Willie Alexander Robertson

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Interesting Biography Facts

Real name

Willie Alexander Robertson


reality star, celebs' kid

Birth Date

November 8, 2001


22 years

Zodiac Sign




Willie Alexander Robertson family members

Father's Name

Willie Robertson (adoptive father)

Mother's Name

Korie Robertson (adoptive mother)

Siblings names

All adoptive: Bella Robertson (younger sister), Sadie Robertson (older sister), John Luke Robertson (older brother), Rebecca Robertson-Loflin (older sister), Rowdy Robertson (older brother)

Is Willie Alexander Robertson a gay/bisexual?


What is Willie Alexander Robertson marital status?


Willie Alexander Robertson relatives


Willie Alexander Robertson

He is the second son, who was legally taken under the wing of Korie and her hubby. Willie was adopted at an early age. Father Robertson opened up about his adoption in his passionate speech at Harding University. The man told, that his wife accepted a biracial child to their circle, as he is the son of Jesus, like any other of us. He encouraged other people to make good deeds and called his parenting experience “unbelievable”.

Willie Jr. guested on Duck Dynasty, but he had never been at the center of attention in the series. He is on good terms with his celebrated relatives.

Recently, he deleted his Instagram account.

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