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Interesting Biography Facts

Real name

Christine Ellen Hynde


musician, band member

Birth Date

September 7, 1951


71 years

Zodiac Sign



Akron, Ohio, United States


Firestone High School



Chrissie Hynde, or Christine Ellen Hynde, is widely known as the long-term member of the famous rock group “The Pretenders.” Since 1978 she has been the lead singer and guitar player at the famous band and participated in the recording of its 11 studio albums. Besides, Chrissie is an author, painter, and mother of two daughters. Let’s have a closer look at her family!

Chrissie Hynde husband

Ray Davies (daughter’s father)

Ray Davies

Date of birth: June 21, 1944

In her numerous interviews, Chrissie says that she maintains friendly relationships with all her exes. In the 1980s, she was romantically linked to the musician Ray Davies, with whom she welcomed a daughter Natalie.

Raymond Douglas Davies is a London-born musician widely known as the lead vocalist of the band “The Kinks.” He comes from a big working-class English family. Ray has six sisters and one brother Dave, who was a rhythm guitarist in “The Kinks.” Having reached high recognition, The Kinks disbanded in 1996. Since then, Ray has been performing solo.

Hynde was Ray’s big fan in her teens. As a part of The Pretenders, Chrissie covered Davies’s song “Stop Your Sobbing,” first released by Ray’s band “Kinks.” The cover song became extremely successful, and thus Chrissie appeared at the center of Davies’s attention. They crossed their ways in New York City in 1980 and fell in love with each other. Their romance lasted for four years and produced a baby girl Natalie Rae. They collaborated as musicians as well. As a band leader, Chrissie released the album “Pretenders II,” which included Ray’s composition “I Go To Sleep.”

They separated in 1984, and Chrissie immediately started dating another man, Jim Kerr.

Jim Kerr (ex-husband; were married in 1984 – 1990)

Jim Kerr

Date of birth: July 9, 1959

Chrissie was a mother of a baby girl when she crossed her ways with Simple Minds frontman Jim Kerr. They met in Australia, where both came as part of their bands for a tour. Two young musicians liked each other at first sight and got married on May 5, 1984, just a couple of months later their first meeting. After that, Kerr and Hynde started supporting each other professionally. “Simple Minds” needed that help to make a breakthrough in the USA. So, they started a joint tour with The Pretenders. The couple divorced after six years of married life. The reason was their busy schedules. After that, Kerr re-married Patsy Kensit, an actress.

James was born in a district of Glasgow, Scotland. Despite stammering, which he had in his childhood, Kerr liked to be at the center of attention. In 1977 he co-founded with his friends the band “Johnny and the Self Abusers.” Later it was renamed “Simple Minds.”

Kerr is still part of the band. In 2018 he collaborated with his ex-wife Chrissie Hynde. They both went on tour, which lasted for a couple of months. This time their collaboration didn’t end with a marriage. Still, they remain co-parents for their daughter Yasmin.

Lucho Brieva (ex-husband; were married in 1997 – 2002)

Date of birth: circa 1965

Chrissie went down the aisles for the second time on July 10, 1997. Then, the 46-year-old star married a 32-year-old artist from Colombia. The wedding ceremony was extremely private and took place in London. She tried to keep it secret. Still, some magazines printed the happy news.

Lucho Brieva and Chrissie’s marriage lasted till 2002. They signed the divorce papers three years later, in 2005. The reason for their split was not publicized, but it was rumored they had lots of conflicts, which led to separation. Soon after his split from Chrissie, Lucho married an actress Gina Bellman. Their unit ended with a divorce two years later, too.

Chrissie is still single, and she confessed in a recent interview that loneliness is hard work. At the same time, it awakens the singer’s creativity. Several years ago, Chrissie presented her pictures, which she drew during lonely evenings.

Chrissie Hynde kids

Natalie Davies (daughter with Ray Davies)

Date of birth: January 1983

In her interviews, Chrissie says that she had to bring up her daughters by herself. Her firstborn is Natalie Rae, whom she welcomed with her long-term partner Ray Davies.

As of 2023, Natalie seems to be single. She resides in East Sussex, England. Chrissie’s daughter majored in English at the King’s College in London. Natalie lives in the shadow of her famous parents, but she took lots of public attention in 2014 when she took part in environmental action with her friend Simon Medhurst, sixteen years her senior. Then, Natalie superglued her hand to Simon’s one, and they stayed at the fracking site in West Sussex, trying to attract public attention to the method of extracting natural gas used by the company Cuadrilla, which could hurt the environment. Their non-violent action prevented the workers of the company from fulfilling their duties and led to financial loss for the company. Thus, Natalie and Simon appeared in court, where both pleaded guilty.

Since then, Natalie has been very private about her personal life. On her father’s side, Natalie has three half-sisters: Louisa, Victoria, and Eva. From her mother’s side, she has a younger half-sister, too.

Yasmin Kerr (daughter with Jim Kerr)

Date of birth: March 25, 1983

Chrissie’s second daughter is named Yasmin Paris Kerr. She is the product of her short-lived marriage to James Kerr. Chrissie’s flat in London is situated not far from Yasmin’s house, where she resides with her twin sons. The singer likes to spend time with her grandsons. She says that she loves boys as kids as they are not as moody as girls.

So, Hynde is very close with her daughters. She passed through an emotional crisis when her girls left home.

Currently, Yasmin works as a director at “Business Management Services” company. From her father’s side, she has a younger half-brother, James Kerr Jr.

Who are Chrissie Hynde parents?

Bud Hynde (father)

Date of birth: 1921

Date of death: February 27, 2010

In her interview, Chrissie said that she wasn’t on good terms with her parents, but that was normal at that time. Her parents were very conservative, so they couldn’t understand their daughter’s interest in rock music, which made her leave her parents’ house and go to another continent. Now Chrissie is thankful to her parents, who let her “fulfill her mission.”

In her London apartment, she has a big black-and-white photo of her parents near the house which Bud built.

The full name of the singer’s father is Melville Grant Hynde. He spent his young years in East Akron in the family of Evelyn and Leonard Hynde. He grew up with two sisters and a brother. After graduating from high school, Bud joined his peers at Akron University. During World War II, he served in the Marines. The major part of his life, Bud and his family, which included his wife, son, and daughter Chrissie, resided in Northeastern Ohio. Bud worked at The Ohio Bell Telephone Company.

He is remembered by his friends and family members as an easy-going, kind person. He reconciled with his daughter and even attended her shows before his death.

Dolores Roberts Hynde (mother)

Date of birth: February 16, 1923

Date of death: November 4, 2012

The name of Chrissie’s mother is Dolores E. Roberts. The singer released her biography book “Reckless: My Life as a Pretender” after the departure of both her parents in order “not to hurt them.”

Dolores passed away peacefully in her sleep. Although she had troubled relationships with her daughter, they reconciled at the end of Dolores’s life.

Chrissie used to say that her mom didn’t support her interest in music. She had at home just three recordings, including Julie London’s song “Cry Me A River,” which The Pretender singer likes now.

Dolores grew up in Akron in the family of Irene, the seamstress, and Jack Roberts, a policeman. After graduation from school, Dolores started her career as a model, But she quit it to start a calm family life with her loved one, Bud.

Many people, who knew Dolores, considered her a faithful and kind-hearted person. She was so proud of both her children – Chris and her brother Terry.

Chrissie Hynde siblings

Terry Hynde (older brother)

Terry Hynde

Date of birth: January 1947

Chris has just one sibling – a brother named Terry. He is a saxophone player for the Numbers Band. Terry is married to Kathy Hynde, with whom they live in Kent, Ohio. They have their only son Ian Grant Hynde. Ian is a musician, too. He is a drummer. He is a father to a beautiful daughter.

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