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Trevor Noah`s biography
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Interesting Biography Facts

Real name

Trevor Noah


comedian, writer, producer, political commentator, actor, and television host


Johannesburg, South Africa

Trevor Noah`s family members

Father's Name

Robert Noah

Mother's Name

Patricia Noah

Siblings names

Andrew Shingange, Isaac Shingange

Is Trevor Noah`s a gay/bisexual?


Trevor Noah`s wife

Trevor Noah`s private life

According to different online sources, Trevor`s first girlfriend was Dani Gabriel, a physiotherapist from South Africa. Unfortunately, their relationship didn’t last longer than a year, and they split in 2015. Around this time, the star met Jordyn Taylor, an American model, and singer. y

The two had developed feelings for each other and started dating. They were a cute couple for over four years but broke up in 2019 for unknown reasons. Shortly after, the paparazzi started suspecting the comedian of dating an actress Minka Kelly, as they could often be seen together. Throughout their 2-year relationship, the lovers were actively discussed in public, as they broke up and reunited a few times in a row.

Trevor Noah`s life

Trevor and Kelly went on vacation and lived together during the pandemic, so many assumed they were pretty serious about their relationship. One way or another, the stars had completely broken up in May 2022, and rumors of Trevor having a new girlfriend popped up. It is not confirmed officially, but it seems that the comedian is dating Dua Lipa now. They were noticed in September 2022, hugging, kissing, and enjoying a date in New York together.

Trevor Noah`s kids

As of 2022, Trevor Noah is not married and doesn’t have children. Moreover, the 38-year-old star is still undecided about fatherhood, at least for the nearest future.

Who are Trevor Noah`s parents?

Robert Noah (father)

Trevor Noah`s father

Date of birth: around 1935-1938

Trevor`s father, Robert Noah is of Swiss-German descent. It is known that he moved to South Africa around the 1980s, where he opened the first integrated restaurant. Noah had even received a special license to serve black people. Unfortunately, most of the customers were not as tolerant as the restaurant`s owner and kept petitioning the government to close it down. During his stay in South Africa, Robert met Patricia Nombuyiselo, Trevor’s mother, and fell in love with her. Interracial relationships were forbidden back then, so the two started dating secretly. However, when Trevor was born in 1984, their little secret was revealed. Patricia was arrested and sent to prison while Robert left South Africa. In 2022, Trevor visited his father in Switzerland while traveling on his world tour, so it seems that the two managed to keep in touch until now.

Patricia Nombuyiselo Noah (mother)

Patricia Nombuyiselo Noah mother Trevor Noah`s

Date of birth: around 1960

Patricia comes from a famous Xhosa tribe in South Africa. Throughout her whole life, she was a very rebellious and purposeful woman. She learned English at a missionary school and worked as a typist. At the same time, Patricia met Robert Noah, who became her son`s father. According to the law, she had to receive punishment, as having a child from a white man was considered a crime. She spent a few years in prison. In 1992, Noah married Ngisaveni Abel Shingange, giving birth to Andrew and Isaac, Trevor`s half-brothers. The man physically abused Patricia and her children, so she left him. However, Abel couldn’t let her go. In 2009, when Noah was already married to her second husband, Sfiso Khoza, Shingange shot her in the leg and head. Hopefully, Patricia survived. According to different sources, she lives in South Africa and has her own business there.

Trevor Noah`s siblings

Isaac Shingange (half-brother)

Date of birth: unknown

Unlike his famous half-brother, Isaac tries to stay away from public attention and lives a simple life. It is known that he attended the Roman Catholic school in Johannesburg, Maryvale college. He was Trevor`s best friend and a reliable brother, even though they had different fathers.

Andrew Shingange (half-brother)

Date of birth: unknown

There is not much information available about Andrew Shingange online. It is unknown whether he still keeps in touch with Trevor, but it seems they were quite close during their childhood years.


Trevor Noah is a famous comedian, TV host, actor, and writer from South Africa. Born during apartheid, he always felt like “a bag of illegal weed,” as both of his parents pretended not to know him when they were outside the house. Nevertheless, his family has always supported his career choice, especially his mother. She greatly influenced her son, teaching him to dream big. Years after that, Trevor was named one of the hundred most influential people in the world by Time magazine, hosted The Daily Show and Annual Grammy Awards.

Interesting and fun facts

  • Trevor can speak English, Afrikaans, Southern Sotho, Zulu, Xhosa, Tswana, Tsonga, and some German.
  • His non-profit organization, Trevor Noah Foundation, helps orphans and vulnerable youth to get better educational opportunities and life skills.
  • He is the author of “Born a Crime,” where he describes his real-life experience growing up as a colored child in South Africa during apartheid.
  • Noah was once arrested for a week, as the police thought he stole a car, but it actually was his stepfather`s.
  • In order to explain his lighter skin tone, the comedian used to lie to his neighbors that he has albinism.
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