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Interesting Biography Facts

Real name

Jake Joseph Paul


Actor, Viner

Birth Date

June 17, 1997


22 years

Zodiac Sign



Cleveland, Ohio, United States


Westlake High School In Cleveland, Ohio



Jake Paul family members

Father's Name

Greg Paul

Mother's Name

Pam Stepnick

Siblings names

Logan Paul (older brother)

Is Jake Paul a gay/bisexual?


What is Jake Paul marital status?




In his recent interview Jake Paul opened up, that he is going to be a role model for his viewers of 14 years old and more. At the same time the star added that he is going “to be real” and “to make mistakes”. And there are people, who always support him, no matter what errors he makes. They are his mother, father and older brother. Let’s look through a magnifying glass on them!

Who are Jake Paul parents?

Pam Stepnick mother

pam-stepnick-mother photo

Pam Stepnick

Date of birth: July 27, 1963

Zodiac sign: Leo

She is mostly celebrated as a woman, who gave the world Jake and Logan Paul. But that’s not the only thing Pam can be proud of. She was born in 1963 and spent her early years in Lakewood, OH. Stepnick worked as a nurse, when she met Greg Paul and married him. She welcomed her older son in 1995 and two years later she gave a birth to our today’s hero.

Pam Stepnick supported her sons’ addiction to making comic videos. In 2012 she registered her Instagram account and followed her sons. Till now she is the best Jake Paul’s supporter and cheerleader.

In early 2017 Pam started her own channel at YouTube, named VlogMom. At her channel, which contains more than 40 videos as for now, Pam shares her parenting tips, commentates her sons’ videos and demonstrates her everyday life. As for now, she has more than 800, 000 subscribers, which is the record for a person of her age. For her social media activity and useful advice she gives to other mothers, Pam was nominated for The Shorty Social Award.

Greg Paul father

greg paul father

Greg Paul

Date of birth: October 28, 1963

Zodiac Sign: Scorpio

The main man in Pam Stepnik life and father of her kids, Greg was born in Westlake, OH. He earns his living as a builder and real estate specialist. The member of a popular in social media family, Greg also hosts an account in Instagram and previously posted videos on Vine. At first Greg Paul audience (he has more than half a million of Instagram followers as for now) consisted mostly of his sons’ fans, because he shared videos with his famous kids.

But nowadays he has already become a social media star himself with the public, close to his age. In fact, Greg is a person, who loves to live – and he is ready to share that feeling with all the others. Greg’s main passion is to arrange picnics outdoors – and very often he posts pics and videos with family events of that kind. In addition, Greg Paul is a humorous and optimistic person, that’s why he is like a magnet for the audience.

The Instagram star is unbelievably proud of his sons.

Jake Paul siblings

Logan Paul (older brother)


Logan Paul (older brother)

Date of birth: April 1, 1995

Zodiac sign: Aries

Logan looks like his younger brother Jake, and that’s not the only thing they have in common. Both are good comedian actors and both do well in sports.

Logan is the first kid in Pam and Greg Paul’s family. He was born in the suburb of Cleveland (Westlake). There the boy attended local school. Logan has always been an active child, and at first he put his extra energy into sports. Jake’s brother attended wrestling and football classes. He continued practicing these kinds of sports in the University of Ohio, where the young man studied engineering. But he left his studying to become “the best entertainer in the world”, according to his own words.

Logan uploaded his first YouTube video at the age of 10. He named his channel “Zoosh”. Later he created vids for Vine, too. As the part of the digital microcosm, Logan Paul very often collaborates with his younger brother. They always add some drama to their videos – demonstrate relationships between themselves or show their girlfriends.

Many Logan vids contain numerous stunts with fire and pranks. Very often his jokes are bitter and are considered by his viewers as inappropriate. He caused a wave of negative reviews, having posted the video with a dead man body from Aokigahara woods in Japan, which are considered as “suicide forests”. Later Logan apologized for “crossing the line”.

Currently Logan Paul is single. A real Lovelace, he has already dated lots of beautiful girls, including YouTube star Alissa Violet and Instagram model Lydia Kenney.

Like Jake, Logan tries to make a leap from the status of a social media star to movie and television projects. He has already featured in a short film “Rainbow Man” and then acted in a television film “The Space Between Us”. He also endorsed a number of well-known brands.

Logan Paul runs his own production company, named “Maverick Media”. He called it after the name of his parrot.



Jake Paul was born in late 1990s in the homecity of numerous music legends and popular actors (including Halle Berry) – Cleveland, OH. He attended Westlake High School and joined it with wrestling workouts.

At the age of 10 he posted his first comedy video online, and from that moment the boy was captured with that activity.

In 2013 he opened for himself Vine platform (which doesn’t exist now) and posted 6-sec funny videos there. Very soon Paul enjoyed multi-million fan base. His enormous popularity inspired him to pursue acting through social media platforms. He created the YouTube channel, and soon has become a sensation with more than 15 million followers. Paul’s incredible popularity made him noticeable for TV producers. He was invited to the series “Bizaardvark” (Disney), thus have become the first social media star, who was offered a regular TV role.

As for now, Jake Paul lives in LA. He takes acting lessons and dreams to become a serious actor, who takes part in adult projects. He tries his hand as a musician too.

Interesting and fun facts

  1. Jake Paul has always been very athletic. He is good in freestyle activities and is able to do various stunts, like stand on his head etc. He used these skills in his YouTube videos.
  2. He is the first social media celebrity, who started his own project. He created so called “social stars incubator”, which he named “Team 10”. Paul gathered several young YouTubers under one roof and trains them to create interesting video content.
  3. Jake Paul moved to LA to develop his career of an entertainer. He bought a house in Calabasas (LA suburb).
  4. The famous YouTuber has already had law issues. His neighbors wrote a petition against him, where they accused the star in making too much noise, arranging loud parties with Team 10 members.
  5. He was fired from Disney series “Bizaardvark” after 18 months of work for his interactions with law.
  6. Jake told that his aim is to become Dr. Dre of social media.
  7. His ex-girlfriend is Erika Costell. Although their relantionships were rumored to be fake for a long time, they wedded for fun in Las Vegas in June, 2017. But in November, 2018 Jake announced their break up through Twitter.
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