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Cristiano Ronaldo biography
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Interesting Biography Facts

Real name

Cristiano Ronaldo dos Santos Aveiro GOIH


professional footballer who plays as a forward for Spanish club Real Madrid and the Portugal national team

Birth Date

February 5, 1985


38 years

Zodiac Sign



Hospital Dr. Nélio Mendonça, Funchal, Portugal


Escola Básica e Secundária Gonçalves Zarco



Cristiano Ronaldo family members

Father's Name

José Dinis Aveiro

Mother's Name

Maria Dolores dos Santos Aveiro

Siblings names

Katia Aveiro (sister), Elma dos Santos Aveiro (sister), Hugo dos Santos Aveiro (brother)

Is Cristiano Ronaldo a gay/bisexual?


What is Cristiano Ronaldo marital status?

In relation

Who is Cristiano Ronaldo wife?

Georgina Rodriguez

How many children does he have?

6 (Eva Maria Dos Santos, Alana Martina dos Santos Aveiro, Cristiano Ronaldo Jr., Mateo Ronaldo, late Angél Ronaldo and Bella Ronaldo)

cristiano ronaldo family

Cristiano Ronaldo wife

Georgina Rodriguez (girlfriend)

Georgina Rodrigue (girlfriend)

Date of birth: January 27, 1994

Although Georgina Rodriguez and her loved one Cristiano Ronaldo are not married, it’s obvious, that things are getting serious. First of all, they got engaged on April 28, 2018. And in addition, Georgina gave birth to Cristiano Ronaldo’s fourth child.

Georgina was born in Jaca, a small Spanish town not far from Madrid. After graduation from school, the girl decided not to continue her education. She found a job as a waitress and then moved to Bristol, England through au paur program. In England, the girl practiced dancing and learned English. Georgina, who has become an Instagram star, impresses her followers with her great sports shape. She tells that she workouts on a regular basis. By the way, her father was also a football player. He performed for the Argentina team.

After that, she returned to Madrid and found a job as a shop assistant in a Gucci boutique. The girl, who is incredibly fashionable, attended the D&G show in Madrid. There she crossed the ways with a soccer star and ex-Real Madrid captain Cristiano Ronaldo. They started dating in November 2016. At first, Ronaldo tried to keep his new love secret, but the paparazzi caught him and Georgina several times, and he admitted, that they are a couple.

cristiano ronaldo family

After moving to Cristiano Ronaldo’s house, Georgina decided to develop her career. She tried modeling and made a number of professional photos. But soon she got pregnant. In the summer, of 2017 Georgina and Cristiano welcomed their first common daughter.

Georgina Rodriguez’s fiancé told in his interview, that he dreamed about 7 children. She became a mother to all of Cristiano’s kids (3 older kids are not biologically hers). And in April 2022 they welcomed twins. Unfortunately, the baby boy was stillborn. But the cute little girl became a new addition to their family.

In social media Georgina, affectionately dubbed as Gio by her loved one, is sometimes called a “well-kept babysitter” by her haters. But the woman, whose main value is, obviously, her kids, isn’t focused exclusively on them. In 2021 she appeared on the Cosmopolitan cover. Previously, she graced on covers of Women’s Health and Harper’s Bazaar.

In 2022 she launched a self-titled docu-series on Netflix, where she shared her life story and showed the members of her family. Except for her long-term fiancée Cristiano and their kids, she also showed her sister Ivana. Nevertheless, she told nothing about her other sister Patricia Rodríguez, 5 years older, born by her father from another mother. Later Patricia complained in public that her sister didn’t support her with money after she had lost the house and appeared with her kids literally in the street.

Cristiano’s girlfriend didn’t give any comments on her older half-sister’s complaints. Instead of it, she prepares the next part of her docu-series, where she is going to tell about the death of her newborn boy.

Cristiano Ronaldo kids

Cristiano Ronaldo Jr (born from one-night affair)

Cristiano Ronaldo Jr

Date of birth: July 17, 2010

Probably, Cristiano Ronaldo Jr is the most unusual child in the world and there are several reasons of it. Firstly, he is a son of a bright football star, who is sure that the better part of his career is yet to come. In addition, he is a boy, who had never seen his mom.

Cristiano Ronaldo Jr is brought up by his grandmother Dolores and numerous aunts. They told the boy, that his mother is dead.

At first Cristiano Sr told that the boy was born via surrogate. But later he opened up, that the kid’s mother was a waitress from some American bar, with whom he had one-night love affair. When she announced the news about her pregnancy and made DNA test, Cristiano Ronaldo paid her about $15 million to leave the newborn in his house. The waitress promised never to appear again in Ronaldo life after that.

Cristiano Ronaldo kids

The boy, who has just turned 8, is a cute vivid child. He is a school pupil and a soccer fan (no wonder!). Not long ago he started to practice football himself and hopes to become a new star – just like his father.

The boy has the same name as his father – Cristiano Ronaldo dos Santos Aveiro. By the way, he can’t spell his name in the proper way. At home, he is nicknamed Cristianinho. He resides with his father in Spain.

like his father, Cristianinho is going to become a football player. In 2021 he started to train at the Manchester United academy.

Mateo Ronaldo (son) via surrogate mum

Mateo Ronaldo son

Date of birth: June 8, 2017

Probably, Cristiano Ronaldo was inspired by the idea to enjoy the happy emotions of parenthood alone, because in summer, 2017 he welcomed two twins, born via surrogate.

Mateo Ronaldo is a cute kid, who bears his father’s surname in his birth certificate. As for his mother’s identity, there’s the remark “surrogacy”. He was born at Sharp Grossmont Hospital, situated in a cozy Californian town not far from Mexican border together with his twin sister.

Eva Ronaldo (daughter)  via surrogate mum

Eva Ronaldo (daughter)

Date of birth: June 8, 2017

Eva and her twin brother Mateo were conceived in an artificial way. They were born by an unknown surrogate mother. The baby girl saw the world for the first time around 9 am in June and her little brother was born a minute later.

Eva Ronaldo daughter Cristiano Ronaldo

Twins have become a sensation. It seems that their father kept the idea to have babies via surrogate in secret from his girlfriend and his mother. Dolores told in her interview that her famous son is not going to become a father 10 days before the twins’ birth. And Ronaldo’s girlfriend Georgina Rodriguez gave a birth to their biological daughter just several months later.

Alana Martin Ronaldo (daughter) mum Georgina Rodriguez

Alana Martin Ronaldo

Date of birth: November 12, 2017

Alana Martin is the first attempt of Cristiano Ronaldo to make kids in an ordinary way. At first, Georgina Rodriguez tried to hide her pregnancy – by the way, the woman is in great shape and during the first several months of her pregnancy her body remained perfectly slim. Finally, the couple confessed, that they were expecting a baby.

The girl was born in a Madrid hospital and Cristiano immediately shared the news through Instagram. The stellar father was present in the hospital near Georgina and supported his wife while she was giving birth to his daughter.

Soon Geo posed with Alana for the cover of iHola! issue. The model Georgina immediately recovered after childbirth and demonstrated a well-shaped figure.

Angél Ronaldo (late baby boy)

Date of birth: April 18, 2022

Date of death: April 18, 2022

Angél Ronaldo was one of the twins, born by Georgina Rodríguez, on April 2022. Unfortunately, he passed away that very day he entered this world. No need to say, how hard it was for his parents to cope with that disaster.

Cristiano announced his newborn son’s death through his Instagram account. There he thanked to nurses and doctors, who tried their best to save the baby’s life. In his interview to TalkTV Cristiano opened up, that Gio had really hard moments. Their baby girl, the twin sister of the late Angél literally saved them.

The Portugal captain told, that he keeps Angél’s ashes in the family chapel not far from his father’s ones.

Bella Ronaldo (newborn girl)

Bella Ronaldo daughter Cristiano Ronaldo

Date of birth: April 18, 2022

Bella Esmeralda Ronaldo is one of the twins, born by Gio in the spring, of 2022. She became her parents’ hope and some happiness, which gave them strength after Angél’s death during his birth process. At the same time, she became the reason for her father’s conflict with Manchester United. Cristiano parted ways with the club and complained about the lack of compassion of the club’s managers. The reason was Bella’s bronchitis, because of which she was taken to hospital.

Cristiano stayed by her side and missed the team’s pre-season, which took place in Thailand. According to the footballer’s words, team managers didn’t believe that his baby girl was ill.

Although the team’s administration denied Ronaldo’s accusations of callousness, they ended their cooperation with the football star.

Who are Cristiano Ronaldo parents?

Maria Dolores dos Santos Aveiro (mother)

Cristiano Ronaldo mother

photo / DoloresAveiro

Date of birth: December 31, 1954

Cristiano Ronaldo’s mother is a special woman in his fate. He may be a millionaire and playboy for many people worldwide, but he is just an obedient son at home for his mom.

Maria Dolores is a person with a difficult fate. She was born in 1954 in the family of 7. Her mother gave a birth to 5 kids and then passed away at the age of 37. Cristiano Ronaldo mother was just 6, when her mother died. After that the girl was sent to an orphanage, because she was on bad terms with her stepmother. She started to work at a very young age and never stopped it. She was a cook. The woman married a man, whom she loved, José Dinis Aveiro, but their family life was not happy mostly because of his addiction to alcohol. She gave a birth to 4 kids, and raised them mostly by her own.

Cristiano Ronaldo mother

Dolores opened up, that she hesitated, whether to have Ronaldo. She was afraid, that she wouldn’t be able to feed up 4 children. But then she understood that abortion is a sin and decided to have a child. Nowadays Dolores thinks that such a talented son was a gift from God for her as she hadn’t made a wrong decision.

At the beginning of Cristiano Ronaldo’s career she hoped to stay out of limelight. But it turned to be impossible. Dolores is proud of her talented son and eagerly poses with him in front of the cameras. She tells that she gave Ronaldo her strength.

When Cristiano Ronaldo welcomed his first son, he asked his mother to live with him and help with a kid. During many years Dolores cared about her grandson. Now, when Ronaldo has a girlfriend, his mother lives separately – just 5 minutes walk from his house. She values her independence.

Not long ago Maria Dolores released a book “Mother’s Courage”, where she shared the details of her personal life and told how she had brought up a celebrity. In February, 2019 Maria announced, that she was battling for her life. She was diagnosed with breasts cancer.

José Dinis Aveiro (father)

José Dinis Aveiro father cristiano ronaldo

Date of birth: September 30, 1953

Date of death: September 6, 2005

Although Cristiano Ronaldo never says a wrong word about his dad, everyone knows that a soccer legend didn’t do well with his father for a long time. José Dinis was a gardener. He was a good person, but his constant battles with alcohol annoyed his family members.

Dinis Aveiro was a soldier in his young years and he participated in Portuguese Colonial War and there got used to drinking.

During the years of his marriage he tried various kinds of odd jobs, but each time he started to drink there and was fired. When Jose was lack of money, he begged his neighbor for charity.

Nevertheless Jose supported his son’s decision to play football. In fact, Ronaldo was playing everywhere from morning till night. He returned home at 10 pm or even later because he was lost in the game.

Jose and his wife decided to send their son to a football club. But the family lived from hand to mouth. That’s why, when Ronaldo was accepted to Andorinha FC in San Antonio area, his father found a job there. He cleaned the changing rooms and used his payment to support his son’s interest in football. The future soccer star was mocked by his teammates for his dad’s job.

José Dinis died in autumn 2005, when his son was just 20. He had a liver disease because of his alcohol addiction. His son keeps his father’s portrait on the coffee table in his luxurious house. He remembers his dad.

Cristiano Ronaldo siblings

Elma Aveiro (elder sister)

elma eviro sister

Date of birth: March 10, 1979

Elma Aveiro is not a celebrity. But her brother’s fame gave her an opportunity to participate in a number of TV shows, such as “Só Visto!” and some others. Having graduated from school, he moved to the USA, where got a degree from the University of Cincinnati.

At the age of 33, Elma tried to start a career as a model. She appeared in a photo session for Hot Magazine. But then left this hobby and concentrated on her family life. Cristiano Ronaldo’s sister is married.

On September 17, 2022, she launched the new project “The Fashion Show by Elma”.

Hugo Aveiro (elder brother)

Hugo Aveiro

Date of birth: 1975

Hugo is the oldest kid in Dolores and Dinis Avero’s family.

Cristiano’s older brother entered this world that very year when their father joined the Portuguese troops on their trip to Angola. After graduation from school, Hugo found a job at an aluminum company. After that, he managed the painting crew.

Like his father, Hugo was addicted. He drank heavily and used drugs. His famous brother helped Hugo to get rid of his bad habits. It was Ronaldo, who saved Hugo from addiction. He paid for his brother’s rehab. As for now, the two brothers are friends. Hugo is busy in the construction area. In addition, he runs a museum, devoted to his brother’s activity.

Liliana Cátia (elder sister)

Liliana Cátia (elder-sister)

Date of birth: October 5, 1977

Cátia Aveiro is probably the most famous Cristiano Ronaldo sibling. She makes a career as a singer. The woman started to perform under the stage moniker Ronalda. She released a number of studio albums, including the super popular “Boom Sem Parar” and even was going to represent Portugal at the Eurovision contest.

Catia was born in Funchal, Madeira, and attended the local school there. In 2005 she started her career as a singer. Two years later Catia left the stage for maternity leave. In 2013 she returned and released a number of hits, such as “Latina de Cuerpo y Alma” and “Delicia”.

Ronaldo’s sister is a successful business woman too. She designs sunglasses and is the official seller of the Kardashian sisters’ cosmetics.

Catia is on good terms with her stellar brother. She used to pamper him in her early years, according to her mother’s words, although at first she was annoyed to know about her mother’s fourth pregnancy. Catia helps her brother with his kids. Besides, she has 3 kids on her own. She is the mother of Rodrigo (born in 2000) and Dinis (born in 2010). On August 27, 2019, she welcomed a daughter Valentina with a Brazilian businessman Alexandre Bertolucci.


Interesting and fun facts

  1. On November 22, 2022, Cristiano Ronaldo’s contract with Manchester United was terminated. Both parts of the deal agreed with that decision. Cristiano’s attitude towards Manchester United manager Erik ten Hag was described in the football star’s interview with Piers Morgan. He accused Erik of being disrespectful to him after the manager left Cristiano on the bench during the match between his team and Manchester City, which was lost.
  2. Cristiano became the captain of the Portugal team during the 2022 FIFA World Cup. The talented athlete named that World Cup the last one of his career. Nevertheless, 37-year-old Ronaldo is still in great shape and performs well. He scored the penalty kick in Portugal’s match against Ghana.
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