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Trisha Paytas biography
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Interesting Biography Facts

Real name

Trisha Kay Paytas


social media star, actress, singer

Birth Date

May 8, 1988


33 years

Zodiac Sign



Riverside, California, United States


Murrieta High School, Pecatonica High School, Catholic online school program



Trisha Paytas family members

Father's Name

Frank Paytas

Mother's Name

Lenna Paytas

Siblings names

Nick Paytas (older brother), Kalli Metz (half-sister)

Is Trisha Paytas a lesbian/bisexual?


What is Trisha Paytas marital status?

In relation

Who are Trisha Paytas parents?

Frank Paytas (father)

Date of birth: 1956

Trisha has a rocky relationship with her father. She missed him a lot when he and her mother filed for divorce and then started to live separately. Then at the age of 15 she moved to her father’s place again. He liked his daughter and taught her to earn cash at the stock market, but he was against her idea to become an actress and several times demanded her to quit it.

Frank J. Paytas resides in Murrieta, California. After his divorce from Trisha’s mother, he re-married another woman, named Kimberly. The YouTube star hated her stepmother.

Mr. Paytas was a successful businessman and entrepreneur. In general, he created five successful financial companies, including Paytas Investments LCC. He sold his latest companies for millions of dollars, after which Trisha’s mother started a custody battle with him in court. By the way, his ex-wife and he hated one another.

Frank was born in the family of Frank Sr. and Helen Paytas. He has two brothers – George and Joseph, and a sister Julianne. He is a father of two – a son Nick and a daughter Trisha.

Lenna Paytas (mother)

Lenna Paytas


Date of birth: August 14, 1958

The mother Lenna Paytas, also known under the name Lenna Kay Bland, is Trisha’s supporter and close friend.

Lenna comes from Illinois. She graduated from Freeport High School. She was married five times during her dramatic life. Frank Paytas was her second husband and she had two kids with him. She also had a daughter with her third husband. Nowadays Lenna is single, and she enjoys her calm man-free life. Although she doesn’t exclude the possibility to marry one more time some positive calm man.

Lenna is a social media influencer, too. She runs a YouTube channel with 137k followers. Her Instagram life is watched by 67k people.

Trisha Paytas siblings

Nick Paytas (older brother)

Trisha has an older brother, named Nick Paytas. The siblings have a close bond, and they see each other as often as possible. Nick resided in Illinois with his mother after the parents’ divorce. Having graduated from high school, he returned to California and reconciled with his father. Nick lived in a guest house at his father’s estate.

Later the young man entered the University of San Diego, where he majored in business administration. He also took a course at the University of Colorado. Currently, the young man works at a financial company as a manager.

Kalli Metz (half-sister)

Kalli Metz sister trisha


Date of birth: January 22, 1993

Trisha has a younger sister from the maternal side, called Kalli Meaghan Metz. Kalli is the daughter of Trisha’s mother Lenna and her ex-husband Norman Metz. The girl is still very close with her father.

Kalli is a famous social media personality. She owns a YouTube channel; an Instagram account is active on Twitch and Tik Tok. She is also an occasional actress. The young woman appeared in such films as “My Strange Addiction” and “Hollywood Sex Wars”.


A talented YouTuber, actress, and singer Trisha Paytas entered this world in Riverside, California. Her parents divorced when she had just turned 3, and after that, she left her father in California and moved with her mother and older brother to Byron, Illinois.

She came back to California and went to Murrieta High School at the age of 15. Then Trisha asked her dad to enroll her in some acting classes. But at that time her mother started a court battle against her father to make him increase the child support money. As a result, Trisha moved to Pecatonica, Illinois to live with her mother again. She finished high school in Pecatonica and then returned to California. There she found a job on TV. Trisha’s television career started to develop, and she had even appeared on episodes of some popular programs, including “The Greg Behrendt Show”. After the show cancelation, she had to make the ends meet, so she started stripping in the nightclub. Later she had sex for money and made personal calls, which made Trisha mentally exhausted. Her father saved her and took her to a hospital.

Then Trisha met an actor Anthony Michael Hall and fell in love with him. He encouraged her to make YouTube videos, and thus she gradually turned from an occasional actress and stripper to an Internet celebrity. Nowadays, Trisha is a famed Internet personality, actress and singer, whose popularity increases from year to year.

Interesting and fun facts

  1. She met a friend Brian through MySpace, who advised her to make some money as a stripper.
  2. Trisha made videos for the subscription-based site “OnlyFans”. The former stripper made enormous amounts of cash (one month she earned about $1 million from this platform), making videos for it. She created content with her younger sister sometimes. In one of the videos, they were wrestling in red bikinis, and their mom was a referee.
  3. Trisha used to date many great men, among which the comedian Jason Nash and the wrestler Dolph Ziggler. As of 2021, she has new relationships with an artist from Israeli Moses Hacmon. They have been dating since March 2020. The couple has already moved together.
  4. Her height is 5 ft 4 in and her weight is 181 lbs.
  5. She has passed through eight surgeries in general as of 2021.
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