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Lisa Kudrow biography
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Interesting Biography Facts

Real name

Lisa Valerie Kudrow-Stern


actress, producer

Birth Date

July 30, 1963


60 years

Zodiac Sign



Los Angeles, California, United States


Portola Middle School, Taft High School, Vassar College



Lisa Kudrow family members

Father's Name

Lee N. Kudrow

Mother's Name

Nedra S. Kudrow

Siblings names

David B. Kudrow (older brother), Helene Sherman (older sister), Derrick Kudrow (older brother)

Is Lisa Kudrow a gay/bisexual?


What is Lisa Kudrow marital status?


Who is Lisa Kudrow wife?

Michel Stern

When did get married?

May 27, 1995

How many children does he have?

1 (son Julian Murray Stern)

Lisa Kudrow is a family-oriented person, a beloved wife, and a great mom. She maintains warm close relationships with her adult son and a French husband. You can read about them in detail in “Michel Stern”. And now let’s focus on the family, Mrs. Kudrow-Stern came from.

Who are Lisa Kudrow parents?

Lee N. Kudrow (father)

Lee N. Kudrow


Date of birth: April 25, 1933

Lee N. Kudrow is the name of Lisa’s daddy. By the way, Mr. Kudrow has Jewish roots. Her parents used to live in a small village in the Minsk area but had to move from there because of the Jews’ persecution.

Mr. Kudrow was raised in USA. He was a brilliant student at school and continued his education at the University. He is a successful neurologist. The man owns the clinic, which deals with headaches. During almost 10 years Lisa worked at her father’s clinic and planned to make a career as a medical specialist. But occasionally she met her brother’s friend Jon Lovitz, a comic, who convinced the beautiful blond to try acting. By the way, Lee supported his daughter’s decision to give acting a chance. He let her work as a receptionist for him, thus she had plenty of free time to visit acting classes and auditions.

He is Lisa’s big fan as of now and watches all her new projects. He watched his daughter’s show “Web Therapy” and almost had an asthma attack, so much he laughed.

Nedra S. Kudrow (mother)

Nedra S. Kudrow


Date of birth: August 22, 1933

Nedra is Lisa’s mother. She is not a public person but has become a kind of celebrity due to her popular daughter.

Lisa is so close to her mom, she adores her and considers as a role model. No wonder, because Nedra is a perfect mother and very careful grandmother. She used to spend every Sunday with Lisa, her husband Michel and their son Julian.

This great woman joined her career (she worked as a travel agent) with bringing her four kids up. Of course, she supported her talented daughter in her acting ambitions, so Lisa never gets tired to thank her mom.

Lisa Kudrow siblings

David B. Kudrow (older brother)

David B. Kudrow


Date of birth: August 7, 1957

Lisa is the youngest girl in her big family. She has two older brothers and an older sister. She is closely-knitted with each member of her family. Each of them helped her somehow on her way to success. And David, the oldest son of Lisa’s parents, was that person, who advised Ms. Kudrow against a medical school. The fact is, she was not sure, that medicine was her cup of tea and dreamed to try acting. At the same time, this occupation seemed very unserious for her. But David advised her not to enter the medical school if she was not sure, and let another person occupy that place and become a therapist. Thus, she didn’t choose that path and later entered the acting school.

By the way, David is that person, who finished medical school. He studied medicine and biology at the University of Southern California. Currently, the man works as a neurologist. He is married to Aya Michaely, a home designer, and has two sons with her, Ethan and Dani.

Helene Sherman (older sister)

Helene Sherman


Date of birth: April 5, 1955

Helene Marla Kudrow, who is now known as Helene Sherman, is Lisa’s older sister. The actress has always been very close to her. Helene used to save her youngest sibling from bullying (the girl was prosecuted for being Jewish). If nobody wanted to have lunch with Lisa, her sister came to school and took the girl to some café to have a meal.

Kudrow sisters look alike. Helene was the first to break a family tradition and not to go to medical school. She became a sculptor. She is married to a businessman David Sherman and has kids with him.

Derrick Kudrow (older brother)

Date of birth: 1959

Derrick is the most mysterious sibling of the beautiful actress. He keeps away from the limelight, and nothing is known about him except for the fact that he is Lisa’s sibling


She started her career in the early 1990s, and it was a tough decision for her to become an entertainer. “I thought, that all actors are immature and egocentric”, she tells now with a short laugh. But that was her fate – she started her way on top from accepting the role of Ursula in the series “Mad About You”. That part seemed not so interesting at first sight, so Lisa’s agent advised her to refuse from it. But the actress needed money at that time, so she accepted the offer. And later she re-created Ursula and her more famous twin sister Phoebe Buffay in the legendary series “Friends”.

Although this show seems to be the brightest on Kudrow’s career, it’s not the only interesting project she used to take part in. She participated in numerous big-screen films, like Dr. Amy Evans, the arrogant plastic sergeant, who fell in love with Brian Van Holt’s screen hero. After that, she appeared in several episodes of the political series “Scandal”.

Lisa likes to work in television series so much, but sometimes she participates in big-screen films, too. One of her most popular screen works was in the gangster comedy “Analyze This”, where she met at the set the legendary actors Robert De Niro and Billy Crystal.

One of her favorite characters is Lucia De Lury, the young woman, who had to deal with the tragic death of her gay brother, then had an occasional sexual connection and got pregnant from the stranger. The other acting gig, which she liked, was the film “Wonderland”.

Nowadays Lisa joins acting with “behind the camera” activities, like producing and directing various films and shows.

Interesting and fun facts

  1. Lisa tells that she understood Phoebe Buffay’s character immediately, from her first monologue in the pilot episode (by the way, that very monologue she learned for audition). She created the kind-hearted American girl, whose life was too hard, so she used her weirdness to escape from reality. By the way, Phoebe serves as an inspiration to other people, who are different, till now.
  2. The actress knows from her own experience, what anti-Semitism and the Holocaust are. She was bullied at school for her nationality, and even in the college one of her friends decided to end their friendship, when she knew, Lisa was Jewish. The star has her connection to the Holocaust, too. One of her relatives was killed in Minsk during the time of repressions there.
  3. She did a nose plastic surgery at the tender age of 16 and doesn’t regret it.
  4. In her young years, she knew Conan O’Brien, the comic, and it was he, who inspired her to become an actress. She was afraid to look funny, while she was acting some comedian scene. But occasionally she watched Conan’s play and understood that if acting is talented, it does look funny, but not stupid. By the way, she used to date Conan.
  5. Her height is 5 ft 8 in and her weight is 137 pounds.
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