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Brooke Burke biography
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Interesting Biography Facts

Real name

Brooke Lisa Burke


TV host, fitness guru, model, actress, Instagram star

Birth Date

September 8, 1971


51 years

Zodiac Sign



Hartford, Connecticut, United States


Sahuaro High School, Palo Verde High School



Brooke Burke family members

Father's Name

George Burke II

Mother's Name

Donna Hatounian

Siblings names

Kimberly Burke Flagg (older sister), George Burke III (younger half-brother), Tommy Burke (late younger half-brother), and some other half- and stepsiblings

Is Brooke Burke a lesbian/bisexual?


What is Brooke Burke marital status?


How many children does she have?

4 (Neriah Fisher Burke, Sierra Fisher, Heaven Charvet, Shaya Charvet)

Brooke Lisa Burke serves as a great role model for men and women all over the world as the person, who leads a healthy lifestyle and stays fit for decades.

She gained wide popularity as the co-host of the Dancing With The Stars show. Although she was abruptly replaced by Erin Andrews in 2014, still the viewers remember her elegant and stylish looks on the show. Brooke is a fitness guru and healthy lifestyle promoter nowadays. Let’s look a little closer at her family members!

Brooke Burke husband

Garth Fisher (ex-husband; was married in 2001-2005)

Garth Fisher

Date of birth: September 1, 1958

Brooke met the talented plastic surgeon Garth in 1999. They got married in 2001 and parented two daughters – Neriah and Sierra. The couple divorced four years later.

Brooke’s ex-husband is one of the most aesthetic plastic surgeons in the world. Among his clients, there are Kris Jenner, Cindy Crawford, Hollywood A-listers, and members of the royal families. Garth was featured on the ABC series “Extreme Makeover”, where he let the viewers see him working on his clients’ faces and bodies.

David Charvet (ex-husband; was married in 2011-2020)

David Charvet

Date of birth: May 15, 1972

The actor and singer David Charvet and Brooke Burke have a long love story. They met for the first time in 2005 and a year later both got engaged. Brooke promised her loved one to give birth to two of their kids (in addition to Burke’s daughters from her first marriage). After welcoming the daughter Heaven and the son Shaya, the couple got married on August 12, 2011. Unfortunately, they divorced nine years later.

The son of Paul Guez, the entrepreneur and owner of the Sasson jeans trademark, and Christiane Charvet, David was born in Lyon, France. After his parents’ divorce, he followed his father to the USA. Then, the young man won the green card in a lottery.

Brooke Burke ex husband

David Charvet is known as an actor in such screen works as “Baywatch” and “Melrose Place”. As a singer, he stands behind such hits as “Sometimes It Rains”, “Swim With the Birds” etc. He performed lots of songs in French, too.

Brooke Burke kids

Neriah Fisher Burke (daughter with Garth Fisher)

Neriah Fisher Burke

Date of birth: March 15, 2000

Brooke’s oldest girl Neriah was born in the prestigious Cedars Sinai Hospital (Los Angeles). The girl was just 13 years old when she followed her mother’s steps and became a social media personality. Neriah launched a self-titled YouTube channel. As of now, she has already gained 54k subscribers. Brooke’s daughter gained a great community around her, to which she tells about her beauty secrets, and shares interesting vlogs and makeup tutorials.

Neriah has already tried her hand as a singer. With the Utah-born music star Jada Facer, she recorded several songs, including, which are available at Apple Music.

Ms. Fisher-Burke is close-knitted with her famous mother. Very often Neriah is named in the media as the little copy of her mother. The girl likes her mom’s athletic lifestyle and the healthy food she cooks. Once, Brooke and her daughter made a Q&A video together. In that video, Neriah confessed that her favorite things to do were making the photoshoots and watching the movies.

Sierra Fisher (daughter with Garth Fisher)

Sierra Fisher

Date of birth:  April 2, 2002

Sierra Sky Fisher is the second daughter of Brooke and her first husband Garth Fisher. One day, Brooke confessed that having the second baby was the most challenging for her. That’s because she was still very busy with Neriah and then she had to care about her newborn baby girl.

Nowadays, Sierra is a student at the University of Southern California. Besides, she develops her singing talent at USC Thornton School of Music. The girl dreams about a career as an entertainer. She is very close with her mother and often posts common pictures with Brooke on social media.

Heaven Charvet (daughter with David Charvet)

Date of birth: January 8, 2007

Heaven Rain is the first common child of two extremely beautiful people:  David Charvet and Brooke Burke. No need to say, that sport is in her genes. Like her mother, Heaven is addicted to fitness and healthy eating. But Heaven is Daddy’s daughter, too. That’s why she has already tried her hand at acting. The girl appeared in the short dancing video “Are You Ready?”

Shaya Charvet (son with David Charvet)

Shaya Charvet

Date of birth: March 5, 2008

After three girls, Brooke finally was blessed with a boy. Shaya is the youngest kid in the Burke-Charvet family.  Shaya Braven Charvet looks like a little copy of his father. He is not just a brilliant student at Westlake High School, but also a talented athlete. Shaya skillfully plays American football for the school team. He also practices weightlifting workouts regularly. So, Mommy Brooke can be proud of her little boy!

Brooke Burke son

In her old interviews, Brooke shared, that her fourth kid was a surprise for her. She was breastfeeding, and hoped, that she couldn’t get pregnant at that period. At the same time, she always dreamed about a big family, so she was happy to welcome her baby boy.

Who are Brooke Burke parents?

George Burke II (father)

Brooke’s biological father escaped from the family picture in 1973. Although he stayed in touch with his kids from the first marriage, and Brooke was close with her paternal half-siblings, he didn’t share a close bond with his daughter. The reason was his addiction. George II battled with alcoholism during his whole life.

George was a son of Elizabeth and George Burke Sr. Both his parents have already passed away. George has two siblings, John Burke, and Elizabeth Grillo. He earned his living as an aluminum-siding salesman.

Donna Hatounian (mother)

Donna Hatounian

Date of birth: June 3, 1948

Brooke’s mother has a very interesting love story. Her birth name is Patricia Ann. She has a twin sister Priscilla Margaret. Both girls were renamed Donna and Deborah Bruno respectively after their adoption by Fay and Nicholas Bruno, whom Brooke considers as her paternal grandparents. Fay had several miscarriages, so she lost hope to give birth to her child and started an adoption process. Then, two little girls were delivered to Mr. and Mrs. Bruno’s house in a big basket.

Brooke Burke mother photo

Donna was 18 when she learned from a family relative that she was adopted as well as her twin sister. That news didn’t throw her off the rails. Brooke’s mother knew, what paternal love is, due to her adoptive father and mother. Nowadays, the fitness guru knows how to treat her kids right and love them without pampering, as her mom taught her.

Brooke’s parents separated when she was just a kid. Later her mother re-married a kind-hearted man, named Armen Hatounian, the mechanic. He passed away in 2005. Brooke maintained warm relationships with her stepfather.

Brooke Burke siblings

Kimberly Burke Flagg (older sister)

Kimberly Burke Flagg

Date of birth: May 31, 1968

Brooke has many half-siblings and stepsiblings. But she grew up with just one full sister – Kimberly Burke Flagg. Currently, the woman resides in Tuscon, Ar. She is married to Brett Flagg, the owner of the vaping stuff shop. Kimberly has two children: a son Jason and a daughter Jade.

George Burke III (younger half-brother)

George Burke III

Date of birth: circa 1975

Brooke’s younger half-brother from his paternal side is named George. He is the son of her father and his second wife WynJill Finau. George III is married to Siaosi Burke and has a son Sam with her.

Tommy Burke (younger half-brother)

Tommy Burke

Date of birth: July 19, 1977

Date of death: July 20, 2021

Thomas Edward Burke is the son of Brooke’s father and his second wife WynJill Finau Burke. Although Brooke and Thomas come from a blended family, and they have lots of half-siblings and stepsiblings, they maintained warm relationships and spend together as much time as they could.

Tommy passed away unexpectedly in the summer, of 2021. During her appearance at Tamron Hall Show Brooke confessed that her younger brother struggled with obesity for years, and that became the reason for his sudden death.

Tommy resided with his wife Farrah Cutler Burke and their 10 children in Eagle Mountain, Utah. He was a talented rapper, graphic designer, and painter. In the family circle, the man was nicknamed Fat Cat, as he had a soft and kind-hearted nature. Besides, he could make any person laugh due to his talent as a comedian.

Brooke told that Tommy never was a heavy child. But as an adult, he didn’t have enough time for self-care as he always thought about others and helped them. Once, Tommy stood in Brooke’s house and helped her with her kids. He lost 70 pounds at that time and his sister, known widely for her healthy lifestyle, inspired him to become easier and more energetic.

Still, he lost his battle for healthy life and passed away. Brooke still misses him so much!

The exact number of Brooke’s half-siblings and stepsiblings is undisclosed.


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