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Rick Fox biography
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Interesting Biography Facts

Real name

Ulrich Alexander Fox


ex-basketball player, entrepreneur

Birth Date

July 24, 1969


54 years

Zodiac Sign



Toronto, Ontario, Canada


Warsaw Community High School, University of North Carolina



Rick Fox family members

Father's Name

Ulrich Fox Sr.

Mother's Name

Dianne Gerace

Siblings names

Jeanene Fox (younger sister), Aaron Fox (younger brother)

Is Rick Fox a gay/bisexual?


What is Rick Fox marital status?


Who is Rick Fox wife?

Vanessa Williams (ex-wife)

How many children does he have?

2 (son Kyle Fox and daughter Sasha Fox)

Ulrich Alexander Fox, or just Rick, is a former basketball player, occasional actor, and entrepreneur. He used to play for Boston Celtics and Los Angeles Lakers till his retirement in 2004. Till now, he has stayed in the limelight as an E-sports businessman and social media star. But what do we know about his family members? Let’s see!

Rick Fox wife

Kari Hillsman Francillon (baby mother)

Kari Hillsman Francillon

Date of birth: January 16, 1971

Rick Fox is officially single as of 2023, but previously he dated several very beautiful women. We wouldn’t tell you about his ex-girlfriend Kari if she didn’t become the mother of his firstborn. Rick and Kari started their romance when she was a college student, and he was a 24-year-old player for the Boston Celtics. Kari liked the idea of being the girlfriend of the famous athlete. She quit her college studies to devote all her free time to her son and beloved man. But Rick didn’t like the idea of having a girlfriend, absolutely focused on him, without her interests and career. In 1994 they welcomed a son Kyle but then parted ways.

Although Kari keeps extremely silent as to the reasons for her and Rick’s separation, he confessed in one of the articles that they had financial issues. He was a rising sports star at the moment they got engaged, and his lawyers insisted on signing the prenuptial. Kari refused to sign the deal, and that was the beginning of the end. They separated soon.

Anyway, Kari and Rick maintained amicable relationships as co-parents. They remained friends after Kari’s marriage to Henry Francillon, the marketing manager and sports fan, in 2003. With Henry, she parented a daughter Kayla and a son Kaden.

Kari Jeanne Hilsman was born and raised in the family of AC Hillsman Jr, a military veteran, and his wife, Mary, a nurse. Her father died from cancer in 2003. Kari has an older sister Tarah Townsend. Rick’s ex-partner earns her living as the residential manager.

Vanessa Williams (ex-wife; were married in 1999-2004)

Vanessa Williams

Date of birth: March 18, 1963

Rick was married officially just once in his life. His wife was a very beautiful and talented woman named Vanessa Williams.

Their love story started in the 1990s when Vanessa had already become a celebrity while Rick was a rising NBA star. Although Vanessa was six years older than Fox, he immediately fell in love with her. The basketball star pursued the beautiful singer and finally persuaded her to marry him. In her biographic book, Williams said that she was 36 at the moment of their marriage, and she worried about being too old for her beloved man.

They exchanged the votes privately during their vacation in the Caribbean and then repeated the wedding ceremony in New York for their relatives. In 2000 they welcomed their daughter Sasha.

Vanessa Williams ex wife Rick Fox

Vanessa had three kids with her first husband, Ramon Hervey II, her manager. She had two daughters – Melanie and Jillian – and a son Devin. After Sasha’s birth, Vanessa spent the major part of her life on the East Coast, caring about her four kids, while Rick was almost always on the road, pursuing his career.

Unfortunately, their too-tough schedules caused their separation. Rick filed for divorce in August 2004. He made his decision to split officially public before he told Vanessa. That made a  woman very upset and made her mother, Helen, furious.

But later, Vanessa and Rick reconciled. They always stayed in touch, being great co-parents to their daughter Sasha. Besides, they appeared together in the same project. Seven years later, they shared the set of “Ugly Betty,” where Rich played Vanessa’s screen love interest.

You may know Vanessa Williams as the first black-skinned woman who was crowned Miss America in 1984. Since then, she has been making a bright career in show business as a singer (who earned several Grammy nominations), actress, and author.

Since 2015 Williams has been married to an entrepreneur Jim Skrip.

Rick Fox kids

Kyle Fox (son with Kari Hillsman)

Kyle Fox

Date of birth: October 13, 1994

In his Instagram, Rick confessed that his son changed his sense of living immediately on the day he was born. The former basketball player separated from Kyle’s mother, Kari when his son was around three years old. Since then, they have spent a lot of time at a distance. Kyle resides with his mother and stepfather in Massachusetts, while Rick plays for the Lakers in California. But having finished his school education, Kyle moved to Los Angeles to study at Loyola Marymount University. Thus, he reunited with his father, and finally, they became much closer.

Rick Fox son

Kyle is very fond of video games. He was a video game streamer on Twitch. After graduation from the University, Rick’s son occupied the position of a manager for the company “Echo Fox,” the E-sports team. By the way, Rick himself became interested in e-sports through his son, too.

Since 2022 Kyle has been working as a junior producer and designer at the game-producing company “HiDef.” The young man has the job of his dream as he has been interested in video games since childhood. His father supported Kyle on his way to his dream.

Kyle has two younger half-siblings from her maternal side and a younger half-sister Sasha from his father.

Sasha Fox (daughter with Vanessa Williams)

Sasha Fox

Date of birth: May 1, 2000

Sasha Gabriella Fox was born a year after Vanessa and Rick’s secret marriage in the Caribbean. The girl was born into a family of two celebrities in Mount Kisco, New York. The daughter of multiple NBA Champion and a popular actress, she immediately gained massive following and wide recognition. She was four when her parents divorced, but they both remained in her life. Sasha used to spend time in her mother’s and father’s houses equally.

The girl was educated at The Hervey School in New York. After that, she majored in movie production at Dodge College of Film and Arts.

Rick Fox daughter

The girl is a great combination of her parents’ genes. Like her father, she is a good athlete. Sasha used to play volleyball for the college team and won several important games at that time. Like her mother, she is a talented actress and model. Sasha was a baby when she appeared on the big screen for the first time. That was a short-term appearance in the film “A Diva Xmas Carol,” where her mother acted. Then, she starred in several other screen projects, like the short film “SuperDate,” which she wrote and directed herself. As a model, she is represented by the agencies “Natural Models” and “One Management.”

Sasha is a family-oriented person. She is especially close with her parents and half-siblings.

Who are Rick Fox parents?

Ulrich Fox Sr. (father)

Ulrich Fox Sr. father

Rick’s father leads a very private life, so just a few facts are known about him. Ulrich Sr. comes from Nassau, The Bahamas. He spent some time in Canada, where he met his wife Dianne, and then moved back to his hometown. Rick spent a lot of time in Nassau in his early years. There his father owned the company which delivered ice to the local restaurants and nightclubs. Starting from a small firm, Ulrich developed his business into a big solid company. It was a family business where many of Rick’s cousins used to work.

Ulrich supported his son’s dream to become a professional basketball player. He sent his son to study in the USA. At Warsaw Community High School in Indiana, he started to play basketball. After graduation, Rick continued playing professionally for the team of the University of North Carolina.

Rick supported his father financially when the latter one “went too far” and owned the banks thousands of dollars. Then, Rich paid $250 000 to support his dad’s ice-delivering company.

The financial issues caused tension between Ulrich and his wife Dianne. In 1998 they separated.

Dianne Gerace (mother)

Dianne Gerace

Date of birth: October 26, 1943

Rick is incredibly close with his mother. She was born and raised in Toronto, Canada. Dianne was an Olympic high jumper. Rick’s mother was a member of the Canadian National Team during the Olympic Games in Tokyo, Japan in 1964.

She moved to Nassau, The Bahamas, with her husband, Ulrich Fox. They lived together for several decades and gave birth to four children. During that time, Dianne was a housewife. Nevertheless, their marriage didn’t work, and the couple separated in 1998. After that, Rick’s mother moved back to Canada and studied to be a nurse. She didn’t want to live by her famous son’s cost, so she began working to be independent.

His mother served as a role model for Rick, who loved and respected women with busy schedules. He said in his interview that “a woman should have a career in her life to be interested in something except family.”

Rick Fox siblings

Jeanene Fox (younger sister)

Jeanene Fox

Date of birth: February 1977

Rick has three younger siblings. He paid for the education of them all. He has two sisters and a brother. Probably, the most famous of his siblings is Jeanene Fox. She is an athlete and actress. Jeanene shares her time between USA and Italy. She was educated at Joanne Baron & D.W. Brown Studios, where she studied the theater technique created by Sanford Meisner.

Aaron Fox (younger brother)

Aaron Fox photo

Date of birth: circa 1974

Rick’s younger brother Aaron was educated at Suffield Academy, where he played basketball and led his team to several victories. He won the title “Honorable Mention All-American award. He was accepted to Jacksonville University in Florida on a basketball scholarship in the late 1990s. After that, Aaron Gabriel was involved in several businesses. It’s hard to tell what he is doing now.

Sarah Fox (younger sister)

Sarah is the most mysterious of Rick’s siblings. She kept her life secret, and just once, the girl appeared in the limelight. That was in 1993, when she came from Nassau, The Bahamas, to Boston, Massachusetts, to take part as an extra in the scenes of “The Next Karate Kid” with her brother Rick and sister Jeanene.

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