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Tommie Lee biography
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Interesting Biography Facts

Real name

Atasha Chizaah Jefferson


reality TV star

Birth Date

June 19, 1984


39 years

Zodiac Sign



Newark, Northern Jersey, United States



Tommie Lee family members

Mother's Name

Samantha Lee

Siblings names

Rajaysha (younger sister), Reggie (younger sister), Tahaan (brother), Versace (younger sister)

Is Tommie Lee a lesbian/bisexual?


What is Tommie Lee marital status?


Who is Tommie Lee husband?

Scrapp Deleon (ex-boyfriend)

How many children does she have?

2 (Samaria and Havalli)

Tommie Lee husband

Scrapp Deleon (ex-boyfriend)

Scrapp Deleon

photo instagram / scrappdeleon_nbl

Date of birth: March 12, 1988

As for now, 32-year-old reality TV star Tommie Lee is single. “She is ready for family life, and she is looking for real love”, one of her friends said.

In spite of the fact, that Tommie Lee (whose real name is Atasha Jefferson) is really busy with her quickly developing career, she wants to find the time in her schedule to build a happy family.

Lee’s personal life has always been active. It is not known, who fathered her daughters, but she didn’t hide her relationship after becoming a celebrity. Tommie rose to fame after her appearance in the 6th season of reality series “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta”.

Then the woman dated a rapper Scrapp Deleon, whose real name was William Cortez Robinson. Scrapp didn’t stop seeing his baby momma Tiarra, when he started an affair with Tommie. The drama between Scrapp’s two girlfriends was shown in “Love & Hip Hop”. That made the show incredibly popular.

Tommie’s boyfriend Scrapp was born in Woodstock, GA. He is known as a reality TV star. Deleon rose to fame as the bright participant of “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta”. He appeared in the show for the first time during the 5th season. Previously, Scrapp Deleon managed career of his brother, a rapper SAS. He tried his hand as a hip hop artist too. Together with his brother they formed the band “Da Razkalz Cru”.

Before meeting our today’s heroine, Scrapp cohabited with another Love & Hip Hop star Tiara Becca. They have a son Aking.

Tommie Lee and Scrapp Deleon stopped dating, when he was arrested for possessing marijuana.

Tommie Lee kids

Samaria (daughter)

Tommie Lee kids

photo instagram / tommiee_

Tommie Lee welcomed her daughter Samaria during her time in jail. Then the woman was just 19. She didn’t tell who her child’s father was. But she opened up, how hard it was to give a birth to a baby, while being in jail. The prison workers didn’t pay attention to a woman, who was delivering her baby. To attract their attention, Lee peed on herself. After that she was sent to a hospital, where gave a birth to Samaria.

At first Tommie didn’t want to post pics of her daughters online. But later she shared some of them through Instagram. Samaria appeared alongside her mother in “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” series. Her younger sister Havalli starred in the series, too. Samaria is about 14 now.

Havalli (daughter)

Tommie Lee daughter Havalli

photo instagram / tommiee_

For the first time Havalli appeared in reality series “Love & Hip Hop” in the 7th season. In spite of her bad reputation and numerous arrests, Tommie Lee tried to be a good mother. But her attempts failed, when she slapped her 11-year-old daughter Havalli in front of her teachers and classmates and then grabbed her out of a classroom. The reality TV star was taken to court for child abuse after that.

Who are Tommie Lee parents?

Samantha Lee (mother)

Samantha Lee (mother)

Date of birth: October 9

Tommie has a contradictory relationship with her mother. No doubt, she loves her, but at the same time a lot of conflicts took place between them.

In her teens Tommie ran from home. After that Sam called to juvenile police and let her teen daughter to be imprisoned. As the reality TV actress tells now, that imprisonment changed her whole life. She followed a wrong path after that.

Sam appeared opposite her daughter in VH1 reality series “Love & Hip Hop” too. The woman, who doesn’t tell, who Tommie Lee father was, had an important conversation with her daughter in front of the cameras. Then Tommie confessed that she tries to stay sober and admits that she had issues with alcohol. It turns out, that Sam knows about alcohol addiction everything. The woman seemed to be alcoholic in her younger years.

During the show Samantha tells about health issues. She visited a doctor and made some tests to diagnose some health disorder.

Tommie Lee siblings

Tahaan (brother)

Tahaan (brother)

Tommie has two brothers. Tahaan, called in a family circle as Duby, seems to be the most reasonable person in the family. He stars in the series alongside his sister and usually persuades her not to make nonsense.

Reggie (younger brother)

The big sister Tommie seems to like her younger brother Reggie, although known as Big Beg. She bought him a car for his 18th birthday and also showered him with cash.

Rajaysha (younger sister)

Rajaysha (younger sister)

Tommie Lee has three younger siblings. Raj is the youngest of them. She is just 16. The girl is in good terms with her older sister. As for now, she lives in Tommy Lee house. Family members call the teenager “Raj”.

Versace (younger sister)

Versace (younger-sister) Tommie Lee

Tommie Lee has really complicated relationship with her sister Versace. During many years the girls stood apart and didn’t even communicate. During the reality series the woman’s mother Sam and her brother Duby were convincing Tommie Lee to find a common language with her sister.

Versace is nicknamed at home as Servachi. The reason of her and Tommie Lee quarrel isn’t clear. But it’s known exactly, that the girl called a police to calm her sister down, and it made Lee furious.

Versace has a small son. She was involved into a terrible car crash, when she was driving from New Jersey with Tommie. Both got traumas, but everything turned to be ok. The drama between two sisters was reflected in VH1 reality series.

Interesting and fun facts

Tommie Lee bio

photo instagram / tommiee_

  1. Tommie Lee was born in New Jersey, but at the age of 18 she moved to Atlanta. Initially, she started her career as a model, which appeared in music videos of various hip hop artists, including Gucci Mane and others.
  2. The woman started her career in music industry with the help of her mother’s ex-boyfriend a rapper KK King, who had some connections in the industry and helped Ms. Lee to start.
  3. Lee rose to fame as Love & Hip Hop participant. She caught the viewers’ eye by her violent and assaulting behavior. The young actress turned to be a real fighter. Many times she arranged quarrels with other actors of the series.
  4. Tommie Lee was arrested numerous times. She had issues with police and was arrested more than 32 times. Not long ago the star was arrested again. This time she partied in Royal Peacock club (Atlanta). Probably, Tommie got drunk again. She went to the roadway and made the car traffic difficult. She ignored the words of the police officer to go away from the road and then arranged fight with a worker of the club. It seems that this time a reality TV star is in a big trouble!
  5. Tommie Lee has an idea to become a rapper. Not long ago she released her first single “Payback”, which gained some recognition. So, the star can develop her skills in that direction.
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