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Interesting Biography Facts

Real name

Ty Peter Martin-Moffett (Tennant)


TV actor, movie actor

Birth Date

March 27, 2002


20 years

Zodiac Sign



White City, London, England


Arts Educational Schools



Ty Tennant family members

Father's Name

David Tennant (adoptive father), J. D. (biological father)

Mother's Name

Georgia Moffett-Tennant

Siblings names

Olive Tennant (younger half-sister), Wilfred Tennant (younger half-brother), Doris Tennant (younger half-sister), Birdie Tennant (younger half-sister)

Is Ty Tennant a gay/bisexual?


What is Ty Tennant marital status?


Ty Tennant family

You’ve probably seen Ty Tennant in the 6th and 7th episodes (season 1) of the “House of the Dragon” series. He acted as Prince Aegon, the son of King Viserys, skillfully depicted by Paddy Considine, and his wife Queen Alicent, portrayed by Olivia Cooke. Did you know that the young talented actor Ty Tennant comes from a creative family? Read further to know more!

Who are Ty Tennant parents?

Georgia Moffett-Tennant (mother)

Georgia Moffett-Tennant mother Ty Tennant

Date of birth: December 25, 1984

The angel-faced actor Ty Tennant inherited his godlike look from his mother, Georgia Moffett-Tennant. By the way, Ty’s mom can serve as a role model to many women worldwide.

She was born in a family of 2 actors, Peter Moffett (stage moniker – Peter Davidson) and Sandra Dickinson. Her parents separated when Georgia was 10 years old. After that, her dad re-married Elizabeth Morton, the writer, and actress. On the paternal side, Georgia has 2 half-brothers: Louis and Joel.

Georgia debuted as an actress at the age of 15. She appeared in 4 episodes of the series “Peak Practice”. At the age of 16, she discovered that she was pregnant with Ty. At first, she was afraid to tell her parents about teen pregnancy. She was in the 2nd trimester when she finally decided to share the baby news with her mom and dad. Both were shocked but supported her.

Ty’s mom is a strong and optimistic person. She cared about her baby son and at the same time knew that she was going to become an actress. “The baby is not an obstacle in my dream to become an actress”, she said once in her interview.

When Ty became a little older, Georgia returned to her profession. Her most popular screen works are “Tom Brown’s Schooldays”, “Staged”, “Doctor Who” etc.

In 2008 she met the actor David Tennant at Doctor Who set. They fell in love and tied the knot in 2011. With David, she welcomed 4 more kids.

J. D. (biological father)

Date of birth: 1980

Georgia met Ty’s father, when she studied at St Edward’s School, Oxford. Although the man is not present in her boy’s life right now, the actress is thankful to him. He gave her a precious present – her talented son. The name of Ty’s biological dad is J.D. He is 4 years older than Georgia. And she met him while studying for GCSEs at St Edward’s School, Oxford. In the summer he worked as a waiter in the café nearby. He dated Georgia for 6 months and then left to study at the university.

Although J.D. and Georgia separated before Ty’s birth, he was present during his son’s delivery process. J. D. participated in his son’s life during his first years of life. But gradually he disappeared from the family picture.

David Tennant (adoptive father)

Ty Tennant father

Date of birth: April 18, 1971

David officially adopted Ty in 2011. Now he is officially the actor’s father. Ty and David maintain close warm relationships.

Ty’s father’s birth name is David McDonald. David is the son of the late minister of the Church of Scotland Alexander McDonald and his wife Helen. He has a sister Karen and a brother Blair. In the early 1980s, David’s father hosted the religious TV show “That’s the Spirit!”

David took the stage moniker “Tennant” when he started his career as an actor. He debuted at the age of 16 in an anti-smoking documentary film, created by the Glasgow Health Board. He gained wide popularity as Campbell Bain from the series “Takin’ Over the Asylum”.

Tennant’s other popular roles include the TV dramas “Much Ado About Nothing” and “Recovery”, the family series “Doctor Who”, the melodrama “Casanova”, the legendary fantasy “Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire” etc.

In 2008 he met Doctor Who set the actress Georgia Moffett. They started dating and then tied the knot in January 2011. That very year in March they welcomed their first common child – a daughter Olive. Later they had three more kids.

Ty Tennant siblings

Olive Tennant (younger half-sister)

Olive Tennant sister Ty Tennant

Date of birth: March 2011

Ty’s younger half-sister is Olive Tennant. The girl, whose face seems like a little copy of Ty’s one, has already debuted on the big screen. She appeared in the coming-of-age comedy-drama film “Belfast”. She portrayed Catherine, the pious girl from Catholic school, Jude Hill’s screen interest.

Ty supervised the girl to the red carpet event, devoted to the “Belfast” premiere. On his social media, the actor wrote that he was proud of his little sister.

Wilfred Tennant (younger half-brother)

Wilfred Tennant sister Ty Tennant

Date of birth: May 2, 2013

Wilfred is Ty’s only half-brother from the maternal side. Georgia decided not to show the faces of her three youngest kids, so we don’t even know, what Wilfred looks like. But the boy has lovely long hair.

Doris Tennant (younger half-sister)

Doris Tennant family members

Date of birth: September 2015

Doris is Ty’s second youngest half-sister. The girl has already become a primary school pupil.

Birdie Tennant (younger half-sister)

Birdie Tennant sister Birdie Tennant

Date of birth: October 2019

Birdie is the youngest edition to the Tennant family. The happy parents announced the fifth baby news during their visit James Corden show. Birdie and her older brother Ty have 17 years apart. Nevertheless, the older brother constantly cares about his half-sister.

The girl, who has already turned 3 in 2022, appears on her mother’s Instagram with her face covered. At the same time, Georgia shared with her fans, that he is still breastfeeding her 3-year-old daughter.

The Tennant siblings seem a very friendly, closely-knitted family. As David told on James Corden’s show, they have to deal with a bunch of kids’ birthdays.


Ty Tennant’s birth name is Ty Peter Martin-Moffett. He was born in White City (the district of London) on March 27, 2002. He is a son of a teen mom Georgia Moffett, who welcomed him at the tender age of 17. The girl had a son with the waiter at the local cafe.

Ty was 9 years old when his mom married the actor David Tennant. He officially adopted the boy. Thus Ty got the second name “Tennant”, which he glorifies nowadays. Except for Ty, there are 4 other kids in the Tennant family.

He spent the major part of his life in Chiswick (the borough of London). Ty was educated at Arts Educational Schools in his hometown.

The son and grandson of actor, Ty Tennant had no choice. He started acting at a very young age. He debuted on the screen in 2013 in the television film “The Five(ish) Doctors Reboot”, directed by his maternal grandfather Peter Davison. The film was devoted to the 50th anniversary of the popular TV show “Doctor Who”.

Ty gained initial popularity after starring in the series “War of the Worlds”. This show was created by Howard Overman. It is based on H. G. Wells’s novel of the same name. Ty portrayed one of the main characters Tom Gresham.

In 2019 he debuted on the big screen in the Dome Karukoski film “Tolkien”. The biography movie is devoted to the life and career way of the famous English writer J. R. R. Tolkien. In the film, Ty appeared as the young version of composer Christopher Wiseman. The older version of the same character was depicted by Tom Glynn-Carney.

In 2021 Tennant was featured on 2 projects. He acted as Edwin Paine in the 3rd episode of the 3rd season of the TV show “Doom Patrol”. Besides, he made a short appearance in the series “Around the World in 80 Days”.

As of 2022, his brightest role was the teen version of Prince Aegon II Targaryen in “House of the Dragon”. Although Ty acted in just 2 episodes of the 1st season, still that was an impressive career success. The game of Thrones prequel was watched by more than 4 million people. That means Ty’s glory became enormous. Hopefully, the young actor will have lots of interesting projects to come in the future.

Interesting and fun facts

  1. The older version of Prince Aegon is portrayed by Tom Glynn-Carney. Ironically, Ty has already appeared as the younger version of the same actor in the biography film “Tolkien”.
  2. In one of his interviews, Ty told that he was his biggest fan of himself. He doesn’t like watching any TV shows, just those, where he was starring. While re-watching his films and TV series, he is making notes about what he could have done better as an actor.
  3. Ty and his 4 younger siblings are fans of the “Dr. Who” series. Their favorite episode is the one, where his dad and mom met on.
  4. When he heard the news about his mother’s 5th pregnancy, he jokingly started to give his parents lectures on birth control.
  5. His height is 178 cm and his weight is 62 kg.
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