photo instagram / tombrady

Date of birth: December 5, 2012

Vivian Lake Brady, or Vivi, is Tom’s favorite little girl, an apple of his eye. Brady family friends tell, that the girl wraps her daddy around her little finger.

The New England Patriots quarterback and his winningly beautiful wife welcomed a daughter Vivi in early December 2012. In spite of the fact, that doctors recommended a C-section to the ex-model, Gisele decided to give birth at home and was right. It took her not so much time to welcome her little daughter in this world for the first time. Bundchen told, she breastfed her daughter Vivi till the latter one turned 2.

Now the girl is 6, and she is full of energy and life. Her parents pamper her.

Who are Tom Brady parents?

Galynn Patricia Brady (mother)

Galynn Patricia Brady

photo instagram / tombrady

Date of Birth: July 4, 1932

Galynn Brady is a special woman in Tom’s life because it was she, who gave him birth and brought him to this world.

In her interview, the woman told, that there’s a strong connection between her and her son. Brady’s fans know, that almost every time while being on the field, he says “Hi, mom!”

Galynn was born in Minnesota, USA. She got married her loved one, Tom Brady Sr., almost 5 decades ago, and they are an item till now, which may serve as the best example for her son and his wife.

Except for the star quarterback, Mrs. Brady brought up three daughters, too. She rose to fame as Tom Brady mother, and very often she was photographed at the Super Bowl games, which she attended to support her talented son.

In 2016 Galynn was diagnosed with cancer, and her battle with this terrible disease was long and hard. But she is healthy as for now and spends a lot of time speaking to other people with similar health issues to motivate and support them.

Tom Brady Sr. (father)

Tom Brady Sr.

photo instagram / tombrady

Date of Birth: May 6, 1944

Tom’s father was born in USA. He met Galynn Johnson in late 1960s. Then he was a businessman and she worked for Northwest Airlines. They welcomed four kids together, and after that Brady, Sr. became the only provider for his family, while Galynn quit her job and channeled all her energy to caring about her kids.

Mr. Brady maintains friendly relationships with his son. “In my childhood, my father was my hero”, the stellar athlete Tom Brady told once.

Tom Brady siblings

Maureen Brady (older sister)

Maureen Brady

photo instagram / mobrady_mofitness

Maureen is that every person, who knows Tom Brady not as the unbelievably talented quarterback, but as her little brother Tommy.

She is the first child in the family of Galynn and Tom Brady Sr. Like her other siblings, Maureen was very athletic in her teens. She played softball and was an All-American pitcher in Fresno State. At first, she planned to become a professional athlete, too. But then the woman changed her mind and became a nurse. Currently, Tom Brady’s older sister resides in Bakersfield (the north part of LA) and works in a local hospital. She has two daughters, Hannah and Maya.

In spite of all Tom’s ups and downs, Maureen remains his Number One Fan.

Julie Brady (older sister)

Julie Brady

Date of birth: August 3, 1974

Julie and Tom share the same birthday, but she is three years older than him. Like her little brother Tommy, she was very athletic, too. In her school years, she played soccer.

In 2008 Julie got married for the first time. In 2011 she filed for divorce. From that marriage, the woman has a daughter Jordan.

In 2012 Julie went down the aisles for the second time. She married a famed athlete Kevin Youkilis and co-parented two sons with him – Zachary and Jeremy. Like her sisters, she is a big fan of her brother Tom.

Nancy Brady (older sister)

Nancy Brady

Date of birth: 1976

The third older sister of Mr. Brady played basketball and softball in a high school. Nowadays she stays in her brother’s shadow, and like all the other members of her family, she likes him very much and is happy for him.


Tom Brady bio

photo instagram / tombrady

The New England Patriots quarterback was born in San Mateo, California. He practiced sports since the earliest years because his three older sisters were amateur athletes and very often arranged sports games in the back yard of their house. Then little Tommy, who is celebrated as the talented football player Tom Brady nowadays, asked his siblings to accept him in their circle, too.

In his childhood, Brady liked to play baseball, but during his years at a high school, he started to play American football.

In 1995 he entered the University of Michigan and joined the football team there. In 2000 he was drafted by New England Patriots. His career has been lasting for almost 2 decades as for now. The talented quarterback stole the spotlight from other players – he is a six-time Super Bowl champion and is considered as one of the greatest quarterbacks in sports history.

Interesting and fun facts

  1. He met his current wife Gisele Bundchen on a blind date, which their common friend arranged.
  2. He attended Serra High School and now is considered as one of its most successful alumni. In 2012 the school stadium was named after him – Brady Family Stadium.
  3. Tom is 41, and he is in great shape for his age. The secret is his love for a good night rest. The athlete goes to bed at 9 p.m. and the next day he gets up at 5 a. m. and goes to the weight room.
  4. No need to say, that Mr. Brady keeps to a strict diet. But sometimes he pampers himself with ice cream – his favorite one has the avocado taste.
  5. In 2016 he created a line of healthy vegan snacks.
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