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Finn Wolfhard biography
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Interesting Biography Facts

Real name

Finn Wolfhard


actor, singer

Birth Date

December 23, 2002


19 years

Zodiac Sign



Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada



Finn Wolfhard family members

Father's Name

Eric Wolfhard

Mother's Name

Mary Jolivet

Siblings names

Nick Wolfhard (brother)

Who are Finn Wolfhard parents?

Eric Wolfhard (father)

Eric Wolfhard

photo instagram / ericwolfhardofficial

Date of birth: September 14, 1965

The actor’s father was born in the family of Michael and Nora Wolfhard. He is a well-educated person, who studied art and policy in the University of British Columbia and then got Bachelor of Laws in the University of Toronto. Eric is a person of a solid and serious profession. He is a historical researcher. The man specializes in aboriginal land issues. Eric has an account on Twitter. Obviously, he is proud of his talented son Finn. He often posts pics of the actor at various public events on his page. In addition, the man manages Finn’s career and is present at most of his interviews. According to his son’s words, he wrote several movie scripts and dreams to make films, based on them, but nobody of reputable producers is interested in his projects.

Mary Jolivet (mother)

Mary Jolivet mother Finn Wolfhard

photo instagram / finnwolfhardofficial

It turns out, that Finn inherited his acting skills from his mother’s side. Her aunt from the paternal side, Rita Jolivet, was a silent actress. In addition, it was Mary, who taught Finn to love and understand music. She introduced her son to Beatles and other legendary bands when her cute little son was just 7. Around that age she gave a guitar to his hands, so now her son makes music as a member of a rock band “Calpurnia”, which he co-founded.

Mary was born in Vancouver, Canada, where her father Lawrence Charles Jolivet moved in the late 1930s. There he married a cute girl, named Trish, and they gave a birth to Mary (Finn’s mother) and her brother Timothy. Lawrence, the actor’s grandfather, comes from a French city of Dieppe, so the actor obviously has French roots.

Mary studied visual display and design at Langara College. In the early 1980s, she also attended Institut Catholique de Paris, where studied French culture. During many years she served as the assistant of her husband Eric. Later she began to work for the brand Dormouse Design, which creates clothes for kids. But she never gets tired to tell, that her main job is that one of a mother. She gave a birth to two talented sons – Finn and Nick.

Finn Wolfhard siblings

Nick Wolfhard (older brother)

Nick Wolfhard

photo instagram / thewolfhard

Date of birth: October 21, 1997

Finn’s older sibling, whose full name is Nicholas, is busy with entertaining people, too. He positions himself as a voice actor and promises “some big new project soon” to his fans through Instagram. The young man has already presented a number of his works. He lent his pleasant voice to Yugo Nansui in the anime “Beyblade” and Danny in “Under Wraps”. He likes anime, is a very humorous person and is the big fan of his younger brother Finn, which becomes the hero of his posts from time to time.

Finn Wolfhard brother

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Finn Wolfhard bio

photo instagram / finnwolfhardofficial

Finn has a bushy haircut and a boyish face, which makes him so cute and special at the same time. He is just 16, but he has already become a renowned movie and TV actor and aspiring musician. He has already starred in “It”, the horror movie, based on Steven King book and depicted the demon chaser Mike Wheeler in the series “Stranger Things”.

He was born in the family of two well-educated people Eric and Mary Wolfhard and grew up with an older brother Nick. The boy fell in love with music at the age of 7 and started to play the bass guitar around that time, too. Two years later he developed a high interest in acting and convinced his mother to help him. He began his career from participation in ads. He found the first acting gigs as a freelancer at Craigslist. The boy was obviously talented, and his father Eric understood it. He hired an agent for his son, and soon Finn started making his first TV appearances. Together with his brother, he played in a short film “Aftermath”. In addition, he appeared in one episode of “Supernatural”.

His career took an unexpected turn in 2015 when he got the script of “Stranger Things” in his hands. In spite of his young age, he understood at first sight, that the show would become a hit. “I was ready to play any role in the project”, the actor confessed in his interview.

Currently, Finn continues to get the education (he is a pupil of a Catholic school) and joins it with starring in new films and series. In 2019 the fans will see him as Ukrainian Boris in the film “The Goldfinch”. The adult version of this hero is played by a Welsh star Aneurin Barnard.

Interesting and fun facts

Finn Wolfhard Interesting and fun facts

photo instagram / finnwolfhardofficial

  1. He earned $30, 000 per each episode of “Stranger Things”.
  2. He prefers to buy vinyl versions of his favorite albums. The teenager considers himself as a pop-music fan. One of his favorite bands is “Twin Peaks”, which plays indie rock. He is in good terms with the band member Cadien Lake James.
  3. He had never dated his Stranger Things co-star Millie Bobby Brown, although the chemistry between them was noticeable through the screen. He explained, that Milly and he are both weird kids, and that caused the fluids, which generated dating rumors. By the way, he is single and doesn’t go out with anybody. “Calm down, I am still a kid”, he used to say in his interview.
  4. He is a big fan of Steven King, and he tells about it on Instagram. Nevertheless, Finn didn’t read his novel “It” up to the end, although he played a part in the movie, based on it. “I’ve read just first two chapters of it. This is too long”, the actor said.
  5. His pet is a cute tabby cat.
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  • Finn wolfhard says:

    Alright i can give you some tips, and I like games to,so, her are my tips:
    1. When someone bullies you, just walk away and say, “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say it.”
    2. If a bullie is physically touchin you, just run away
    3.If someone starts bullying you, just tell a teacher,parent,principal,or your friends.p becase they are the most reliable

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