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Jessie James Decker biography
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Interesting Biography Facts

Real name

Jessica Rose James


singer, songwriter, reality TV star

Birth Date

April 12, 1988


35 years

Zodiac Sign



Vicenza, Veneto, Italy



Jessie James Decker family members

Father's Name

Steve Parker

Mother's Name

Karen Parker

Siblings names

John James (younger brother), Sydney Rae James (younger sister)

Is Jessie James Decker a lesbian/bisexual?


What is Jessie James Decker marital status?


Who is Jessie James Decker husband?

Eric Decker

When did get married?

June 22, 2013

How many children does she have?

3 (daughter Vivianne Decker, son Eric Decker II and son Forrest Decker)

Jessie James Decker family photo

Jessie James Decker family photo

Jessie James Decker husband

Eric Decker (husband)

James Decker husband Eric

photo instagram / ericdecker

Date of birth: March 15, 1987

Jessie James Decker kids

Vivianne Rose Decker (daughter with Eric Decker)

Vivianne Rose Decker daughter Jessie James

Date of birth: March 18, 2014

In 2013 Vivianne parents started the reality show, titled “Eric & Jessie: Game On”, which was broadcasted by E! Channel. The famous country singer decided not to share the details of her pregnancy and baby delivery process in the series. Still, some pieces of it were publicized.

Jessie gave birth to a sweet girl early in the morning. Vivianne entered this world at 5:36. She weighed 8lbs., 2 oz. and immediately captured the hearts of her parents with her long soft hair.

Several days ago, the girl invited her friends to a birthday party. Her parents decided to arrange it a little earlier of Vivi’s actual birthday so that all her close people could visit it. Jessie shared a cute video through Instagram, from which it became obvious, that Vivianne turned into a cute active kid and her parents’ biggest love and pride.

Eric Thomas Decker II (son with Eric Decker)

Eric Thomas Decker II

photo instagram / jessiejamesdecker

Date of birth: September 4, 2015

Eric and Jessie gained the reputation of the cutest celebs’ family. They shared the details of their family life in E! series “Eric & Jessie: Game On”, and millions of viewers were ready to watch their life.

That’s why not just happy parents, but also their fans were waiting to see their second child.

Jessie gave birth through a planned c-section and soon shared the great news – in the company of her devoted husband she welcomed a son Eric. Soon after his birth new football season started, so Mr. Decker had to leave his newborn son and beloved wife for a while. But obviously, she enjoyed each minute of her motherhood.

The boy appeared in the 3rd season of his parents’ reality show and immediately developed a large fan base. He is 3 as for now, and he is not just a beloved son, but also a beloved younger brother for Vivi. By the way, Eric, or Bubby, as he is called at home, is not the youngest kid in the Decker family. Not long ago he became a big brother to Forrest.

Forrest Decker (son with Eric Decker)

Forrest Decker

photo instagram / jessiejamesdecker

Date of birth: March 31, 2018

In spite of her busy schedule (Jessie builds her business empire quite fast – in addition to singing she is also a celebrated fashion designer), she tells that being a mom is her main priority. On the last day of March in 2018, Jessie and her NFL star partner welcomed a healthy and quite big son (he weighed 9 pounds at the moment of birth). They named the boy Forrest Bradley Decker and announced through Instagram that he has his father’s head. The boy is almost a year as for now, and his parents dote him as much as possible.

Who are Jessie James Decker parents?

Steve Parker (father)

Steve Parker

photo instagram / mamakarenparker

Probably, you can’t understand, where Jessie gets her energy to create her line of clothing and present it on the New York Fashion Week, to record new songs and make TV appearances. But she got used to such an active lifestyle because she was the daughter of a military man.

Her father, Steven Parker, who has been honored with the title of a General in the Air Force (USA) recently, served in the army, and following his career challenge, he moved his wife and three kids from one place to another around 14 times till Jessie finally reached her adult age and began living independently from her parents. Neither she nor her siblings ever complained about their “military” lifestyle.

Jessie is in great terms with her father Steve and is so proud of him. “There are not so many Generals in USA, and my father is one of them”, the singer tells.

Karen Parker (mother)

Karen Parker mother Jessie James Decker

photo instagram / jessiejamesdecker

Date of birth: May 1, 1967

Jessie reached a lot to her quite young age, and it’s because she had a great role model in front of her eyes. Her mother Karen also gave birth and raised three successful kids, and in addition, she made an enviable career. Karen is known as a business lady, author, and blogger.

Jessie’s mom gained wide recognition in 2015 when she started a blog “Leaving Louisiana”. There she shares beauty and lifestyle tips with her readers and gives relationship advice. In fact, Karen has a right to do it, because during many years she kept a happy marriage with her husband Steve and helped her daughters and a son become who they are now.

Karen and Jessie are best friends and still remain very close.

Jessie James Decker siblings

John James (younger brother)

John James

photo instagram / johnjames94

Date of birth: circa 1995

The happiest big sister Jessie James has two younger siblings. John James is one of them. He is 23-24, and he is a big fitness enthusiast. The young man workouts every single day, eats healthy and visits UV sauna. He is closely-knitted with his family and has cordial terms with our today heroine. In 2018 he was involved into a terrible car crash when he lost control over his vehicle, but he turned out ok at the end.

Sydney James (Sydney Rae Bass) – younger sister

Sydney James

photo instagram / mamakarenparker

Date of birth: April 27, 1991


Jessie James Decke bio

photo instagram / jessiejamesdecker

Jessie James Decker is an American music and reality TV star. Her singles “Wanted”, “When You Say My Name” and many others sound all over the place.

No need to say, that Jessie discovered her talent to singing in her early years, and only with the help of her careful parents and constant support of her two younger siblings she managed to develop it and turn it into a career.

Jessie was a military brat in her early and teen years. Her father served in the American Air Forces. To develop his career, he had to move from one place to another. That’s why Jessie was born in a military hospital in Italy, although she is not an Italian.

At the age of 2, she has already started to sing songs in front of her family members. Seven years later she began composing music by her own.

Jessie went to the limelight when she won the talent show in Louisiana. In her teens, she performed in front of the big audience. The girl sang at Sea World opening and at other solemn events.

She was signed with Mercury Records and in 2009 released her debut album. In general, she has already produced 2 full albums and several extended plays. In addition to her career of a musician, Jessie Launched her line of clothing “Kittenish” and starred in E! series “Eric & Jessie: Game On”.

Interesting and fun facts

  1. Her favorite movie is “Forrest Gump”.
  2. She has more than 16 kinds of coffee creamers in her fridge.
  3. Her best childhood memory is boat trips, which her parents arranged for her and her siblings.
  4. She used to work as a peanut sweeper in her teens.
  5. Her height is 5 ft and her weight is 117 pounds. For her small size, she is nicknamed as “talent in a petite package” in the press.
  6. In 2022 Jessie James participated in the 31st season of “Dancing with the Stars” as a contestant. Her professional partner was a dancer Alan Bersten. They occupied 10th place.
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    I discovered her when I heard the song Almost over you, on the radio one day and I loved it and still do ! And I think she’s a beautiful person!! Yes I’m a new fan but a big fan !!!