Sarah Jessica Parker

Sarah Jessica Parker biography
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Interesting Biography Facts

Real name

Sarah Jessica Parker


actress, model, producer

Birth Date

March 25, 1965


58 years

Zodiac Sign



Nelsonville, Ohio, United States


Dwight Morrow High School, New York Professional Children’s School, Hollywood High School



Sarah Jessica Parker family members

Father's Name

Stephen Parker (father), Paul Forste (stepfather)

Mother's Name

Barbara Forste

Siblings names

Pippin Parker (older brother), Toby Parker (older brother), Rachel Parker Jetter (older sister), Andrew Forste (younger half-brother), Megan Forste (younger half-sister), Allegra Forste (younger half-sister), Aaron Forste (younger half-brother)

Is Sarah Jessica Parker a lesbian/bisexual?


What is Sarah Jessica Parker marital status?


Who is Sarah Jessica Parker husband?

Matthew Broderick

When did get married?

May 19, 1997

How many children does she have?

3 (son James Broderick and twins Tabitha and Marion Broderick)

Sarah Jessica Parker husband

Matthew Broderick (husband)

Sarah Jessica Parker husband

Date of birth: March 21, 1962

Although Sarah’s most famous heroine Carrie changed lots of partners, the actress herself is very constant in her personal life. They met through Sarah’s brothers Pippin and Toby in 1992, and have been inseparable since then. The couple exchanged wedding vows officially on May 19, 1997.

Matthew Broderick is a New York-born actor and director. He is mostly known for his main role in the 1986 comedy “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off”, for which he got the Golden Globe nomination. His other successful projects are the small role in the super popular series “Modern Family”, one of the leading parts in the thriller “The Cable Guy” etc.

Sarah Jessica Parker kids

James Broderick (son)

James Broderick

Date of birth: October 28, 2002

James Wilkie Broderick is the oldest kid in the family of Sarah and her husband Matthew. Parker was pregnant with him when she worked on the set of “Sex and the City”. No wonder, that her pregnancy attracted lots of public attention, and she was met by the photographs when she was leaving the prestigious Lenox Hill Hospital with a newborn on her hands.

In her numerous interviews, Parker told, that her husband and she put lots of effort to raise their son industrious and reasonable. They didn’t pamper him, although, at the moment of James’s birth, both have already gained star status. Sarah even told that she had never brought her son brand-new clothes, as he got his apparel from his older cousins and uncles.

Sarah Jessica Parker son

James is a young man nowadays. He has already moved from his parents’ house, which makes his mother Sarah so upset and happy for him at the same time. The boy stays out of the radar. Still, he supervised his famous parents at red-carpet events from time to time. Thus, he attended “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1” premiere and told journalists that he was a big fan of this franchise.

Recently, he attended “And Just Like That…” premiere to support his mom.

Tabitha and Marion Broderick (twins; daughters)

Sarah Jessica Parker daughter

Date of birth: June 22, 2009

In 2009 Sarah and her husband became parents of two baby girls. Tabitha and Marion were born by an unknown mother via surrogacy. Sarah welcomed her twins in Martins Ferry, Ohio. It was hard for her to explain to her son James that he was going to share his mom and dad with his newborn siblings. That’s why she told the boy about surrogate motherhood in general terms.

Tabitha and Marion got the second names “Hodge” and “Elwell” respectively as they are Sarah’s family names, which she discovered during “Who Do You Think You Are?” episode.

Although the stellar parents keep their little daughters out of public attention, some of Tabitha and Marion’s photos appeared in the media from red-carpet events. Thus, they supervised Matthew and Sarah at “Some Like It Hot” musical premiere in December 2022.

In their everyday life, Tabitha and Marion are very close. At the same time, they keep their identity, that’s why both decided to visit different schools. Like their mother, the twin girls are little fashionistas and like reading “Vogue”. Tabitha and Marion were really proud of their mother when they saw her on the Vogue cover.

Who are Sarah Jessica Parker parents?

Stephen Parker (father)

Stephen Parker father Sarah Jessica Parker

Date of birth: July 1938

Although Sarah’s parents separated, when she was a three-year-old, she remains closely-knitted with her father Steve.

His full name is Stephen Joseph Parker. He comes from Eastern European Jewish. Stephen used to earn his living as a journalist and entrepreneur. He was also busy in communications and owned the company “Black Panel Art” till 2014. With his first wife Barbara, he had four kids, including our heroine Sarah.

Currently, he lives in Lansdale, PA with his wife Karen Waitkus Parker, eight years younger. They lead very private lifestyles and stay away from the limelight.

Paul Forste (stepfather)

Sarah Jessica Parker stepfather

Date of birth: 1946

Date of death: September 28, 2022

Sarah was just three years old when her mother re-married a kind-hearted talented man, named Paul Giffin Forste. The Sex and the City actress and he became close, and she considered him as her second dad. It was Paul, who supported Sarah’s idea to become an actress and helped her start her career.

Paul Forste photo

He spent his childhood years in Cincinnati, Ohio, and studied theater at Ohio University. He used to work in Cincinnati’s national theatre and then moved to New York, where continued his acting career at St. Paul’s Theater. Later he became a member of the theatrical brotherhood “Teamsters Local 817”.

With Sarah’s mother, he raised eight kids – four from her first marriage and four of their own. He is remembered by Sarah and her siblings as a wise and tolerant person. The actress mourned his death after a short illness and shared the sad news with her fans through Instagram.

Barbara Forste (mother)

Barbara Forste mother Sarah Jessica Parker

Date of birth: July 2, 1938

Sarah Jessica Parker was blessed with a great mother. In her numerous posts, which she devoted to her mom, the actress admired Barbara’s creativity, strength, and wisdom. According to Sarah, her mother is very industrious and joined the care of her eight kids with the work of a preschool teacher in New York City. According to Sarah, her mother always found time to care for each child. She read with all her eight kids, gave them advice to live by, and supported them in their dreams.

Barbara G. Keck was raised in Cincinnati, Ohio, United States. Her parents were Walter Edward Keck and Lillian Breitenbuecher. To explore her roots from her mother’s side, Sarah became the heroine of the TV program “Who Do You Think You Are?” in 2010. She discovered that she is of German and English origin.

Currently, Barbara resides in Teaneck, New Jersey. After the sudden death of her beloved husband Paul, she is focused on caring for her thirteen grandchildren.

Sarah Jessica Parker siblings

Pippin Parker (older brother)

Pippin Parker

Date of birth: October 1960

Sarah comes from a big friendly family. She has three full siblings and four half-siblings from her maternal side. The oldest of the Parker breed is Pippin Parker.

He is the firstborn of Barbara and Steve Parker. Pippin spent his early years in Athens, Ohio. Pippin attended Walnut Hills High School in Cincinnati. Later he moved with his mother and stepfather Paul to New York. Inspired by his stepfather, he started a career in the entertainment industry. Pippin is a successful theater director, playwright, and teacher. One of his first theater projects was directing the play “Betrayed” in New York. That brought Pippin his first significant prize – Lucille Lortel Award. Among his most prominent achievements are the co-founding of the theater company “Naked Angels” and working as a Dean of the theater program at The New School. Besides, he worked on the episodes of the animated series “The Tick”.

Sarah Jessica Parker father

Since September 1998 he has been married to Kimberly Soden Parker, the professional organizer of luxury homes in New York. They have a son Julius.

Toby Parker (older brother)

Toby Parker

Date of birth: February 8, 1962

Sarah’s second oldest brother is named Timothy Britten Parker. In the family circle his name is shortened to “Toby”.

Toby is an actor, too. With his brother Pippin, Toby co-founded “Naked Angels”. He is known for small roles in such TV shows as the CBS series “Limitless”, “Law & Order”, “Forever” etc.

Sarah’s brother is married to an actress and theater marketing specialist Tiffany Hayzlett Parker. Tiffany and Sarah used to work on many projects together. Thus, Mrs. Hayzlett Parker produced the “Sex and the City” series and co-produced another Sarah’s show “Divorce”.

With Tiffany, Toby parented two sons: Jack and Henry Parker.

Rachel Parker Jetter (older sister)

Rachel Parker Jetter

Date of birth: March 1963

Sarah’s older sister Rachel is not just her relative, but also a friend. In her Instagram post, Carrie Bradshaw actress confessed, that her older sister was her role model. They shared the room for 18 years, and Rachel was the first one to help Sarah with her homework and to keep her secrets.

Like other members of the creative Parker family, Rachel tried her hand as an actress. In the late 1970s, she acted as Louisa in “The Sound of Music” on Broadway.

Her marital status is not known. But she is a mother of three kids: Milo, Hannah, and Moses, whom she welcomed with Mr. Jetter.

Andrew Forste (younger half-brother)

Andrew Forste

Date of birth: March 1969

Sarah’s younger half-brother is Andrew Owen Forste. Currently, he resides in Montclair, New Jersey. He serves as a head props master at The Stephen Sondheim Theater. Andrew is an Ohio University graduate.

He is married to Amy Diprima Forste, the theater manager and director. They have a daughter and a son Theodore.

Megan Forste (younger half-sister)

Megan Forste

Date of birth: 1970

Megan is one of the most mysterious Sarah’s younger half-siblings. She used to work on television at Transportation Department. Megan was a service driver at one of Sarah’s latest projects “And Just Like That…”

As a camera assistant, Megan was busy on the set of “The 40-Year-Old Virgin” and “The Longest Yard”.

Allegra Forste (younger half-sister)

Allegra Forste

Date of birth: February 1977

Allegra Victoria Forste, Sarah’s younger half-sister, stays away from the radar. Like her sister Megan, she is busy at the transportation department on the set. She assisted on the set of “The Only Living Boy in New York” film. Allegra is in relations.

Aaron Forste (younger half-brother)

Aaron Forste

Date of birth: September 28, 1978

Aaron David Forste is the youngest among Sarah’s siblings. He introduces himself on social media as a hedonist.

He works on the set but behind the camera. Aaron was the second director of the movie “The Bourne Ultimatum”. He also assisted on the set of “The Sopranos”. With his brothers, he is busy at “Theatrical Teamsters” as a driver. Besides, he runs the brewery.

Aaron is married and has kids, but the details of his personal life are not known.

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