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Clint Eastwood biography
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Interesting Biography Facts

Real name

Clinton Eastwood, Jr.


actor, film director

Birth Date

May 31, 1930


91 years

Zodiac Sign



San Francisco, California, United States


Oakland Technical High School; Los Angeles City College



Clint Eastwood family members

Father's Name

Clinton Eastwood Sr.

Mother's Name

Margaret Ruth Runner

Siblings names

Jeanne Bernhardt (younger sister)

Is Clint Eastwood a gay/bisexual?


What is Clint Eastwood marital status?


Who is Clint Eastwood wife?

Christina Sandera (fiancée), Maggie Johnson (ex-wife), Dina Ruiz Eastwood (ex-wife)

How many children does he have?

7 (Scott Eastwood, Francesca Eastwood, Kyle Eastwood, Morgan Eastwood, Alison Eastwood, Kathryn Eastwood, Kimber Eastwood)

Clint Eastwood remains the bright representative of that golden era in Hollywood, when actresses were really beautiful and actors were really strong. Unbelievably talented actor and film director, he created a number of movies, which made his viewers think and feel. At the same time, he tried his hand as a politician, and some of his fans hoped, that Eastwood – the active member of Republican Party – would run for the president one day. In fact, Clint Eastwood really kept to conservative views as a politician. But he was really democratic and modern in his views as for his family life. He went down the aisles twice and had 7 kids (although the exact amount of Clint Eastwood children is unspecified and is a mystery even for himself). Most of Clint Eastwood kids were born out of wedlock, but he loves all of them, in spite of the fact, who were their mothers.

In 2014 Clint divorced with his second wife, and at the “80 something” age started dating another woman. Let’s have a look at Clint Eastwood fiancée.

Clint Eastwood wife

Christina Sandera (fiancée since 2014)

Christina Sandera (fiancée since 2014)

Date of birth: 1964

In one of his interviews Clint Eastwood told, that he got tired from chasing every skirt he sees and he planned to stay alone. But soon the actor was pictured by paparazzi, when he was going out of a supermarket with a beautiful blonde by his side.

The name of this blonde is Christina Sandera. She is 34 years younger than Mr. Eastwood. Before their meeting she worked as a hostess in a hotel. Later she moved to Clint’s mansion.

Christina was previously married to Paul Wainscoat. They divorced in 2003 after 11 months of married life. Paul named his ex-wife “an alcoholic with a criminal past”. It turned out, that Christina visited alcoholics anonymous meetings and also anger management meetings.

Christina met the famous entertainer Clint Eastwood in his hotel “Mission Ranch”. She served as a restaurant hostess there. As for now, Sandera has already made friends with Clint Eastwood kids, who think, that “she is ok”.

Not long ago the woman was photographed with a huge engagement ring on her finger. So, probably, the wedding bells will ring for the third time for a Hollywood veteran Clint Eastwood!

Maggie Johnson (ex-wife; married in 1953-1978)

Maggie Johnson (ex-wife; married in 1953-1978)

Date of birth: 1931

Margaret Neville Johnson is celebrated as a fashion model, but her career achievements are not so bright in comparison with the events in her personal life.

Maggie and Clint met at a blind date, arranged for them by a common friend. The beauty, who worked as a swimsuit model and Clint, one of the tallest Hollywood actors, fell in love with one another and tied a knot on December 19, 1953. Many women worldwide envied the woman, who managed to marry one of the most handsome and most talented men in the world. But Maggie seemed to be not so happy. “He is a loner. And he is a very complicated person”, she opened up once in the interview.

Many times during the years of their marriage Clint had affairs with other women. They separated for the first time in 1964. Then the couple reconciled, but during the short period of freedom Clint has already welcomed a daughter Kimber with a dancer Roxanne Tunis. The child was given for adoption.

In 1968 Maggie finally gave a birth to her and Clint’s first child. It was a boy Kyle Eastwood. Several years ago they welcomed a girl Alison.

Many journalists named Maggie and Clint affair “exotic”. In fact, the actor cheated his wife all the time, and Maggie seemed to agree with it. Clint’s bond of marriage wasn’t too serious for him. He started an affair with an actress Sondra Locke, who was still married to a sculptor Gordon Anderson at that time. Their love story was publicized, and that was the last straw for Maggie. She filed for divorce. Clint Eastwood paid his ex-wife $25 million – one million for each year of married life.

After that Maggie Johnson re-married a camera man Henry Wynberg. Their marriage lasted for 5 years and ended with a divorce in 1989.

Maggie Johnson played a number of screen roles, including Beth in “Ironside”.

Dina Ruiz Eastwood (ex-wife; married in 1996-2014)

Dina Ruiz Eastwood (ex-wife; married in 1996-2014)

photo instagram / dinaeastwood

Date of birth: July 11, 1965

Sondra Locke cohabited with Clint Eastwood during 14 years. She starred in six movies, directed by Clint Eastwood. Rumor has it, Locke made 2 abortions, because Clint didn’t want to have kids. Sondra was ready for everything to make Eastwood marry her. But he left an actress and fell in love with another woman – a stewardess Jacelyn Reeves, who gave a birth to his son Scott Eastwood and daughter Kathryn. But two kids are not the reason to get married, at least for Clint. He left Reeves and started an affair with an actress Frances Fisher. They welcomed a daughter Francesca. But instead of marrying Frances, Clint proposed to another woman.

Dina Marie Ruiz was born in the Bay Area in the family of a teacher Michael Ruiz (who grew up with adoptive parents of Latino origin) and Mary Lou. After graduation from school Dina studied broadcast journalism in San Francisco State University. She worked as a news anchor and a waitress (because her salary of a TV worker was too small and she needed some extra income), when occasionally was sent for an interview with an Oscar-winning actor Clint Eastwood. After that her life changed. She started dating A Fistful of Dollars star and married him on March 31, 1996. That very year they welcomed a daughter Morgan.

With Clint’s support the TV personality started her own educational show “Quest for Excellence”. In 2012 she presented reality series “Mrs. Eastwood & Company”.

In 2013 Dina and Clint announced their separation. It turned out, that the couple started to live separately some time ago. Their divorce was finalized in 2014.

Around that time Dina started dating her school sweetheart Scott Fisher. They married in July, 2016 in California. According to Dina’s Instagram post, she is “on Cloud Nine” now.

Clint Eastwood kids

Kimber Eastwood (daughter with Roxanne Tunis)

Kimber Eastwood

photo twitter / kimbereastwood

Date of birth: June 17, 1964

Kimber Eastwood is known as a makeup artist and a film maker, who found the way to success without her father’s help. In fact, the beautiful strong woman gave contradictory interviews about her father Clint Eastwood. In one of them she told, that her father was estranged and had neither time nor wish to communicate with her. In other interviews she insisted, that she had always been close with her dad.

In 1964 Clint starred in “Rawhide”, American western series. He was a married man, but that didn’t stop him from a romance with an actress and dancer Roxanne Tunis. The woman got pregnant, but didn’t tell about it to her partner. Thus, during many years Clint and his daughter Kimber were not in touch. But nowadays they meet from time to time.

Kimber Lynn Eastwood has one child, a son named Clinton Eastwood Gaddie. She was married to her child’s father Anthony Gaddie in 1983-1990. Since 2014 she cohabits with an occasional actor Shawn Midkiff.

Kyle Eastwood (son with Maggie Johnson)

Kyle Eastwood

Date of birth: May 19, 1968

Kyle Clinton Eastwood is a popular jazz singer. “They say, I use my father’s surname to attract viewers. I am happy, if some of my fans were attracted by my famous last name. But let’s listen to my music!” Kyle told once to journalists.

He doesn’t look like his father, but inherited passion to jazz from him. Often Kyle and Clint Eastwood work together – he composes music for his father’s movies.

Kyle was born in Los Angeles, CA, but spent most part of his early years in Carmel. Clint’s oldest son studied film making at the University of Southern California. After one year there the young man understood, that music was his main love. Kyle told, his parents were happy, when knew that he had decided to devote his life to jazz.

Clint Eastwood’s son founded Kyle Eastwood Quartet. He released 8 studio albums with the labels Candid Records and Rendezvous. Kyle has been married to Cynthia Ramirez since 2014. He previously was a husband of Laura Gomez, ex-model. They have a daughter Graylen Spencer Eastwood.

Alison Eastwood (daughter with Maggie Johnson)

Alison Eastwood (daughter with Maggie Johnson)

photo instagram / aliwood72

Date of birth: May 22, 1972

Alison Eastwood followed her father’s pace. She is a renowned actress and film producer. She was born in Carmel, CA, in the town, where her father served as a Mayor.

The girl graduated from Stevenson School and studied acting in UC Santa Barbara, but she dropped it out before getting a degree. Alison debuted as an actress at the age of 8 (with her parents’ support, of course) in the movie “Bronco Billy”. Three years later she portrayed her father’s screen daughter in the thriller “Tightrope”.

After that Alison appeared in a number of big screen movies and talk shows. In addition, she worked as a model in Paris, posed nude for Playboy and founded her own Film Production Company, as well as fashion line.

As for personal life, since 2013 Alison has been married to a sculptor Stacy Poitras.

Scott Eastwood (son with Jacelyn Reeves)

Scott Eastwood

photo instagram / scotteastwood

Date of birth: March 21, 1986

Scott is the second son and most popular child of legendary Clint Eastwood. Scott inherited his father’s hot look and his talent to acting. As for now, Scott is a rising Hollywood star and a heart breaker (just like his dad).

Scott Clinton Reeves was born in Monterey County, CA. His father Clint Eastwood had extramarital relationships with Jacelyn Reeves, a flight attendant. As Scott told in his interview to “Evening Standard”, his father was remote most part of his childhood and the actor is much closer with his mother and sisters.

Scott attended Loyola Marymount University, where he studied communications. He stated his career as a model and actor. At first Scott performed under his mother’s name “Reeves”. He wanted to hide the fact that he was a son of an award-winning actor Clint Eastwood and to work independently from his dad.

Scott Eastwood find recognition due to such screen works as “Gran Torino”, “Enter Nowhere”, “Suicide Squad” etc.

The actor Scott Eastwood laughs, when he hears about his status of a “Lovelace”. In fact, he is currently single and doesn’t plan to change the girlfriends like socks.

Kathryn Eastwood (daughter with Jacelyn Reeves)

Kathryn Eastwood (daughter with Jacelyn Reeves)

Date of birth: August 7, 1993

Kathryn Ann Reeves was born on a hot summer day in Carmel, CA. The name of her famous father at first wasn’t printed in her birth certificate.

She spent the most part of her childhood with her older brother Scott and her mother. According to Scott Eastwood’s interview to US Weekly, Kathryn and he grew up mostly without Clint Eastwood’s support.

Kathryn started acting in 2014. As for now, she is known as an actress and screenwriter. Her most popular screen works are in movies “Jersey Boys” and “House Slave”. Once she was appointed as Miss Golden Globe.

As for now, Kathryn Eastwood is single.

Francesca Eastwood (daughter with Frances Fisher)

Francesca Eastwood

photo insgaram / francescaeastwood

Date of birth: August 7, 1993

Francesca Ruth Fisher-Eastwood is internationally popular not just as Clint Eastwood’s fifth kid, but also as an actress and model. She spent her childhood years in Redding, CA. The girl resided with her mother, an actress Frances Fisher.

Like her older sister Alison, Francesca studied at Stevenson School. After that she continued her education at the University of Southern California.

The girl tried her hand as an actress for the first time in 2012, having appeared in her stepmother’s reality TV series “Mrs. Eastwood & Company”. A year later she was appointed as Miss Golden Globe.

Francesca seems to have her father’s easy attitude towards marriage bond. Previously she was married to Jordan Feldstein, Maroon 5 manager, during two weeks only. Several months ago Jordan died at the age of 40. Nowadays Francesca is pregnant, and she has already announced, that she is expecting a boy.  The father of Francesca’s baby boy is the entertainer Alexander Wraith. Not long ago Alexander filed for divorce from his wife Lili, with whom he has 7-year-old kid.

Morgan Eastwood (daughter with Dina Ruiz Eastwood)

Morgan Eastwood

photo instagram / morganeastwood

Date of birth: December 12, 1996

Morgan is the youngest child of a Hollywood heartthrob Clint Eastwood. According to her father’s words, he spent more time with his smallest daughter, because to the moment of her birth he changed the focus of his attention from his career to family life.

Morgan’s father was 66, when she was born. Such a huge age gap annoyed Morgan at first, but later she made peace with it. The girl currently resides in Los Angeles. He appeared in her mother’s project “Mrs. Eastwood & Company”.

Who are Clint Eastwood parents?

Clinton Eastwood Sr. (father)

Date of birth: 1906

Date of death: 1970

The actor Clint Eastwood serves as a role model for many people worldwide. He is not just handsome and rich, he is also very intellectual and reliable. Clint managed to become so thoughtful and hard-working mostly due his father’s up-bringing.

Clinton Eastwood Sr. taught his son to work hard. He encouraged the boy to earn money by his own, that’s why Clint started working, being a secondary school pupil.

Clinton Sr. was a jewelry salesman. During the years of war he had to quit this occupation and find a job at a shipyard. Clint Sr. worked very hard, but he was a provider for his family. He taught his son to work hard too.

Clinton Eastwood died in 1970. After his death Clint Eastwood’s mother married another man.

Margaret Ruth Runner (mother)

Margaret Ruth Runner (mother)

Date of birth: January 18, 1909

Date of death: February 4, 2006

Margaret Ruth Runner is also known as Ruth Eastwood and later as Ruth Wood (after John Belden Wood, her second husband).

Although Clint Eastwood told that he comes from a poor family, his long-term partner Sondra Locke opened up, that Eastwoods never were poor and lived a rich luxurious life. They had a huge house with a swimming-pool, and each of them drove his own car.

Ruth spent a lot of time with Clint and his younger sister Jeanne. She taught her kids to love music and to play the piano. Later Clint told, that it was his mother, who encouraged and developed his love to music.

In addition, Ruth Eastwood was a very religious woman. Often she took her son and daughter Jeanne to the Protestant church on Sundays. Later Clint decided not to go to the church so frequently. “You are right, the God can be with you at any place, not just in the church”, his father told.

Ruth was born in the family of Walt and Virginia Runner in Alameda County, California. She studied in Piedmont High School, where she met Clinton Eastwood Sr, a school sports star.

In her young years Ruth Runner dreamed to become a ballerina, but her too tall figure was the reason, why she had to quit that dream.

During many years she was close with her son Clint. The famous actor always asked his mother’s opinion about his films and came to her for advice. It was Ruth, who advised her son to cast Meryl Streep to Clint Eastwood’s film “The Bridges of Madison County”.

When Clint Eastwood gained his star status, he took his mother to various red-carpet events and ceremonies, including Academy Awards in 1993.

Ruth Wood died in 2006 in her house on the Monterey Peninsula, where she lived since late 1960s. The reason of her death was heart stroke. “She was our matriarch and our queen”, Clint Eastwood’s ex-wife Dina Ruiz told.

Clint Eastwood siblings

Jeanne Bernhardt (younger sister)

Date of birth: 1934

Jeanne Eastwood Bernhardt is the second and youngest kid in Clinton and Ruth Eastwood family. She currently resides in Carmel Valley, CA not far from the former house of her mother.

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