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India Westbrooks biography
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Interesting Biography Facts

Real name

India Westbrooks


Reality TV Star, Bloggers

Birth Date

February 3, 1996


25 years

Zodiac Sign



California, United States


India finished high school in her native town



India Westbrooks family members

Father's Name

Warren Westbrooks

Mother's Name

Candy Westbrooks

Siblings names

Bree Westbrooks (older sister), Brooke Westbrooks (older sister), Crystal Westbrooks (older sister), Morgan Westbrooks (older sister), Warren G. Westbrooks II (older brother), Blake Westbrooks (younger brother)

Is India Westbrooks a gay/bisexual?


What is India Westbrooks marital status?


India Westbrooks family

Who are India Westbrooks parents?

Warren Westbrooks (father)

Warren Westbrooks father

Date of birth: March 16, 1965

According to his kids’ words, Warren Westbrooks is the best father in the world. He has always been a provider in his family. India Westbrooks, who is known as India Love too, wrote that her family “is very very rich”, so Warren is a successful entrepreneur. He runs “Royal Blunts”, the cigar and landscaping firm. Warren Glen Sr resides in Los Angeles, CA. His hobby is bodybuilding. In his young years he appeared on the cover of the magazine “Muscle Up”.

Candy Westbrooks (mother)

Candy Westbrooks mother

Candy is a happy mother of 7 children. Her oldest kid is already married, while her youngest kid is a school pupil. Candy is a housewife. She helps her husband to run a family company “Royal Blunts”. Candy has been married to Warren for more than 30 years.

India Westbrooks siblings

Bree Westbrooks (older sister)

Bree Westbrooks (sister) photo

Bree Westbrooks is known not just as India Love older sister, but also a plus size model. She is not afraid to demonstrate her curves, and it inspires other women with some extra weight to feel comfortable in their body.

Bree is not married, but she has a son Tyler, born in 2012. Her kid’s father is an occasional actor Devon Hicks. They dated for a long time, but after son’s birth separated. The reason was Devon’s infidelity.  Nowadays Bree is dating another man. A rumor has it, they have recently engaged.

India’s sister spends a lot of time with her son, and combines it with acting in reality TV series “The Westbrooks” alongside her 4 sisters. Sisters Westbrooks are compared to sisters Kardashians. That means that their series can become their trampoline to stardom.

India Love’s sister Bree earns thousands of dollars as a promoter. She advertises apparel and food products through the Instagram account. As for now, Bree has more than 500, 000 Instagram followers, which makes her a desirable person for various kinds of endorsements.

Westbrooks grew up in Corona, CA. She attended Ottawa University and studied business in the University of California. In her teens Bree was fond of basketball.

Brooke Westbrooks (older sister)

Brooke Westbrooks sister

Brooke is the oldest girl in the Westbrooks family. She stars in “The Westbrooks” with India Love and other sisters.

Brooke lives in Los Angeles, CA in a big house, which she shares with her sister Morgan. She is not married, but has a long-term boyfriend, with whom she has kids. As for now, Brook Westbrooks is a mother of 4 children – boys Allan, Amaje and Ace and a girl Angela.

Westbrook studied business at Los Angeles Valley College. She makes cash as a model and a promoter. Brook runs her own fashion brand, named “B. Lauren”.

Crystal Westbrooks (older sister)

Crystal Westbrooks sister

Date of birth: March 6, 1993

Crystal Westbrooks is India’s older sister. She is named “the most beautiful” among all the siblings and is frequently compared to Kendall Kardashian.

According to Crystal, she leads simple way of life. The girl is single now and has no kids. She previously dated a celebrated rapper Drake.

Crystal was born in Florida, but later her family moved to Compton (LA area), California. She studied at Santiago High School. In her teens Crystal was very active. She was a cheerleader and practiced sports.

After graduation Crystal continued her education at Texas Southern University.

Nowadays she makes her fortune as a reality TV actress and model. She cooperates with a fashion brand Harley Dreux.

Morgan Westbrooks (older sister)

Morgan Westbrooks (sister) photo

Date of birth: August 11, 1990

Morgan works hard alongside her other sisters on the reality series “The Westbrooks”. She is a model, promoter and artist too. Not long ago Morgan tried her hand as a singer, when she recorded a soundtrack “Don’t Waste My Time”.

In addition to her entertaining activity, Morgan is a successful business lady. She runs a tattoo salon.

Nowadays the young woman is single. She dated a handsome man Jay during 6 years, but they separated.

Warren G. Westbrooks II (older brother)

Warren G. Westbrooks II brother

Warren Glen Westbrooks II is nicknamed by his friends and close relatives as Pop. His birthday is on the 5th of March, but the year is not publicized. Pop is married to Maritza Warren, a certified lashmaker. They have 3 cute daughters.

Pop attended Santiago High School and continued his education at the University of California. He lives with his wife and kids in Corona, CA.

Blake Westbrooks (younger brother)

Blake Westbrooks brother

Date of birth: around 2007

Blake is the youngest kid in Westbrooks family. He is about 11 years. The boy attends a secondary school in Los Angeles. He is interested in fitness and can boast with six pack abs. He likes to play with his numerous nephews and nieces, who are just a little younger than him.


India Westbrooks is an Internet sensation and a reality TV star. She rose to fame at the age of 15, when she created an account at Tumblr and uploaded her hot pics there. Immediately India developed a large fan base.

Since 2015 India is a regular at “The Westbrooks” reality series. She has become the star of the show, mostly due to her beauty and high-profile affair with rapper The Game.

India has more than 3, 5 million followers in Instagram. She makes tons of cash through endorsements. The girl has recently presented a single “Loco”.

Interesting and fun facts

  1. India was born in Compton, CA and spent her early years there.
  2. The girl was educated at Santiago High School, just like her older siblings.
  3. India Love is known by her curvy body, which she tries to keep perfectly fit. The young woman workouts on a regular basis to achieve that aim.
  4. Unlike her older sisters, India doesn’t have any tattoos.
  5. Westbrook’s hair is one of the reasons of her popularity. India puts lots of efforts to keep it naturally healthy. She uses Garnier products to keep her curly hairdo perfect.
  6. India is quite slim (especially if you compare her to her older sisters) but she likes eating. The youngest Westbrooks girl likes French fries.
  7. India Love prefers healthy lifestyle. She doesn’t use drugs, doesn’t smoke and doesn’t drink alcohol. But a glass of orange juice in the morning is a must-have for her.
  8. Except for rapper The Game, India dated a number of other famous guys. She was in relationships with an Instagram star Justin Combs, a football player Brandon Wimberly and some other celebs.
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