Floyd Mayweather Jr.

Floyd Mayweather Jr. biography
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Interesting Biography Facts

Real name

Floyd Joy Mayweather Jr.


American professional boxing promoter and former professional boxer

Birth Date

February 24, 1977


45 years

Zodiac Sign



Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA


Ottawa Hills High School



Floyd Mayweather Jr. family members

Father's Name

Floyd Mayweather Sr.

Mother's Name

Deborah Sinclair

Siblings names

Justin Mayweather Jones (half-brother), Fannie Orr (sister), Deltricia Tawanna Howard (sister), Fatimah Mayweather (sister)

Is Floyd Mayweather Jr. a gay/bisexual?


What is Floyd Mayweather Jr. marital status?


How many children does he have?

4 (daughter Iyanna Mayweather, son Zion Mayweather, son Koraun Mayweather, daughter Jirah Mayweather)

Floyd Mayweather Jr. familia


Floyd Mayweather Jr. kids

Koraun Mayweather (son with Josie Harris)

Floyd Mayweather Jr. sun photo


Floyd Mayweather Jr. sun photo

Date of birth: January 29, 2000

Koraun Mayweather was born in 2000. Currently he resides in Valencia, California. He loves and respects his mother Josie Harris most of all in his life. But not always he was in good terms with his pops.

Koraun’s name has become popular after a scandal in 2012, which ended with his father’s arrest. Then Floyd came to Josie Harris house and beat her. The man, who separated from the mother of his kids several months ago, saw her in the company of another man. He got jealous and decided to teach his ex-partner a painful lesson. Then Koraun stayed in his room, feeling bad because of stomach disorder. He heard mother’s scream and climbed out of the window to call the police. After that Floyd Mayweather was arrested. He denied the fact that he had beaten his ex-love. After that Koraun named his dad “a coward”.

It’s not known, what career 18-year old boy considers best for himself, but definitely, it’s not box. Currently he tries his hand as a rapper. Floyd Mayweather’s son performs under the name “King Koraun”. He has already released a song “Racks” and an album with the same name.

Zion Shamaree Mayweather (son with Josie Harris)

zion Mayweather


Date of birth: March 28, 2001

Zion is the second son of a celebrated boxer. He has just graduated from a high school. Zion is close with his elder brother Koraun and helps to promote his music video.

Floyd Mayweather’s second son is interested in sports, but he had never told, that career of a boxer was interesting to him. Zion went into the limelight after a luxurious party his father arranged for him on his 16th birthday.

Iyanna Mayweather (daughter with Melissa Brim)

Iyanna Mayweather (daughter with Melissa Brim) photo

Date of birth: May 20, 2000

Iyanna Mayweather has a lot in common with her older brother Koraun. She was born that very year as he, but is 5 months younger. Thus, it’s an obvious fact, that Floyd cheated his girlfriend Josie Harris with another woman, Melissa Brim.

The girl was brought up in Las Vegas, Nevada. She is a great sports enthusiast and was even coached by her famous father. Probably, Iyanna is the favorite kid of Floyd Mayweather Jr, because he showers her with gifts. On her 18th birthday the boxer presented her a ring with a huge diamond. In addition, she tried to make career of a rapper (another thing she has in common with Koraun). The girl performs under the name Moneyyaya.

Jirah Mayweather (daughter with Josie Harris)

Floyd Mayweather daughter


Date of birth: June 25, 2004

The youngest child of a retired boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr and his ex-partner Josie Harris is Jirah Mayweather. The girl is just 14 years old. She resides in Los Angeles, CA and attends a prestigious school there. Jirah is a cheerleader in her school. Last summer she participated in cheerleading competition in Irvine, CA and occupied the 2nd place. That made her dad furious. He shouted at judges and told them that he finances this show and is not satisfied with the results. As you see, little daddy’s daughter Jirah can be sure, there’s a man, who will always protect her interests.

Who are Floyd Mayweather Jr. parents?

Floyd Mayweather Sr. (father)

Floyd Mayweather Jr. futher


Date of birth: October 19, 1952

It’s not a secret, that Floyd Mayweather Sr. played a serious part in his son’s super successful career. He was Floyd Jr’s manager and trainer. In addition, he was the person, who introduced Mayweather Jr to box. He made his son successful and popular in spite of the fact that Mayweather Sr’s career wasn’t so enviable.

Floyd Mayweather Sr was born in 1952 in Amory, MS. His parents Theartha and Bernice Mayweather had never gone to college. But they gave a birth to 9 kids and three of them (Floyd, Roger and Jeff) became boxers.

Floyd Sr lived in poverty. His father left the family, when Floyd was still a kid. In fact, he didn’t know Theartha properly as they met very rarely. But Floyd remembers the time, when his dad came to his kids with $100 in his pocket and spent it for his sons. Then they supposed their father was rich as Croesus. Theartha died in 2009, and his popular grandson Floyd Jr gave money for his funeral, although they had never been close.

Floyd Sr left his mother’s home at the age of 19. He moved to Las Vegas and decided to become a successful boxer there. Mayweather Sr achieved some titles in this area – he had become the U.S. Champion in 1977. In general, he won 28 fights from 35.

Box was an important part of Floyd Sr’s life. But he understood that it was hard to provide his kids for everything, being just a pro boxer. In fact, Floyd Mayweather Sr was a good athlete, but not s superstar, so his payments for boxing had never been high. To make the ends meet, he started to sell cocaine. In 1992 Floyd Sr was arrested and sentenced to 5 years in jail for drug trafficking. Thus, he had to leave the post of his son’s manager and trainer.

By the way, Floyd Sr liked to spend time with his son. As Bernice Mayweather, Floyd Jr’s grandmother, recalled in her interview, her son Floyd gave Mayweather Jr boxing gloves, when the boy was still a toddler. After that he coached his son regularly – took him to gym, trained him at home and made him run several miles per day.

It was Floyd Sr, who helped his son build his body. Nevertheless, Floyd Jr opened up, that his childhood was awful. His dad had never taken him for a walk to the park or to watch the new film in the cinema. The only thing they did, when they were together – they were boxing.

When Floyd Sr was arrested, his son turned 15. That time the boy became completely independent. He lived with his grandmother Bernice, who was a cleaning woman. She was busy at work. Floyd Jr missed his lessons at school and went to gym. He trained for hours and had a serious intention to become a professional boxer. Around that time his uncle Roger, who was a famous boxer himself, started to supervise him.

When Floyd Sr returned from jail, he started to train his son Floyd and manage his career. For that work he got 10% of son’s income. In late 1990s Floyd Jr has already become a rising star in box. His father helped his son to sign the right deals and to communicate with press. In 1998 the popular sports magazine “Ring” named Floyd Mayweather “the best manager of the year”. But in early 2000s a father and a son parted their ways.

Around that time Mayweather Jr met James Prince. James arranged rap concerts and dreamed to start career of a boxing manager. He convinced Floyd Jr to sign the deal with him. Thus, Floyd Sr lost his position of the son’s manager. The loud scandal between two Floyds ended with a disaster. Floyd Jr threw his father out of his Las Vegas house and even took his father’s minibus.

They reconciled just in 2009. Then Floyd Mayweather Sr started to see his son again. Mayweather Sr lost about 20 pounds because of sarcoidosis – a lung illness. His son felt pity for him. They swam in the pool together, talked a lot and soon Floyd Sr became his son’s coach again.

Nowadays Floyd Sr stays in touch with his famous son. They are friends in spite all contradictions between them.

Deborah Sinclair (mother)

Floyd Mayweather mother photo

Deborah Sinclair stays out of limelight, that’s why not a lot is known about her.

She met Floyd Mayweather Sr at a very young age. It’s not proved, but probably, they were not even married officially, because their son Floyd was registered under his mother’s name at first. The future boxing legend born name was Floyd Joy Sinclair, but at the age of 10 he changed it for Mayweather.

Deborah Sinclair was incredibly poor. She did numerous odd jobs to feed her son and daughters (Floyd has three sisters), but that was not enough and Floyd’s childhood was really poor. In addition, Deborah used drugs, and very often she couldn’t care about her kids, been all drugged up.

In spite of the fact that the future sports star Floyd lived in a small room together with his sisters and very often they had to stay in the darkness, because electricity was disconnected for non-payment, he loved his mother. From time to time Deborah tried to provide her kids for happy childhood. When she was lack of money, she stole toys in the shops to present them to her son and daughters for Christmas.

Nowadays Deborah doesn’t need to work. She lives in the huge mansion in Las Vegas, registered on her son’s name. “I care about her”, Floyd Mayweather tells.

Floyd Mayweather Jr. siblings

Justin Mayweather Jones (half-brother)

justin mayweather

Date of birth: April 21, 1987

In fact, officially Floyd Mayweather’s younger half-brother bears a name “Justin Jones”. His life story resembles a soap opera. The boy spent his young years in Grand Rapids, MI. He had never heard his father’s name, but in his young years practiced box and was quite good in it. At the age of 19 his mother told him, that he was born after her short-term affair with Floyd Mayweather Sr. Justin found the ex-boxer and convinced him to make DNA test. Thus, it was proved that Justin was his son.

Justin Jones debuted on July 6, 2013. He fought in a welterweight category.

Now Floyd Sr manages his son’s career in box. In addition, Justin, who added “Mayweather” to his name, is in good terms with his older brother.

Fannie Orr (sister)

mayweather sister funny photo


Date of birth: July 20, 1983

Fannie Orr is Floyd Mayweather’s youngest sister. Currently she lives in Las Vegas, Nevada. Fannie was educated at Durango High School and then entered College of Southern Nevada. She is married and has 15-year-old kid.

The woman likes to spend time with her brother, but they see each other not so often. Fannie’s hobby is cooking and buying fashionable clothes. The woman likes expensive stylish apparel, according to her friends’ words.

Deltricia Tawanna Howard (sister)

mayweather sister Deltricia Tawanna Howard


Date of birth: May 21, 1974

She is the first kid of Deborah Sinclair and Floyd Mayweather Sr. The girl was born in Grand Rapids, MI and attended Union High School.

Deltricia is an older sister of a retired boxer Floyd Mayweather. Like other members of her family, she resides in Las Vegas. This year she is going to marry her long-term partner George Forte.

Fatimah Mayweather (sister)

Fatimah Mayweather sister


Date of birth: January 18, 1982

Fatimah Farah Mayweather lives in Las Vegas too. She attended a number of high schools, including Union High School, Creston High School and Horizon North. She didn’t attend college. The woman is currently single. She is in good terms with her siblings. But according to her words, her “favorite” sister is Fannie Orr.

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