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Interesting Biography Facts

Real name

Zachary Dean Herron


singer, songwriter, social media star

Birth Date

May 27, 2001


20 years

Zodiac Sign



Dallas, Texas, United States



Zach Herron family members

Father's Name

Josh Herron

Mother's Name

Myta Herron

Siblings names

Ryan Herron (younger brother), Reese Herron (younger sister)

Is Zach Herron a gay/bisexual?


What is Zach Herron marital status?


Who are Zach Herron parents?

Josh Herron (father)

Josh Herron father Zach

photo instagram / joshherr0n

Date of birth: December 10, 1973

Josh Herron is a handsome, still young man with a grey neat beard and huge kind eyes. Being a really modest person, he doesn’t like to endorse himself through social media. But his wife of 20 years Myta and his three kids do it instead of him. According to the words of his family members, Josh is a supportive amicable person, a real soul mate for his wife and a role model for his children.

As for now, he resides in a new big house in California with Myta, their sons and a daughter. He is really proud of his son Zach, who is making career as WDW band member. He tied a knot with Myta on July 14, 1998. Since then he has been a great husband to this beautiful woman. He never gets tired to thank his wife through social networks for three beautiful kids she gave him.

Myta Herron (mother)

Myta Herron mother Zach

photo instagram / myta.herron

Date of birth: February 22, 1974

There’s no talented son without a kind supportive mother, who works with him and prays for him. Myta Herron is that kind of a mother. This incredible woman was born in United States. She was the youngest in the family, and had three older siblings. Her mother passed away, when she was just 25.

In 1998 she got married her soul mate Josh Herron. They welcomed three great kids together. Of course, the most part of Myta’s time belonged to her family members, but it doesn’t mean, that she didn’t work at all. At first she served as her son’s manager. The woman, who noticed Zach’s talent at a very early age, encouraged him to practice music. With his mother’s help the boy uploaded his first music vids to YouTube, which later turned him back with fame and career opportunities. In addition, she was appointed as an ambassador of Plexus (the company, which delivers healthy goods).

During many years Herron family resided in Texas. But in May, 2018 they relocated to California. As for now, Myta calls herself “a southern Californian girl”. She shares her family news not just through Instagram, but also though her lifestyle blog.

Zach Herron siblings

Ryan Herron (younger brother)

Ryan Herron

photo instagram / imryanherron

Date of birth: March 2, 2004

Ryan is Zach’s younger brother and the second kid in the family of Myta and Josh. The boy runs his Instagram account, where sometimes he shares pics with WDW member. Ryan tells that he is really proud of his big brother.

In fact, the middle son in Herron family is keen on music, too. He sings in a school choir, but is not ready now to share his performance with the world. Probably, he would consider music as a career, too. Ryan’s hobbies are playing soccer and other games.

Reese Herron (younger sister)

Reese Herron

photo instagram / imreeseherron

Date of birth: August 10, 2011

The youngest kid and the only daughter in Herron family, Reese has already become a school pupil. Nicknamed in the family circle as Reesiedoodles, she has become a real ray of the sun for her parents and brothers. Like her mother writes about her, Reese is a little pampered by her older siblings. But this sweet girl has already become a real entertainer for all the members of her family. She likes to act, sing and dance and probably, she will say her word in music industry, too.


Zach Herron bio

photo instagram / imzachherron

Zachary Dean Herron was born in Dallas, TX. He is the oldest son of Myta and Josh Herron. Since the earliest age he was interested in music. The boy participated in high school concerts and later became the member of a school choir. He rose to fame at the age of 13, when launched his own music channel on YouTube. His version of the son “Stitches”, originally performed by a Canadian singer Shawn Mendes, gained 10 million views at YouTube.

In 2016 the teen singer presented two more singles, which made him even more popular. Their names are “Why” and “Timelapse”. That very year he became the member of the band “Why Don’t We”. In March, 2018 as the part of WDW, he released the single “Trust Fund Baby”, which immediately gained a large fan base. After that in the company of Jack Avery, Daniel Seavey, Corbyn Besson and Jonah Marais he went on his first tour.

To pursue his career, Zach had to move from his hometown Dallas in Texas to Los Angeles, CA. His parents and siblings moved to that sunny city too, because Herron family is always together, as his mother wrote in her blog.

Interesting and fun facts

  1. His fans name themselves as “Herronettes”.
  2. His favorite song is “September”, performed by Earth Wind and Fire.
  3. He is a fan of Justin Bieber and even has a common photo with him.
  4. The first tour of WDW, named “The Invitation Tour” was really challenging for Zach Heron at first. No wonder, because he is still a teenager and is the youngest member of the band! But as he later admitted, that tour made him more professional. Changing stage costumes, the lack of sleep and the fuss around WDW made Herron stronger!
  5. He is secretly in love with Ariana Grande. But he isn’t dating anyone in his real life at the present moment. In one of his interviews Zach admitted, that he could possibly date a fan.
  6. If he had such a chance, he would collaborate with the American singer Ty Dolla $ign.
  7. If he had a super strength, it would be the ability to become invisible.
  8. He confessed in one of his interviews, that he has a lot of guilty pleasures. It’s a pity, he didn’t name exactly any of them.
  9. WDW fans from Europe impressed Zach, when they started to sing the songs together with the boys during one of the shows. “Not all of them knew English well, but they sang back to us, that was great”, the boy said.
  10. He is keen on ping pong.
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