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Carla Howe biography
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Interesting Biography Facts

Real name

Carla Howe

Birth Date

May 26, 1990


31 years

Zodiac Sign



Berkshire, England, United Kingdom


Amersham Wycombe College



Carla Howe family members

Mother's Name

Hazel Howe

Siblings names

Melissa Howe (twin sister)

Is Carla Howe a lesbian/bisexual?


What is Carla Howe marital status?


Who are Carla Howe parents?


Carla Howe was raised by s single mother. So, she is not close to her father and never mentions him in her interviews. 

Hazel Howe (mother)

Hazel Howe


It’s not a secret that each successful person has someone behind his/her back, who helps to move forward and supports at the moments of criticism. In Carla’s life, that person is her mother, Hazel. 

Hazel was born in the United Kingdom. She was educated at Chalfont County Secondary School and then entered Amersham & Wycombe College. She didn’t leave college after graduation, because she started working as a teacher there. Then she got married and gave birth to two beautiful twin girls – Melissa and Carla. She divorced from her daughters’ father and brought them up by herself.

Now Hazel manages the careers of her daughters. She is the founder of the company “Hazel Howe Management”, which represents The Howe Twins. As for her hobby, she is a big fan of rugby. 

Carla Howe siblings

Melissa Howe (twin sister)

Melissa Howe


Date of birth: May 26, 1990

Carla was blessed with a beautiful and talented sister, who is her supporter, her friend, and her colleague now.

Like her beloved sister, Melissa was born on May 26, 1990. She saw the world for the first time in Wexham Park Hospital, situated in her hometown – Berkshire. Since the earliest years, she knew that she would become an actress.

Supported by her mother, Melissa went for acting classes at a tender age of 12. Besides acting, she also practiced dancing and singing, and in her teens, she performed in the music group “Girl Passion”. As a part of the band, she participated in many talent contests and made appearances on TV.

After graduation from school, she entered a college to study media technologies. During her years at college, she decided to leave the movie industry for a while and to become a model. Together with her twin sister Carla she appeared in numerous paper issues and then acted in some music videos.

As an actress, Melissa took part in the TV show “Naked Ambition”, produced by the Playboy brand. 


Carla Howe gained initial popularity as the ex-Playboy bunny. Later she added some kudos to her name as a person, who is constantly involved in love affairs with celebrities. She used to date Kylie Jenner’s ex, the rapper Tyga, went for a date with an actor Calum Best and filmed a sex tape with the hip hop artist Wiz Khalifa.

For many people worldwide Carla is just another one hot girl, who appeared from nowhere and whose only weapon is her exotic bright beauty. But modeling for adult magazines is not the only type of her activity. Recently, she has started lots of acting projects. Thus, Carla played a small part in the comedy “Mac & Devin Go to High School”, directed by Dylan C. Brown. She also featured in the crime drama “Bonded by Blood 2”.

Carla was born in Berkshire, England. In her teens she had already been sure, that acting was her cup of tea. After a high school, she entered the Amersham Wycombe College to study performing arts. After three years there she got her diploma. 

In 2011 she started modeling for “Playboy”. By the way, she participated in photo shoots, accompanied by her twin sister Melissa. As she later opened up, in the industry, where there’s so much competition, she was happy to have strong support – her sister – by her side. 

After becoming popular as a model, Carla gradually moved to television. She starred in lots of music videos for such great singers as Kelly Clarkson, Snoop Dogg, and many others.

No need to say, that Carla is a social media star. Her Instagram account, full of hot sex pictures, is followed by 618k+ fans.

Interesting and fun facts

  1. Her body is covered with several tattoos. Carla has a star tattoo on her wrist and a rosary tattoo on her leg.
  2. In 2011-2015 she shared her time between Playboy Mansion in USA and her house in London, England. In 2015 she left the mansion and confessed to journalists, that life there was boring. “The mansion looks rather like a retirement home, not like a party house”, she said in an interview. During her life there she was considered as Hugh Hefner’s girlfriend. 
  3. She has appeared in the Lucozade Drinks commercial in 2011. 
  4. Her height is 5 ft 5 in and her weight is 126 pounds.
  5. She advises her fans to check her Instagram account regularly because she has lots of interesting updates almost every day there. 
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