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Trippie Redd biography
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Interesting Biography Facts

Real name

Michael Lamar White IV



Birth Date

June 18, 1999


24 years

Zodiac Sign



Canton, Ohio, United States


Canton High School



Trippie Redd family members

Father's Name

Michael Lamar White III

Mother's Name

Tonya White

Siblings names

Dirty Redd (older brother), Hippie Redd (younger brother)

Is Trippie Redd a gay/bisexual?


What is Trippie Redd marital status?

In relation

Who are Trippie Redd parents?

Michael Lamar White III (father)

Trippie Redd is closely knitted with his mother and a younger brother, but he mentions his dad in his interviews very rarely. It is simple to explain it – his father, Mr. Michael Lamar III, didn’t raise him. He was taken to prison for illegal activity soon after the rapper’s birth. He is estranged from his son since then.

Tonya White (mother)

Tonya White mother Trippie Redd


The rapper’s mother, Tonya White, is proud of her son, but she wasn’t his fan and supporter all the time. On the contrary, at first, she considered music as one of his whims and advised him to find a regular job. And the future hip hop star followed her advice – he found a job in the pizza house “Little Caesars” and spent two days there. That was the first and the last regular job in his life. Soon after that he relocated to Atlanta and signed the deal with a record label. 

In spring, 2018 Tonya appeared in the short Instagram video opposite her son, and that was the first time the rapper showed his mother to the wide circle of his fans. Tonya boasted, that her son presented her a $300, 000 house. Everything is good between a mother and a son nowadays. 

Trippie Redd siblings

Dirty Redd (older brother)

The real name of Michael Lamar’s older brother is not known, but in a narrow circle of friends he was named “Dirty Redd”. The young man was rapping, and it was he, who introduced his younger brother Lamar to the hip hop genre. 

When Michael was 14, his brother was killed in a car crash. His death was one of the greatest tragedies in the life of Lamar’s family. Trippie Redd made up his mind to make rap the biggest matter in his life.

Hippie Redd (younger brother)

Hippie Redd brother Trippie Redd

Hippie Redd is Trippie’s younger brother. His real name is not publicized. The youngest boy in the Lamar family is not an alien in the music industry, too. He has already recorded his debut single. It’s not known, if the young man is going to become a professional musician, or he just sings from time to time for fun. In any case, Hippie has already gathered a fan base, and some of his listeners suppose that he is not worth it (or is even sometimes better) than his talented brother.


We know and love the legendary rappers, like Kanye West or Eminem, but every day the hip hop industry is replenished by new names. Trippie Redd is one of them. He is very young but has already reached a lot. His mixtape “A Love Letter to You”, which consists of 12 compositions, has occupied the rightful place in Billboard 200.

The rapper was born in the city of Canton, Ohio. Since the earliest years, he was interested in music. He was an introvert and preferred to spend time, listening to various records, then going out with friends.

He made up the final decision to become a professional hip hop artist after the tragic death of his older brother, the rapper Dirty Redd. After that, the future star, who was just 14 at that time, decided to do everything to make his brother proud of him from heaven. 

Trippie recorded his first tracks, using the cheap equipment he could find at home. He uploaded his first song “Angry Vibes” on the online music platform, and within days gathered 100k subscribers. That made him sure, that he is in the right way. He relocated to Atlanta and started rapping on the professional level. 

In 2018 Trippie presented a debut album “Life’s a Trap”. In August 2019 he released the set of songs “!”, which immediately won the third position in Billboard 200. 

Interesting and fun facts

  1. Michael Lamar White chose “Trippie Redd” as his stage nickname when he was in his late teens. “Trippie” comes from “hippie”, as he felt like that in his youth. “Redd” comes from “red” and that was his late brother’s nickname. The other stage moniker he used at the beginning of his career was Lil 14. That a magic number for him, which he tattooed on his face. It comes from the name of the 14th street, where he used to spend the time when he was a teenager.
  2. Trippie’s music style is called “trap”. It’s the subgenre of hip hop, which is recognized by aggressive lyrics and the sound of drums in its melody. Trippie Redd is one of the brightest representatives of this music style. 
  3. His love list is not so long. Currently, he is dating a rapper Coi Leray, best known for the single “G.A.N”. Previously, he was romantically linked to a musician Aylek and an Instagram model Mulan Vuitton.
  4. His height is 5 ft 6 in and his weight is 139 lbs.
  5. He is in good terms with many famous rappers and can boast with lots of collaborations. He recorded the song “Fuck Love” with the late as of now rapper XXXTentacion, whom he considered as his friend. He also collaborated with the rapper Drake on the song “God’s Plan” in 2018.
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