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Torrey DeVitto biography
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Interesting Biography Facts

Real name

Torrey Joel DeVitto


actress, model, musician

Birth Date

June 8, 1984


36 years

Zodiac Sign



Huntington, New York, United States


Fort Salonga Elementary School; Winter Park High School



Torrey DeVitto family members

Father's Name

Liberty DeVitto

Mother's Name

Mary DeVitto

Siblings names

Devon DeVitto (older sister), Maryelle DeVitto (younger sister), half-sister from paternal side (born in 2017)

Is Torrey DeVitto a lesbian/bisexual?


What is Torrey DeVitto marital status?


Who is Torrey DeVitto husband?

Paul Wesley (ex-husband)

Torrey DeVitto becomes more and more popular from year to year. Her fans want to know everything about her, and each of us understands that family plays the key role in the birth and development of every celebrity. So, let’s look a little closer at Torrey DeVitto family – her father, mother and sisters. By the way, she was previously married, so let’s speak about her ex-husband too!

Torrey DeVitto husband

Paul Wesley (ex-husband; were married in 2011-2013)

Paul Wesley

photo instagram / paulvedere

Date of birth: July 23, 1982

Torrey is thirty-something as for now, and to that age she went down the aisles just once. The name of her ex-husband is Paul Wesley, the actor, widely known as the star of a popular series “Vampire Diaries”. They dated during a long time and tied knot at a secret wedding in New York in 2011. Two years later the couple filed for divorce.

Who are Torrey DeVitto parents?

Liberty DeVitto (father)

Liberty DeVitto

photo instagram / torreydevitto

Date of birth: August 8, 1950

The famed actress never gets tired to tell, that she was incredibly lucky to have such a father. “The best dad on the planet” she named Liberty while addressing him through Twitter. In fact, Mr. DeVitto did a lot for his daughter – he introduced her to music and accompanied her on the stage during her first performances.

Liberatori DeVitto spent his childhood and teen years in New York. The son of a policeman, he was the fan of the Beatles since his school years, and trying to sound like musicians of the cult band, he taught himself to play drums.

He met Billy Joel while performing in one of New York clubs. He worked as a drummer for Billy Joel’s band during long 28 years. He performed with some other famous music groups, too.

In addition to his super successful career, Liberty can boast with the status of a great family man. He welcomed four daughters, including our today heroine.

The man is divorced from Torrey’s mother Mary. His current wife is a wedding coordinator Anna Leath. In 2017 they welcomed a baby daughter.

Mary Torrey-DeVitto (mother)

Mary Torrey DeVitto

photo instagram / torreydevitto

Date of birth: May 9, 1951

Mary DeVitto has cordial relationships with all her three daughters. Obviously, she is very proud of her famous middle daughter Torrey. She endorses the actress through social media.

In spite of the fact, that Mary still wears Liberty’s surname, she is divorced from him. The woman doesn’t publicize her private life, so it’s not known, if she is dating anyone.

Torrey DeVitto siblings

Devon DeVitto (older sister)

Date of birth: June 13, 1980

Torrey is a happy girl, who has an older sister. Devon C. DeVitto is the first kid in the family of Mr. and Mrs. DeVitto. Now she is a married lady. Devon stays out of limelight, but she is close to her sister Torrey.

Maryelle DeVitto (younger sister)

Maryelle DeVitto

photo instagram / maryelledevitto

Date of birth: October 4, 1988

Maryelle is the youngest daughter in Mary and Liberty family. Like her famous sibling Torrey, she tried her hand as an actress, but turned to be not so successful in this area. Fans know and love her by the thriller “Shadow of Fear” and by reality series “Endurance”.

She has one-year-old half-sister from her father’s side. The baby’s name isn’t publicized.


Torrey DeVitto bio

photo instagram / torreydevitto

Torrey DeVitto is absolutely involved into entertainment industry. No wonder, because she looks like a real star and has lots of talents to share with the world.

She entered this world in summer 1984 in the family of two creative talented people. Her father was a famous musician, and he often took Torrey to his concerts. Thus, she literally grew up behind the scenes and since the earliest years love to music lived in her heart. At the primary school age Torrey started to play the violin. She was a regular member of the school orchestra. She debuted on the stage as a violinist at Terri Binion show. The girl played opposite her father, and for the first time she earned the applause like a professional entertainer.

In spite of her incredible talent to music, DeVitto tried her hand in various areas of activity, including dancing, modeling and of course, acting. Torrey’s natural charm and dazzling beauty helped her win the role of Karen Kerr, a vivacious model, in the series “Beautiful People”. She portrayed another ambitious beauty in the hit show “Pretty Little Liars”. Her other famous screen works include “The Vampire Diaries”, “Army Wives” and “Chicago Med”.


Interesting and fun facts

Torrey DeVitto Interesting and fun facts

photo instagram / torreydevitto

  1. She started to play the violin just she turned 6. During many years the girl thought that she would become a professional musician. But at the age of 15 she fell in love with acting and decided to quit music.
  2. Her middle name is “Joel”, and many people thought, that it comes from Billy Joel’s last name (to the moment of her birth her father was a drummer at the musician’s band). But in her interview the actress opened up, that she was named after her grandmothers – JOsephine and ELoise.
  3. Her favorite colors are pink and blue.
  4. In her teens she worked as a model. At first she spent 3 months in Japan as the model of Avenue One agency. After that she returned to USA and worked for Ford Models.
  5. Torrey was officially married just once, but she dated numerous times, and each time she found a great man for it. Her ex-partners are the actor Drake Bell and the dancer Artem Chigvintsev. Currently she is dating an entertainer Jesse Lee Soffer.
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