Tinglan Hong

Tinglan Hong biography
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Interesting Biography Facts

Real name

Tinglan Hong


restaurant receptionist


Lishui, Zhejiang Eastern China



Tinglan Hong family members

Is Tinglan Hong a lesbian/bisexual?


What is Tinglan Hong marital status?


Who is Tinglan Hong husband?

Hugh Grant (baby father)

How many children does she have?

2 (Tabitha Grant and Felix Grant)

Tinglan Hong relatives


Tinglan Hong is not a celebrity, but she rose to fame as an ex-girlfriend of a popular actor Hugh Grant and as a mother of his two kids. Hugh fathered his first daughter Tabitha at the age of 51, and that became a sensation. That’s why the girl’s mother Tinglan also went into the limelight.

She was born in a big city of Lishui, situated at the Eastern part of China. Her parents are successful entrepreneurs. In 2003 Tinglan moved to London, where rented an apartment and worked as a restaurant receptionist. She crossed her ways with hot Hugh Grant in 2011 or so. Around that time the British star opened up in his interviews that he had just returned from China and fell in love with Chinese girls. Soon after such confession, the actor was noticed in Tinglan’s company. The woman appeared alongside Grant at bars and restaurants, she also was spotted coming out of his mansion. As one of Hong’s friends told, she knew, that the movie star dated other girls too, but was terribly in love with him.

In 2011 Tinglan gave a birth to Tabitha. She quit her job at a restaurant and focused her mind on the new-born. Hugh bought his baby mother a multi-million mansion in West London. They broke up, but then quickly reconciled and Tinglan got pregnant again. She gave a birth to Felix Grant in late December, 2012.

Hugh is married as for now, so he doesn’t date Hong anymore. But he supports her and their kids. The woman is a housewife as for now. She keeps her privacy and doesn’t share pics of her kids and details of her affair with Hugh Grant.

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