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September 27, 2016


Los Angeles, California, United States



Why Don’t We (WDW) members


“Why Don’t We” is a story about five boys, who became one and whole. The young enthusiasts, each of which had already developed a large fan base to the moment of their meeting, crossed their ways through social media and decided to form the band “Why Don’t We”. On September, 27 in 2016 they officially announced about creating of WDW (band name is usually abbreviated in such a way) through a YouTube video.

As for now, the group is becoming more and more popular. Much has happened after the presentation of the first WDW single “Taking You”, which turned into a massive hit. The boys have already released 5 mini albums. The most successful of them is “Invitation”. They went on a big tour around Europe, and it was really challenging and interesting to each of them. Why Don’t We boys added some kudos after a successful collaboration with YouTuber Logan Paul. He directed their three music videos. Critics are sure, Why Don’t We is the band with a bright future. The group is often compared to One Direction and NSYNC.

In summer 2018 the rising band “WDW” finally broke the great news.  They announced the release of their debut set of songs through Twitter. “8 Letters” was presented on August 31, 2018. The album was recorded at prestigious Atlantic Recording Corporation and is available in 2 forms – digital download and CD.

“8 Letters” obviously enjoyed significant success with the audience. It occupied the 9th position at Billboard 200, so WDW has scored their first top 10 studio set.

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