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Willie Garson biography
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Interesting Biography Facts

Real name

William Garson Paszamant


TV actor, movie actor

Birth Date

February 20, 1964

Death date

September 21, 2021 (57 years)

Zodiac Sign



Highland Park, New Jersey, United States


Highland Park High School, Wesleyan University, Yale Dama School



Willie Garson family members

Father's Name

Donald Paszamant

Mother's Name

Muriel Paszamant Flanagan

Siblings names

John Paszamant (older brother), Lisa Clark (older sister)

Is Willie Garson a gay/bisexual?


How many children does he have?

1 (son Nathen Garson)

On September 21, 2021, William Garson Paszamant, widely known as the actor Willie Garson, passed away in his Los Angeles home. His death was caused by pancreatic cancer. Willie Garson’s departure is an enormous blow for his relatives, fans, and colleagues. We devote this article to late Willie Garson, the legendary Stanford Blatch from “Sex and the City”.

Willie Garson kids

Nathen Garson (adopted son)

Nathen Garson adopted son Willie Garson

photo instagram.com/nathen_garson

Date of birth: 2001

Willie was a bachelor, and for many years he felt very lonely. The actor dreamed to become a father and in 2010 his secret wish finally came true. He adopted the seven-year-old boy Nathen. Willie found the boy in the foster and liked him at first sight as he noticed Nathen’s sense of humor. “Whenever he was there was a party! That’s why I understood, that he was my kid!” Willie explained in his interview to “People”. The adoption process lasted for two years. Seven families were struggling for the right to raise Nathen. But Willie convinced social workers, that he had a right to care about that boy. In 2010 he took Nathen home.

It was Nathen, who announced the sad news of his father’s death through Instagram.

Till now the young man keeps his adoptive dad in his heart and thanks to him for everything. He honored his father’s memory with Sex and the City actors, who invited him to the series reboots premiere “And Just Like That…”.

Currently, Nathen tries to go on with his life. He studies at the College of Wooster and dates a beautiful girl, named Lexie Williamson.

Who are Willie Garson parents?

Donald Paszamant (father)

Willie Garson photo

Date of birth: September 15, 1930

Date of death: November 26, 2000

Willie’s father was named Donald Morton Paszamant. Donald was a great family man, a faithful husband, and a father of three kids. He spent his whole life in New Jersey, USA, and passed away in autumn 2000.

Muriel Paszamant Flanagan (mother)

Date of birth: 1932

Date of death: February 10, 2010

Willie was blessed with a great mother, who served as an inspiration to their friends and nephews. She was born in the family of David and Edith Schwartz in New York City, but she spent a big part of her life in Highland Park, where her son Willie was born. In 1982 she moved to New York again.

The neighbors remember Mrs. Paszamant as a kind-hearted woman, who always allowed them to swim in the pool, situated in the backyard of her home.

She welcomed three kids with her first husband, Donald Paszamant. Later she re-married Owen Flanagan. Muriel was active as a volunteer, too. In 2010 she passed away peacefully.

Willie was very close with his mom. Her death was very frustrating for him.

Willie Garson siblings

John Paszamant (older brother)

John Paszamant

photo facebook.com/lisa.clark.904750

Date of birth: June 1, 1959

Willie’s older brother John Paszamant is a Highland Park High School graduate. He studied marketing at Ohio University. Currently, he lives in New Orleans, Louisiana with his wife Karen Paszamant. He is the father of two sons: Joshua and Michael.

John is a well-known real estate agent and a broker. He also owns a company “NOLA Moves”.

Lisa Clark (older sister)

Lisa Clark older sister Willie Garson

photo facebook.com/lisa.clark.904750

Willie’s older sister Lisa studied at the same school as her brothers did. After graduation, she entered Simmons University. Lisa owned Sea Lark Farm in Hollywood, SC.

She is married to Putman Clark. They are happy parents of Katie, Jenna, and Amanda Clark. Lisa was closely knitted with her little brother Willie. Nowadays, she maintains close relationships with her nephew Nathen Garson.


William Garson Paszamant made the first breath in New Jersey, USA. He was the youngest of three kids in the family of Donald Paszaman and Muriel Schwartz. He was fond of acting, so after graduation from school, Willie joined his peers at Wesleyan University to study Theater Art and Psychology. After getting his degree, he moved to Los Angeles to pursue his dream of becoming a professional actor.

He started his career from the small roles in TV shows, like the waiter in “Cheers”, father in “American Playhouse” etc. He gained some recognition after the role of Bill Murray’s assistant in “Groundhog Day”. His other film credits, which added some kudos to his name, are “Friends”, “Twin Peaks”, “Untamed Heart” etc. In general, he participated in 70 films and 300 TV shows.

But his fans remember him mostly Mozzie from the hit series “White Collar” and, of course, Stanford from “Sex and The City”. His last screen appearance was in the 7th season of this show, where he was finally accepted as the fourth member of the tight friendly circle of Carrie, Charlotte, and Miranda. As later the show producer Michael Patrick King told in his interview to “People”, Willie decided to leave the show because of his health condition. He spoke to the producer on phone and told him he had to go. He wished that he could have been on the show, but it didn’t pan out. After that, his character Stanford was sent to Japan.

In September 2021 he passed away.

Interesting and fun facts

  1. Willie Garson portrayed Sarah Jessica Parker’s male friend on Sex and The City (SATC). The show fans have already known that they are close friends in real life, too. Their friendship began in 1984, 14 years before their starring on the cult show. In one of his interviews, Willie confessed, that he phoned Sarah every single day even after the end of SATC.
  2. The role of Stanford Blatch from SATC is considered as one of the brightest in the actor’s career. But in his old interview, the actor confessed that he didn’t like depicting that character at all, and he played in SATC with force and resistance all the time. During the first two years, he didn’t even watch the show as he thought he looked awful on the screen.
  3. Willie liked to work with friends. On White Collar set he was also surrounded by close people. He knew Tiffani Thiessen and Tim DeKay much before 2009 when the show was started. Besides, he made friends with Matt Bomer, the other member of the main cast.
  4. He was not just a famous actor, but also a talented poker player. Mr. Garson participated in the World Poker Tour. For his aggressive style of playing he was nicknamed Evil Willie.
  5. He was involved in numerous charity projects, like Camp Joslin for Diabetes, the Alliance for Children’s Rights, Doctors Without Borders, etc.
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