Laroyce Hawkins

Laroyce Hawkins biography
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Interesting Biography Facts

Real name

Laroyce Cornell Hawkins


actor, comedian

Birth Date

May 4, 1988


35 years

Zodiac Sign



Harvey, Illinois, United States


Thornton High School, Illinois State University



Laroyce Hawkins family members

Father's Name

Leonard Hawkins

Mother's Name

Leah Bradley

Siblings names

Shaunn Hawkins (brother), La'Mar Hawkins (younger brother)

Is Laroyce Hawkins a gay/bisexual?


What is Laroyce Hawkins marital status?

In relation

Who is Laroyce Hawkins wife?

Brittni Tiana Anderson (baby mother)

How many children does he have?

1 (son Roman Hawkins)

You may know Laroyce Hawkins as a famous comedian, actor, and musician. He was catapulted to stardom after he was cast as Officer Kevin Atwater in the series “Chicago P.D.” Hawkins put lots of effort to depict such a complex character naturally on the screen. And his efforts paid off. The series, which started in 2014, has been on the air for 10 seasons already. His other screen works include the thriller “The Killing of Kenneth Chamberlain”, the sitcom “South Side” and many other projects. Laroyce’s fans are interested not just in his movies and TV shows, but also in his family life. Who is the actor’s wife? What do we know about his parents? Read further to discover it all!

Laroyce Hawkins wife

Brittni Tiana Anderson (baby mother)

Brittni Tiana Anderson

Date of birth: December 6, 1989

Many fans are interested, who Laroyce Hawkins’s wife is. The Chicago P.D. star isn’t legally married. But in his 2016 interview with “Rolling Out” he confessed, that he was “dating someone”. In 2017 it was publicized that he parented a son with a woman named Brittni Tiana Anderson, widely known as BT.

Whether Laroyce and his baby’s mother are still involved in romantic relationships is hard to tell. But they stay in touch and remain great friends at least.

Laroyce Hawkins wife photo

Brittni Tiana Anderson resides in Rockford, Illinois. She is the daughter of Tasha Rude, a massage therapist. BT graduated from Auburn High School. She earns her living as an esthetician.

Laroyce Hawkins kids

Roman Hawkins (son)

Roman Hawkins

Date of birth: April 13, 2017

Laroyce and BT have just one son. His name is Roman John Hawkins. The family members call the boy just Ro. Although the actor keeps his family life extremely private and doesn’t share a lot about his baby mother and son, still sometimes he pampers his fans with some great pictures and news. Thus, he posted several bright pictures from his son’s birthday party in 2023. The boy enjoyed the great attention of his parents, relatives, and friends, jumping on the trampoline and playing with the multicolored balloons.

Laroyce Hawkins son

His father is very proud of his child. In a Cove Chicago interview video, Laroyce told, that he wanted his son to discover and develop all his gifts. Besides, he confessed, that little Ro has great acting skills. The boy participates in school performances and looks so natural on the stage. Laroyce hopes, his little boy will become a talented entertainer in the future.

By the way, Ro is a big fan of Chicago P.D. He watches the show with his friends and is always so happy when he sees his daddy on the screen. Hawkins confessed that one of the reasons, why he is so involved into work on the show is his son’s big interest in it.

Who are Laroyce Hawkins parents?

Leonard Hawkins (father)

Leonard Hawkins

Date of birth: June 1955

Laroyce’s father and mother divorced when he was still a kid. But his father is still present in the family picture nowadays.

It’s just known, that the actor is closely knitted with the paternal part of his family very much. He shares a close bond with his aunt (father’s younger sister) Linda Hawkins, a system administrator. They even once recorded an appeal to the fans of Chicago P.D.

Leonard re-married another woman after his separation from Laroyce’s mother. It’s not known, whether they parented any kids. Leonard was a businessman. He worked at the company D & R Communications.

Leah Bradley (mother)

Leah Bradley

Date of birth: January 31, 1967

Laroyce Hawkins was mostly raised in the house of his maternal grandparents, Ruth and John Bradley. His grandfather John was a person, who influenced his worldview. He wrote Laroyce letters when he was at Illinois State University. It was his grandfather, who inspired the actor to name his clothing label “Be Powerful”.

Laroyce Hawkins mother

The name of the actor’s mother is Leah Bradley. She separated from Laroyce’s father many years ago. Later she re-married a man, named Georges Arnolin. It’s not known, whether they are still an item.

Leah is a very faithful person. She inspires her famous son Laroyce to give back to the community and do a lot of charity work in Harvey, Illinois.


Laroyce Hawkins siblings

Shaunn Hawkins (brother)

Shaunn Hawkins

Laroyce has an older brother Shaunn. The man resides in Chicago Heights, Illinois. He is a digital content creator. Shaunn is close with his brother. He supports Laroyce’s charity projects and endorses his clothing line “Be Powerful”. Shaunn’s youngest daughter graduated from high school in 2018. The exact number of his children is undisclosed.

Laroyce’s older brother maintains close amicable relationships with his nephew Ro either. He always congratulates his little relative through social media on his birthday and other holidays.

Not much is known about Shaunn’s personal life, just the fact that he has a fiancée.

La’Mar Hawkins (younger brother)

Shaunn Hawkins

Date of birth: September 24, 1992

Laroyce’s younger brother is an entertainer and businessman, too. His full name is Lamar Thomas Hawkins. He is an Illinois State University graduate. Lamar followed his brother’s steps and was featured on the show “Chicago P. D.” He portrayed Rick Guiterrez.

Nowadays, La’Mar advertises his brother’s clothing line “BePowerful”. Besides, he positions himself as a multitalented artist on social media.

The brothers share a close bond.

The exact number of Laroyce’s siblings and half-siblings is not known.

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