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Eric Decker biography
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Interesting Biography Facts

Real name

Eric Thomas Decker


ex-NFL player, reality TV star

Birth Date

March 15, 1987


35 years

Zodiac Sign



Cold Spring, Minnesota


Rocori High School; the University of Minnesota



Eric Decker family members

Father's Name

Thomas Charles Decker

Mother's Name

Susan Meyer

Siblings names

Sarah Decker (older sister)

Is Eric Decker a gay/bisexual?


What is Eric Decker marital status?


Who is Eric Decker wife?

Jessie James Decker

When did get married?

June 22, 2013

How many children does he have?

3 (daughter Vivianne Decker, son Eric Decker II and son Forrest Decker)

Eric Decker wife

photo instagram / ericdecker

Eric Decker never tried to cover the fact, that he is a family man. We’ve told you about his beautiful wife and their kids in “Jessie James Decker family”. Now let’s have a look at his parents and a sister.

Who are Eric Decker parents?

Susan Meyer-Weber (mother)

Date of birth: April 19, 1956

Eric’s mother doesn’t want to share the details of her personal life in public. But it’s known, that she was born in USA and her maiden name was Weber.

She married Thomas Decker in her young years and they welcomed two kids – a daughter Sarah and a son Eric. They divorced when their kids were in primary school age but they maintained friendly relationships and cared about their children.

Susan earned her living as a sales supervisor but spent much more time with her multi-talented son than in the office. No need to say, that she helped Eric become a successful athlete, she took him to training camps and competitions and visited almost each his game.

Currently, Susan is married to Mr. Meyers. She resides in Cold Spring, MN.

Thomas Charles Decker (father)

Thomas Charles Decker

Date of birth: March 23, 1954

Thomas is an American citizen. He was married to Sue Decker, and they co-parented a talented American football player Eric Decker and his sister.

They parted the ways when their son was in the 2nd form, but both maintained friendly relationships and joined their forces to raise him as a skillful athlete.

Thomas served as a facilities manager. He belongs to the middle class of society. The man lives in Cold Spring, MN at the present moment.

Eric Decker siblings

Sarah Decker (older sister)

Sarah Decker

photo instagram / adamjw8

Date of birth: December 10, 1984

Sarah Decker, who changed her surname for Linder after marriage, is Eric’s older sister. She doesn’t like to stay in the limelight, but some pieces of her personal life are known to the wide circle.

She studied Economy at Columbia University and joined it with sports. Like her brother, she is a notable athlete and was selected as a captain of track & field university team twice.

Currently, she lives in New York and serves as a global strategy director at American Express.  She is married to Vimeo marketing director Jeremiah Linder and they have a baby together.


Eric Decker bio

photo intagram / ericdecker

He was born in Cold Spring, Minnesota, and since the earliest years he knew, that football should be the inseparable part of his life. He played football at school and then took his passion for this game to the University of Minnesota. No need to tell, that he was a notable player there. Even during his freshman year, he impressed the teammates and coaches with his statistics – 3 touchdowns and 378 receiving yards.

After the University he decided to choose football as his career. In 2010 the young athlete was drafted by Denver Broncos. He signed the 4-year deal with the team, and during these years he was the part of it and put lots of efforts to help Broncos win. He continued to play even after the injury, and during the first years of his career achieved a lot – had a chance to work with the legendary quarterback Peyton Manning, was ranked as the second-best wide receiver (by the number of touchdowns) in 2012 and as AFC champion in 2013.

In 2014 he signed the deal with New York Jets and spent three years with them. Finally, he was signed by the Tennessee Titans.

Obviously, Eric Decker is a talented American football player, but he got lots of injuries during 8 years in NFL. So, in August 2018 he announced his retirement. Eric opened up through Instagram, that he is going to channel all his energy to making his wife Jessie and kids happy.

Jessie James and Eric Decker met through their friends and communicated via Skype and phone during the whole month, till finally, Eric dared to invite the country singer for a date in the Mediterranean restaurant.

They started dating in 2009 and then tied a knot in June 2013. Now they are parents of three beautiful healthy kids.

Interesting and fun facts

Eric Decker family

photo instagram / ericdecker

  1. He keeps his dog’s testicles in a jar, which stands on the table in his office. He decided to keep them as a souvenir after his dog was neutered.
  2. Eric Decker is a great personality, who knows, that brotherhood means more than business. During many years he maintained a close friendship with Demaryius Thomas, with whom they were wide receivers at the Denver Broncos.
  3. His favorite animal is a dog. To protect these strong and kind pets, Eric organized Deckers Dogs Foundation. The aim of their foundation is to care about the veteran dogs, who got some injuries while rescuing people.
  4. He is a self-motivated person, but his family and the necessity to care about his wife and kids serve as his inspiration.
  5. His favorite movie is “Step Brothers”, his favorite actress is Penelope Cruz and his favorite actor is Denzel Washington. His favorite meal is steak and potato and – no need to say that – his favorite singer is his wife.
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