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Zion Kuwonu biography
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Interesting Biography Facts

Real name

Caleb Zion Kuwonu


singer, band member

Birth Date

June 29, 1999


24 years

Zodiac Sign



Ottawa, Ontario, Canada



Zion Kuwonu family members

Father's Name

Prosper Kuwonu

Mother's Name

Mandy Kuwonu

Siblings names

Kekeli Kuwonu (older sister), Elom Kuwonu (younger brother)

Is Zion Kuwonu a gay/bisexual?


What is Zion Kuwonu marital status?


Who are Zion Kuwonu parents?

Prosper Kuwonu (father)

Zion was blessed to have a great supportive father. His name is Prosper Kuwonu. Pros is a successful businessman and a real provider for his family. He is proud of all his kids and never gets tired to post a picture of his successful talented son Kuwonu on social media.

Mandy Kuwonu (mother)

Mandy Kuwonu mother Zion Kuwonu

Zion Kuwonu is a real momma’s boy. He is very close with his mom, whose name is Mandy McInnis Kuwonu. She endorses him through her social media accounts and posts pictures from his concerts.

Zion Kuwonu siblings

Kekeli Kuwonu (older sister)

Kekeli Kuwonu

photo instagram.com / missreine

Date of birth: November 6, 1997

Zion and his older sister Kekeli are not just relatives and friends, but also colleagues. They used to sing together before Zion decided to perform solo. Kekeli was born in Morden, Manitoba (the city near American and Canadian boundary). Her parents moved her to Ottawa, Canada later. She was educated at St. Mathew High School. The girl is close with her parents and siblings. She is a devoted traveler.

Elom Kuwonu (younger brother)

Elom Kuwonu

photo instagram.com / missreine

Date of birth: April 24, 2003

The youngest boy in Kuwonu family is Elom. His brother Zion serves as an inspiration for him. Elom tries his hand in music, too. He is an aspiring rapper. He has already released several tracks of his own, including super successful “Grrr”.


Zion Kuwonu, or Caleb Zion Kuwonu, as his parents named him at the moment of his birth, is a lucky guy. He doubted, whether he has musical talent or not, till he sent his demo tape to two famous rappers (their names are disclosed). They convinced the Canadian teenager, that his voice is unique and singing is the recommended career for him. From that moment he decided to perform solo. Zion created homemade music videos and uploaded them on Instagram. Soon, he turned into an Internet celebrity.

His life has changed, when he met Simon Cowell. The founder of “Syco Music”, Simon has already proved his skills of a star-maker.  He is responsible for the creation and development of the cult band “One Direction”. And this time he decided to create another musical group – “PrettyMuch”.

Zion Kuwonu bio

photo instagram.com / zionkuwonu

Zion joined four other talented teenagers – Nick Mara, Edwin Honored, Brandon Arreaga, Austin Porter – and the boys started to work hard. Soon their rhythmic songs and funny music videos attracted public attention. Zion moved from his home country – Canada – to Los Angeles, USA to find more career opportunities.

Not much is known about him as of now. He entered this world on June 29, 1999. The future music artist grew up in Ottawa, Canada. He has two siblings. Since the earliest years, he performed songs with his older sister. In 2014 he began uploading music videos on Instagram. In 2016 he was lucky to become a member of “Pretty Much”. And now he makes his fans happy with incendiary dances and energetic songs. The most popular songs, performed by Zion and his band members are “Would You Mind”, “No More”, which they performed with a popular rapper French Montana, “Summer On You” etc. the band has already released two successful extended plays.

Interesting and fun facts

  1. In spite of his young age, Zion is very careful about his health. He is a healthy eater. Unlike his peers, he never allows himself to eat a huge piece of pizza and to pour it with a big bottle of beer for dinner. The young man makes healthy choices, and it helps him to stay energetic during his shows, where he dances a lot.
  2. He grew up in Canada and got used to cold weather. That’s why Zion doesn’t always feel comfortable in LA, where it is mostly hot. He misses cool days in his home country and very often takes off a shirt to chill a little. That makes his fans happy!
  3. He tells, that growing up with two siblings wasn’t always easy, but it helped him to get used to other boys from his band. Now he feels comfortable, sharing each minute of his life with four other members of his group.
  4. Zion makes girls over the globe crazy with his hot sexy movements. He is a great dancer, but that’s not the only kind of sport he does. Zion can make great flips (he posts the videos of that kind on Instagram) and he is also a fan of skateboarding and hockey.
  5. He is a pet lover. In spite of his busy schedule, Zion finds enough time to care about his puppy Simba.
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    Thank you for putting a Zion in the future I would love to see the other members of PRETTYMUCH on this page, but I understand if you are busy with other people. Much love and appreciation.