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Jessie Reyez biography
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Interesting Biography Facts

Real name

Jessica Reyez


singer, songwriter

Birth Date

June 12, 1991


32 years

Zodiac Sign



Toronto, Ontario, Canada


high school, The Remix Project - music academy



Jessie Reyez family members

Father's Name

German Reyez

Mother's Name

Carmen Reyez

Siblings names

Mr. Reyez (older half-brother)

Is Jessie Reyez a lesbian/bisexual?


What is Jessie Reyez marital status?


Who are Jessie Reyez parents?

German Reyez (father)

Jessie Reyez father

In the Father’s Day interview, Jessica said, that she had always been very close with her father German Reyez. It was he, who introduced the girl to the world of art. He taught little Jessica to play the guitar and inspired her to start a career in the music industry. German was a guitar player himself. There was a short period in their life when Jessie treated her father like a devil (as she said). It was in her teens.

German always supported his daughter in her shocking experiments. He let her dress like a boy, ride a snowboard, etc. Jessie is so grateful to him for that.

Mr. Reyez was born in Cali, Colombia. He lost his mother when he was still a baby. He lost his father when he was a teenager. German has two older sisters. After his father’s death, Reyez moved to Canada. There he got married and welcomed his first kid – a son. Then, German’s wife passed away.

So, Jessie’s father always knew that death could come any minute. He valued his Colombian roots, that’s why he spoke Spanish with Jessie and other family members at home.

On one of German’s birthdays, he visited the concert of his favorite rapper Drake. Jessie was opening Drake’s show. After the concert German and his daughter were invited to Drake’s after-party, and the rapper performed “Happy Birthday” for Mr. Reyez.

German liked to visit his friend’s farm in his childhood, so he liked to be surrounded by the trees and animals. Jessie dreams of buying a farm for her dad one day.

Carmen Reyez (mother)

Carmen Reyez mother

Jessica is very close with her mother, too. The girl confesses that she was a troubled child in her teens; she could drink too much or could run out of the house. But Mrs. Reyez kept an eye on her and prevented her from making some hard mistakes.

Carmen comes from Colombia, where she earned a degree as a preschool teacher. After moving to Canada, she had to confirm her degrees. Then, she started a daycare at a crib. They had a two-floor house, and her mother’s daycare was on the first floor. Every single day they had at least five kids at home – her mother’s pupils. Some of them became as close as siblings to Jessie.

Jessie Reyez

Jessie Reyez siblings

Mr. Reyez (older half-brother)

Jessie has a brother, who resides in Vaughan, Canada with his wife and four kids. The man is the son of Jessica’s father and his first wife, who passed away. German was raising a son on his own when he met Jessie’s mother and married her.

Currently, Mr. Reyez is a family man. With his wife (and Jessica’s sister-in-law) they have four kids – two sons and two daughters. He got his oldest son at a very young age. So Jessie’s oldest nephew is close to her age. Mr. Reyez is a teacher and a scientist. Jessica and he are very close. In her early interviews, Jessie used to tell, that her brother introduced her to reggae when she was four. That was the moment when she understood, that music was her cup of tea.

Jessie has just one blood-related sibling – her older half-brother. But she also considers some of her mother’s pupils as her siblings.


Jessie Reyez is a Canadian-born singer and songwriter. She rose to international fame in 2017 after the release of her EP “Kiddo”. That very year she collected all possible awards and nominations. Like Breakthrough Artist, the Fan Choice Award, etc.

She was born in Toronto, Canada in the family of Columbian immigrants. During her childhood, the Reyez family moved a lot as they were improving their living conditions. A part of her school years Jessie spent in Brampton, Ontario, where she was bullied for the color of her skin and her bad English (the girl spoke Spanish at home).

She fell in love with music at the age of 4, after her brother and father introduced the girl to reggae and guitar play. She started writing songs in her teens. Jessie was in the 8th grade when she decided to become a music star, to go platinum, and to win a Grammy.

To start a music career, she moved with her parents to Fort Lauderdale, Florida in her early 20s. There Jessie earned her living as a bartender and was waiting for her great chance to become a music star. With her friend, she made a music video, which she uploaded to Facebook and Twitter. The video went viral, and Jessie got invited to The Remix Project – the music academy for kids from poor families. That was the start of her music career. At the academy, she crossed her ways with King Louie, the popular artist, and recorded a song “Living in the Sky” with him. Thus, she gained her initial popularity.

As of 2023, she is a self-confident music star with two studio albums on her resume. Besides, she opened the shows of many super popular artists, like Drake, Billie Eilish, Beyonce, etc.

Interesting and fun facts

  1. She is officially single. Jessie keeps her love life secret. But she opened up, that she fell in love at the age of 17, and then her boyfriend moved to another country. That caused her first severe depression at the age of 18. Jessie coped with it, writing music and singing songs.
  2. She released her first album “Before Love Came to Kill Us” during the pandemic. Still, it became very successful and occupied the 13th position on the US Billboard 200.
  3. She would like to have Bob Marley as a roommate, as he is very positive, and Jessie likes such people.
  4. In her free time, Jessie likes to be in the woods.
  5. Her height is 5 ft 2 in and her weight is 121 pounds.
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