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Roxy Sowlaty biography
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Interesting Biography Facts

Real name

Roxana Sowlaty


reality TV star, interior designer

Birth Date

May 21, 1988


35 years

Zodiac Sign



Beverly Hills, California, United States


Parsons School of Design; USC's Marshall School of Business



Roxy Sowlaty family members

Father's Name

Saman Sowlaty

Mother's Name

Mojgan Sowlaty

Siblings names

Tara Sowlaty-Leslehrer (younger sister)

Is Roxy Sowlaty a lesbian/bisexual?


What is Roxy Sowlaty marital status?


Who is Roxy Sowlaty husband?

Nicolas Bijan Pakzad (fiance)

In the 1990s teenagers from different parts of our planet were watching “Fresh Prince” and “Beverly Hills, 90210”. But modern teenagers prefer reality TV and get crazy from the show “The Rich Kids of Beverly Hills”. The participants of the show are the young millionaires, heirs of huge fortunes. They live a luxurious bright life, visit fashion boutiques, and travel as much as possible. At the same time, they develop their business ventures and try to become independent from their rich parents. We’ve already told you about Morgan Stewart, the beautiful blonde from this show. And now let’s speak about the Persian tender princess Roxy Sowlaty and her family members.

Who are Roxy Sowlaty parents?

Sam Sowlaty (father)

Roxy Sowlaty father Roxy Sowlaty


Date of birth: June 1952

Roxy is a billionaire by inheritance. She is the daughter of the printing mogul Saman Sowlaty. The exact amount of his earnings is not publicized, nevertheless, you can be sure, he gets billions of dollars.

Sam has Persian roots, but he is based in Los Angeles. She has graduated Albourz High School and then got a degree in management at the University of Southern California.

Now he serves as the President of “Acuprint”, the commercial business company, and is busy with other business ventures, too.

Roxy is closely-knitted with her father. In her interview with “Teen Vogue”, she told, that he is a strict parent, but it helped her to become a financially independent young lady through creating her own company. “Never work for anyone”, that was one of his lessons, which she remembered.

Mr. Sowlaty is a happy father of two adult girls, whom he welcomed with his wife of many years Mojgan.

Mojgan Sowlaty (mother)

Mojgan Sowlaty


Date of birth: December 30, 1960

The name of Rozy’s mother is Mojgan Sowlaty. The woman doesn’t like the media attention, so her accounts on social media sites are mostly closed. The woman doesn’t work, but she is the co-founder of the Sowlaty family fund. Very often she appears in the pictures of her daughters.

Roxy Sowlaty siblings

Tara Sowlaty-Leslehrer (younger sister)

Date of birth: 1990

Roxy has a younger sister Tara. She has featured as a guest star on the show “The Rich Kids of Beverly Hills”. Tara and Roxy share warm close relationships, typical for many siblings.

Tara was born and raised in Beverly Hills, CA. Together with her sister; she is the co-founder of the clothing line “RoxTar”.

In 2019, Tara tied a knot with her long-term partner Brianchar Leslehrer, a filmmaker and photographer. After one year of family life, the couple is so happy together.


Roxana Sowlaty, known to the whole world as Roxy, entered this world in a high profile clinic in Los Angeles on May 21, 1988. Her parents are rich residents of Beverly Hills. She grew up with a sister Tara.

Roxy attended the same school as Brendan Fitzpatrick, her Rich kids’ co-star; they were classmates since the second grade. Her parents financially supported her through the school years, at the same time they always told her, that after graduation she wouldn’t get a penny from them. That inspired the girl to start her own business. She was interested in fashion, so she attended Parsons School of Design and then she improved the financial literacy at USC’s Marshall School of Business. Having got a degree in interior design, she came back to her parents’ house. The adult young lady had to live with her parents because she didn’t have enough money to hire an apartment for herself. That lasted for 7 years, when she finally invented the idea, how to become financially independent. She launched her web site and offered people her service of an interior designer. Her small design firm generated the first income after she helped her first client to decorate his home. That was her childhood friend Sean Rad, widely known as the creator of Tinder, the dating application.

After that, the girl got one offer after another. She rebuilt houses for many rich clients and celebrities. One of her clients was a popular actor Jaime Camil.

Roxy has become a respectable business lady, when she started the new page in her life – the acting in a reality show, launched by E! channel. That happened almost occasionally. In the company of friends she discussed the idea of starting a new show about an interesting life of young and rich people, who love, meet, part their ways, quarrel and solve various problems. After that jokingly they told a producer about that idea – and within two months the new show was started. Thus, the world knew the faces not just of our heroine Roxy, but also of EJ Johnson, Brendan Fitzpatrick, Dorothy Wang, Jonny Drubel, and Morgan Stewart.

Today, Roxy develops her design business and participates in the fourth season of the show. She has become a social media sensation with 420k followers on Instagram.

Interesting and fun facts

  1. Roxy is not single. Her heart is busy, her boyfriend Nicolas Bijan Pakzad has occupied it forever. In autumn, 2018 they got engaged. The man proposed to his loved one in Paris with an 8-carat diamond engagement ring. The reality TV star sais “Yes!”.
  2. Her fiancé is rich, too. He owns a boutique on Rodeo Drive, which offers brand-new men’s clothes.
  3. Roxy is very tiny. Her height is just 155 cm and her weight is 55 kg.
  4. Her favorite actor is Johnny Depp and her favorite actress is Jennifer Aniston. Her hobbies are shopping and traveling.
  5. Her personal net worth (the money, which she earned by her own, apart from her parents’ wealth) is $600, 000.
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