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Twenty One Pilots


rock, rap


Columbus, Ohio, United States



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Do you know the rap-rock band “Twenty One Pilots”? If not, that’s the time to read about its two talented participants – Tyler Joseph and Josh Dun, because they are really worth it. Two musicians made a big wave with their music experiments and unusual looks. As of now, the band members are responsible for 4 studio albums. They earned Grammy statuette for their third set of songs “Blurryface”. Their song “Stressed Out” was used in the episode of the series “Supergirl” and as the soundtrack to the movie “Suicide Squad”.

“Twenty One Pilots” was created in 2009 by three college friends, whose names were Tyler Joseph (a frontman), Nick Thomas (a bassist) and Chris Salih (a drummer). The young musicians released the debut album, titled just like their group, and it became moderately successful. The band gained popularity, and the schedule of three musicians became quite busy. That’s why Nick and Chris decided to leave. At one of the concert shows, Tyler met the drummer Josh Dun and invited him to the band.

Since 2011 Josh plays drums and percussion, and Tyler is the vocalist and bass guitar player in the band. They released the first common set “Regional at Best” that very year. Two years later they recorded the legendary set of songs “Vessel”, which earned multi-platinum status.

In 2018 Mr. Dun and Mr. Joseph presented the latest (as of 2019) album “Trench”. The musicians launched “The Bandito Tour”, which will be finished in autumn 2019.

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