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Benita Alexander biography
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Interesting Biography Facts

Real name

Benita Alexander


reporter, former NBC producer, reporter

Birth Date

April 21, 1966


57 years

Zodiac Sign





Wayne State University



Benita Alexander family members

Father's Name

Ralph Alexander

Mother's Name

Sandra Attebury

Siblings names

Joss Saccone (younger sister), Matt Alexander (younger brother)

Is Benita Alexander a lesbian/bisexual?


What is Benita Alexander marital status?


How many children does she have?

1 (daughter Jessina Noel)

Benita is a famous reporter and holder of two Emmys, but she gained popularity as a possible victim of this deception. After the divorce from her first husband and the father of her only daughter, she was involved in a very beautiful affair with Dr. Paolo Macchiarini. The surgeon proposed to Benita, but it turned out that he hadn’t divorced his first wife then. Mrs. Alexander coped with that marriage swindler mostly due to the support of her daughter and other members of her family. Let’s have a closer look at all of them!

Benita Alexander husband

John Noel (ex-husband)

Date of birth: circa 1961

Date of death: June 2013

Benita Alexander was officially married twice. Her first husband was a Brooklyn native, whom she met on TV, where both were working. John was a talented TV reporter at a local TV studio in Michigan. They fell in love and got married. After that, John took his young wife to his home city – New York. They divorced in 2009 when their only common daughter was six. John and Benita maintained friendly relationships because of their girl as they both had a common wish – to care about their kid.

John was a very successful reporter. He was a holder of numerous awards, including several Emmys. He started his career as a journalist after serving in the Air Force and then he worked as a radio programmer in Thailand. He got a Master’s Degree in Journalism from the University of Missouri. Then he changed several cities, where worked as a reporter till he finally he settled at WNBC.

Noel was diagnosed with an aggressive form of brain cancer in 2011. After two years of struggle, he passed away. Till now he is remembered by his ex-wife Benita and their common daughter Jess as a great and very talented person.

Edson Jeune (ex-husband)

Edson Jeune photo

Date of birth: May 1980

Benita met Edson Ricardo Jeune soon after her divorce from her first husband John Noel. The details of their romance are not known, but their relationship led to the wedding on board a huge motor yacht in October 2012. They looked so happy together despite the age gap – Edson is 14 years younger than Benita. Unfortunately, their marriage didn’t work and in 2013 she started an affair with a cheater Dr. Paolo Macchiarini. The exact date of Benita and Edson’s divorce is not known, but they are not an item anymore.

Edson Jeune is a professional ballroom dancer and coach. He comes from Port-au-Prince, Haiti. He is the son of Dorchester native Luna Germain and his wife Kesnel. Currently, Jeune lives in Germany.

Benita Alexander kids

Jessina Noel (daughter)

Jessina Noel

Date of birth: 2003

Benita has just one child. It is her beloved daughter Jessina Noel, whom she names Jess. The girl was a primary school pupil when her parents separated. But she shared a close bond with both, her father and mother.

Jess grew up in Boston. In 2022 she graduated from college. The girl is now pursuing the career of a photographer. Besides, she owns an electronic cigarette store.

Benita’s daughter is close with all the members of her family, including her cousins. She positions herself as a non-binary person and asks to speak about herself using the pronouns “they/them”. She is dating a young man, named Ryan Kinn.

Who are Benita Alexander parents?

Ralph Alexander (father)

Date of birth: November 30, 1944

Benita, who was named Ben in the family circle, was born in Australia. But later her parents moved their family to the USA. She was 16 when her parents divorced. The renowned journalist tells that her parents’ separation remains one of the most painful wounds of her childhood. She left in her father’s house but kept a close bond with her mom. Later Ralph re-married a woman, named Claudia Alexander, who lived in the neighborhood. Benita was on friendly terms with her stepmother. Nevertheless, she left her father’s home after his marriage.

Ralph Bernard Alexander is a famous nuclear physicist. He was born in Leeds, England. Ralph got a bachelor’s degree in Physics at the University of Western Australia. Then he became a Doctor of Philosophy in Physics at Oxford University.

Benita’s father became a household name in Physics. He did lots of research in England, Denmark, and Australia till he finally settled in the USA. He is retired as of now and devotes his free time to hobbies, such as cooking and classical music.

Sandra Attebury (mother)

Date of birth: May 31, 1946

Benita’s mother left their family home when the future stellar reporter was just 16. Although at first, Ben felt hurt and lonely because of her mother’s act, later they reconciled.

Sandra Elizabeth Attebury is retired as of now. She resides in East China, Michigan. Sandy used to work as an art teacher at Stevenson High School in Michigan. With her first husband Ralph she welcomed three kids, including Benita. Her brother was a journalist and it was he, who inspired little Ben to devote her life to this profession.

After Sandy’s divorce from Ralph, she re-married a man, named Fred Grant Attebury. He also was a talented art teacher and worked at school and the university. Sandy was a stepmother to Fred’s kids from his first marriage Annette, Fritz, Clark, and Mike. Fred was a great stepfather to Benita. He passed away in 2018.

Nowadays Sandy devotes her life to art, planting trees, swimming, and taking care of her children and grandchildren.

Benita Alexander siblings

Joss Saccone (younger sister)

Joss Saccone photo

Date of birth: July 1969

Benita has two younger siblings. Her sister’s birth name is Joscelin Lisa Alexander, but in the family circle, she is called Joss. Benita’s sister is a well-educated person. She studied Aerospace Engineering at the University of Michigan. As an engineer, she has managed technical projects in various companies. In 1995 she tied the knot with the love of her life Chris Saccone. They parented a son, named Alex.

Matt Alexander (younger brother)

Ralph Alexander photo

Date of birth: circa 1972

Benita shares a close bond with her younger brother Matthew Christopher Alexander. He is a California resident. Matt is married to Sarah Tregellas, an Arizona State University graduate. They raised two beautiful daughters: Paige and Zoe Alexander. The girls adore their aunt Benita and maintain amicable relationships with their cousin Jessina.


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