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Alex Lange biography
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Interesting Biography Facts

Real name

Alex Lange


model, actor, social media star

Birth Date

March 3, 2001


22 years

Zodiac Sign



Paris, France


high school in LA



Alex Lange family members

Father's Name

Marc Lange

Siblings names

Matthieu Lange (older brother) and a younger sister

Is Alex Lange a gay/bisexual?


What is Alex Lange marital status?


Alex Lange wife

Bailee Madison (ex-girlfriend; dated in 2016-2019)

Alex Lange girlfriend

photo instagram / baileemadison

Date of birth: October 15, 1999

Who are Alex Lange parents?


Alex Lange mother

photo instagram / alexlange

Alex doesn’t publicize the name of his mother, but he shared her photo in social media on Mother’s Day. The YouTube star opened up, that his mom has always been the most important person in his life and that he was and remains “a mommy’s boy”.

Due to his mother, who devotes all her life to care about her husband and kids, the aspiring actor had an amazing childhood. He traveled from Paris, where he was born, to London at a tender age of 2. Most part of his life he spent in that beautiful and foggy city. He was keen on sports, and his mother supported that his passion. In his early teens, the boy dreamed to become a soccer player. He fell in love with surfing after moving to LA. Currently, he is focused exclusively on entertaining activity.

Marc Lange (father)

Alex Lange father

photo instagram / alexlange

Date of birth: February, 27

Alex’s father is of South African origin. He used to live in Cape Town, South Africa, and his parents live there till now. In his interview, our today hero told, that he likes his father’s hometown more than any other place on earth. He feels special vibes there. Alex is in good terms with his father and likes to spend free time with him. He doesn’t miss an opportunity to congratulate him on any occasion through Instagram and thank for everything the parent did for him.

Alex Lange siblings

Matthieu Lange (older brother)

Matthieu Lange

photo instagram / matthieulange

Date of birth: July 30, 1997

The older brother and big friend of a model Alex Lange is named Matthieu. Everyone, who sees this young man, notices that he looks exactly like his famous sibling. Matthieu is an Instagram star, too. He joins his social media activity with studying at Santa Clara University. He majors in finance and business.

The young man has amicable relationships with a female YouTube celebrity Chelsea Crockett.


Alex Lange sister

photo twitter / alexmlange

Except for a brother, Alex has a younger sister, too.


Alex Lange bio

photo instagram / alexlange

In the modern world there are a lot of opportunities to become popular, and talented teens have already got the idea. Many people of a very young age easily become even more popular, than some reputable Hollywood stars. Alex Lange is one of such people. Being just 17-year-old boy, he has already achieved a lot. He is known as an Instagram star (the young man’s account boasts with more than 2 million followers) as the ex-participant of Team 10 (we’ve already told you about other participants of this project Jake Paul and Erika Costell) and as an actor. Mr. Lange appeared as Marc Reagan in the 4th episode of the third season of popular drama series “Code Black”. He was also busy at the set of “The Unsettling”.

Although many people consider Alex Lange as a French boy, he tells in his interviews, that he is a kind of multinational. He was born in Paris and then spent some part of his childhood in London. When the boy turned 13, he moved to Los Angeles and that was the moment when he started the career in social media. As for now, he developed a large fan base on Instagram, YouTube, and other social media platforms. The young man tells, that his followers support him in each his new project, which may include acting, writing or traveling. In addition, he uses his popularity for good – the young entertainer spends the part of his income for charity organizations St Jude’s and Alex’s Lemonade Stand.

Interesting and fun facts

Alex Lange Interesting and fun facts

photo instagram / alexlange

  1. Alex is a high school pupil as for now. The young man thinks that education is very important for each person and is not going to quit his studying because of the career in social media.
  2. Since 2016 he is dating a beautiful young actress Bailee Madison. Their sweet romantic relationships were watched by numerous people all over the world. They served as an inspiration for those, who were just looking for their loved ones. Two celebrities felt free to share the details of their love affair. They met at the event, devoted to a new store opening. Then Madison was introduced to Alex through their common friends. They liked each other at first sight, and then she asked her friends to invite her to a group chat with him. Thus they started communication, which led to a beautiful romance. But in early 2019 they split for unknown reason.
  3. Alex owns a cute puppy, named Whiskey.
  4. He is known by collaboration with Alissa Violet.
  5. People, who inspire him, are a photographer Bryant Eslava and a social media personality Juanpa Zurita.
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