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Interesting Biography Facts

Real name

Keneti James Fitzgerald Apa


actor, musician, watch designer

Birth Date

June 17, 1997


24 years

Zodiac Sign



Auckland, North Island, New Zealand


King’s College


New Zealander

KJ Apa family members

Father's Name

Keneti Apa

Mother's Name

Tessa Apa

Siblings names

Ari Apa (older sister), Timēna Apa (older sister)

Is KJ Apa a gay/bisexual?


What is KJ Apa marital status?


Who are KJ Apa parents?

Keneti Apa (father)

KJ Apa parents

photo instagram.com/tupai.k.apa

Date of birthNovember 17, 1963

KJ was blessed with two great fathers – his real-life dad Keneti Apa and his on-screen dad from “Riverdale” Luke Perry, who unexpectedly passed away in 2019. By the way, KJ and Luke were very close.

At the same time, his real-life dad serves as a great role model for the actor. Keneti, who was the chief of a Samoan village, is very involved with his family life. He spends each extra minute with his wife and kids. He hates loneliness. When KJ needs to play some emotional scene, he imagines his daddy, sitting alone in a café. 

Tessa Apa (mother)

Tessa Apa

photo instagram.com/tessaapa

For any person, the mother figure is very important. KJ is a lucky person, who has incredibly beautiful women around him – his sisters and his mother.

Tessa, whose maiden name is Callander, was born and raised in New Zealand. Her mother’s name is Sandra Mahayni.

She met the love of her life Keneti more than 30 years ago. They wedded on February 2, 1991, and since then they are a happily married couple. Tessa seems to know the secret of happiness. In one of her Instagram posts, she told, that till now her husband and she are getting to know each other and are interesting to one another. 

Except for being a mom to three kids, she is also a writer. The woman has recently presented her short story “Cake”. Besides, Mrs. Apa develops her blog. 

KJ Apa siblings

Ari Apa (older sister)

Ari Apa sister KJ Apa

photo instagram.com/tupai.k.apa/

Date of birth: July 16, 1992

KJ is very close to his two sisters. Ari is the oldest among Apa kids. She is making a successful career, too, but not in acting, like her famous brother. Ari is a lawyer, and in November 2017 she was admitted as the Barrister of the High Court in her home country – New Zealand.

Arieta (her full name) tied a knot with a Frenchman James on October 3, 2018. She is going to get French citizenship as of now. In her free time she does stitching – that’s her unusual hobby. By the way, her embroideries look great!

Timēna Apa (older sister)

Timēna Apa

photo instagram.com/timena_apa

Date of birth: December 28, 1994

She jokingly names KJ “my tiny son”, and Ti is quite right. Caring about KJ has become her duty when she shared a roof with him (in one of his interviews KJ told, that his older sister used to live with him and he asked her just one thing – to make dinner for him).

She is not just a young beautiful girl, but also a pet lover, a foodie, and a family-oriented person. She loves her siblings and respects her parents. She earns her living as a Coconet TV director.


He gained incredible popularity at a very young age – as Archie Andrews from the famous series “Riverdale”. Now he likes his hero, and at the same time, he is afraid of being typecast as Archie. Probably, that’s why he doesn’t channel his energy on acting exclusively. The young man has already tried his hand as a musician and released the instrumental album “The Third Room” and gained some kudos as a watch designer. KJ Apa collaborated with the watch brand “Fossil” and became one of its faces.

He was born in Auckland, North Island, New Zealand. The young man has Samoa roots from his father’s side. In his early years, he used to speak the Samoan language. Except for him, his parents brought up two beautiful daughters.

He was educated at King’s College. Since the earliest years the young man was interested in fine arts – he took guitar lessons and liked to act in front of his relatives. His first screen appearance was on New-Zealand’s soap opera “Shortland Street”. The talented young man skillfully portrayed one of the title characters during 2 years there. 

No need to remind, that one of the brightest projects in his short (as of 2019) film list is the title role in the series “Riverdale”, where he portrays hot Archie Andrews, Camila Mendes’s screen love interest. Recently, he has presented several big-screen works. Thus, he acted on the dramatic movie “The Hate U Give”, where his co-star was stunning Amandla Stenberg, and on the romantic comedy “The Last Summer” with gorgeous Maia Mitchell. Hopefully, his best projects are yet to come. 

Interesting and fun facts

  1. KJ Apa is single. In 2017 he opened up in his interview that he had never had a girlfriend. That provoked gay rumors about him.
  2. In 2018 he left his home country New Zealand for the first time. Then he moved to Canada for a long time to shoot the film “A Dog’s Purpose”. The actor confessed he used to cry at night, missing his parents and sisters. He listened to the comic Ricky Gervais, too. 
  3.  He is a fan of the New Zealand singer Lorde. Once he saw her in a car at one of the streets in his hometown and waved her, but she ignored him. Later the singer sent him apologies through Twitter.
  4. His celebrity crush is Jennifer Aniston. He loves her, although he has never watched “Friends”. 
  5. His height is 5 ft 11 in and his weight is 161 pounds.
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