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Interesting Biography Facts

Real name

Txunamy Ortiz


Instagram personality, sctress, TikToker, YouTube star

Birth Date

March 23, 2009


14 years

Zodiac Sign



Placentia, California, United States


High School



Txunamy family members

Father's Name

Sdiezzel (Salvador Diezel Ortiz)

Mother's Name

Esthalla Ortiz Pons

Siblings names

Diezel Ortiz (older brother), Solage Ortiz (younger sister), Ranger Ortiz (younger brother), Naiomy Ortiz (older half-sister) and one more rumored half-brother from paternal side

Is Txunamy a lesbian/bisexual?


What is Txunamy marital status?


Who are Txunamy parents?

Sdiezzel (Salvador Ortiz) – father

Txunamy parents father

Date of birth: July 1983

No need to say, that Txunamy is closely-knitted with her father Sdiezzel (real name – Salvador Diezel Ortiz). The man is a popular YouTuber, one of the constant participants of the Familia Diamond channel. For the first time, he went public in the vlog “You Won’t believe what happened to Us” in 2017. Later he was featured in many videos, which became unbelievably popular, including the viral “Letting Our Kids Turn 18 Years Old Gone Wrong”.

Salvador met Txunamy’s mother Esthalla, when the latter was 14 years. Txu’s mother told about it in one of their videos, which is now deleted. That fact caused lots of controversy, as Salvador was married at that time and had a daughter (according to another source, he also had a son) and started dating an underage girl. Txu’s father didn’t give any comments on it.

He divorced his first wife and married Esthalla when the latter one was 15-16. A year later they parented Tzunamy, followed by three other kids.

Tzu’s father is a successful entrepreneur. He stands behind lots of media companies, like “Familia Diamond Inc”, “Tzunamy Inc”, “Ortiz Realty and Investments” etc. Despite his busy work schedule, the man finds enough time to spend with his family, too.

Esthalla Ortiz (mother)

Txunamy-mother photo

Txu’s mother is a model and social media star with a massive following on her Instagram and Tik Tok accounts. She stands behind the Familia Diamond channel, too. At first, she stood behind her daughter’s social media accounts, till Txu grew up enough to maintain them herself.

Born Esthalla Pons comes from Chicago, IL. She had a troubled childhood, as her parents passed away when she was still a kid. The girl changed the families of her parents’ relatives while growing up and felt much unprotected. She crossed her ways with Diezel when she was in her teens. She got acquainted with this man through her brother Jurgen Pons, also a famous YouTuber, and the patriarch of the famous Jancy family. He is married to Sdiezzel’s sister Nanci.

Diezel was married at the time he met Esthalla. It’s not publicized when they exactly started dating. But they married when Esthalla was 15-something and 1 year later welcomed their first common child – Txu.

On the family, YouTube channel Esthalla stands behind lots of pranks. Although some of them cause contradiction among the Ortiz fans, still their family channel gained 7+ million followers, which proves that their strategy is right.

Txunamy siblings

Diezel Ortiz (younger brother)

Diezel Ortiz

Date of birth: December 15, 2011

Txunamy comes from a talented family. Her three younger half-siblings are little social media stars, too. Her younger brother Diezel gained initial popularity as a participant in the Familia Diamond channel, but then developed 366k followers on his Instagram account.

Besides, Diezel is an occasional actor, who is featured in the family series “Baby Doll Records”. In the Brat TV comedy series “Chicken Girls” he portrayed Dash Diamond.

Solage Ortiz (younger sister)

Solage Ortiz

Date of birth: October 16, 2014

Solage is Txu’s younger sister. She is not as popular as her sibling, and her appearances on the family YouTube channel are rarer. That caused some disputes in the media, as some people supposed, Esthalla and Diezel pamper their oldest daughter and allow Txu more, than their other kids. The stellar parents didn’t give any comments on its accusation.

Txu’s sister is an Instagram star with 519k followers. She has already endorsed numerous brands, including Nina Kids Shoes, Madi’s Kloset, Nike, etc. Besides, Solage has been featured in the episode titled “Ace’s Party” of the comedy show “Chicken Girls”.

Ranger Ortiz (younger brother)

Ranger Ortiz

Date of birth: October 26, 2018

Ranger is the youngest edition of the famous YouTube family. But he has already become a recognizable face on Instagram with his account, maintained by his mother, which has already gained 297k followers.

Like his older siblings, Ranger has already debuted as a child model. He endorsed many brands for kids, like “Kidpik”. He is a frequent actor in his parents’ channel videos and collaborative ones, like “Living the Lopez Life”. Some followers consider Ranger parents to be too exploitative as for their little son and other kids, who constantly work as actors on their YouTube videos and Instagram photos. But Diezel and Esthalla insist, Ranger and other kids like it.

Naiomy Ortiz (older half-sister)

Date of birth: July 7, 2000

Txunamy has at least one older half-sister, named Naiomy. She is Diezel’s daughter from previous relationships. Naiomy is a Tik Tok star with 186k followers. She resides in Los Angeles, California with her mother and younger brother. Naiomy and her father stay connected. In 2016-2017 she was featured on Txu’s Tik Tok videos very often, but they were deleted later. She also posted lots of pictures with her younger half-sister.

Rumored older paternal half-brother

Naiomy has a younger brother, who is also rumored to be Diezel’s son. These rumors are caused by his incredible resemblance to Tzunami’s father and the fact that the latter called him “my son” in one of his Instagram posts. This information was not confirmed officially.


Txunamy Ortiz is widely celebrated as a social media star, child actress, and singer. She gained initial popularity in 2014 when her mother created a YouTube channel for her and managed it. Txunamy added much kudos to her name after the creation of Tik Tok account. Having started with lip-synced videos and gradually moved to dance, entertaining, and style-inspirational ones. Her Tik Tok account is followed by 3.3 million people nowadays, and 4.9 people watch her life on Instagram.

Her family comes from Mexican origin, that’s why she knows equally Spanish and English. Her parents became active on social media and created the channel “Familia Diamond” in 2017 when Txunamy was a primary school pupil. She grew up in front of Instagram and YouTube followers.  The family channel, featuring not just Txunamy, but also her three younger siblings and parents, boasts 8 million subscribers nowadays. The channel became so massively popular mostly due to prank videos, as well as family vlogs and life hacks.

Soon Txunamy became so famous, that her parents created a separate channel for her, which has 3.7 million subscribers as of 2023. The teen girl entertains her viewers with her songs, dancing, and daily routine videos. She has some acting ambitions and has already been featured on several TV series, like “Chicken Girls”, “Mani” etc.

She joins her social media projects with studying at school. In 2023 Txunamy is going to become a high school pupil.

Interesting and fun facts

  1. Previously, Txunamy had a dog, named March Pom, which featured on the vlogs on her family channel. After that, the dog disappeared, and Salvador and Esthalla were looking for their pet for several years and told about it in their videos. Finally, they got another Pomeranian dog, named Italy, for their kids not get upset. Italy has an Instagram account with 134k followers.
  2. She portrayed Brittany on “Chicken Girls”, at the set of which Txu crossed her ways with other celebrated YouTubers, like Annie LeBlanc, Hayden Summerall, Avani Gregg, etc.
  3. Her best friend is the singer and dancer Gemma Brooke Allen.
  4. She collaborates with many famous channels. Thus, she hosted the Nickelodeon Kids Choice Award ceremony in 2022. And Txu was present at the Netflix premiere of the series “Shadow and Bone”.
  5. As of 2023, her height is 163 cm.
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