Linda Perry

Linda Perry biography
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Interesting Biography Facts

Real name

Linda Perry


musician, music producer

Birth Date

April 15, 1965


58 years

Zodiac Sign



Springfield, Massachusetts, United States



Linda Perry family members

Father's Name

Alfred Xavier Perry

Mother's Name

Marluce Martins Perry

Is Linda Perry a lesbian/bisexual?


What is Linda Perry marital status?


Who is Linda Perry spouse?

Sara Gilbert (ex-wife)

When did get married?

March 30, 2014

How many children does she have?

1 (son Rhodes Emilio Gilbert Perry)

Linda Perry relatives


Sara Gilbert is a happily married woman. She started dating a musician Linda Perry in 2011, and till now they look like two lovebirds. In 2014 the women made their love official and tied a knot. A year later they welcomed a common son, born by Sara.

Linda spent her teen years in Springfield, Massachusetts. She attended a local school, and at a very early age fell in love with music. The girl tried to form a band in a company of her friends, but wasn’t successful in it.

Linda Perry bio

photo instagram / reallindaperry

After school, she had to make a pause in her career because of kidney disease. In addition, she got used to drugs, and spent some time, coping with her addiction. After that, she moved to San Francisco and began a career as a singer. The woman performed in nightclubs, and soon her talented strong voice attracted the attention of other scenesters. One day she met Christa Hillhouse, the bassist of the rock band “4 Non Blondes”. Christa invented Linda to the group, and soon the young woman gained solid popularity as a vocalist of “4 Non Blondes”.

In spite of high commercial success, soon Perry left the band because of personal issues. She started a solo career, which was marked by a number of successful projects. First of all, she founded her own label, named “Rockstar Records”. Then she released a debut album “In Flight”, which gained some popularity. In addition, she began her career as a producer and helped other young artists to become famous. Her most successful collaboration was with Christina Aguilera. Linda wrote the song “Beautiful”, which Aguilera performed so sincerely and professionally. The song became an international hit and was included in the Grammy-winning album “Stripped”.

As for now, Perry continues her producing and performing activity. Not long ago she released an album of kids’ music with her ex-partner Sara Gilbert.

She divorced Sara Gilbert in 2021.

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