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Interesting Biography Facts

Real name

Mark Sinclair


American actor, producer, director and screenwriter

Birth Date

July 18, 1967


56 years

Zodiac Sign



Alameda County, California, United States


Hunter College



Vin Diesel family members

Father's Name

Name Unknown (stepdad Irving H. Vincent)

Mother's Name

Delora Vincent

Siblings names

Paul Vincent (twin brother); Samantha Vincent (younger half-sister); Tim Vincent (younger maternal half-brother)

Is Vin Diesel a gay/bisexual?


What is Vin Diesel marital status?

In relation

Who is Vin Diesel wife?

Paloma Jiménez (longterm partner)

How many children does he have?

3 (Hania Riley Sinclair, Vincent Sinclair, Pauline Sinclair)

vin diesel familyénez

Vin Diesel is a hard-working actor, and he spends a lot of time at the film set. But he tells that his main stunt is parenting. The actor Vin Diesel is not just a muscled superstar; he is a loving husband, grateful son and supportive brother. Let’s read about his family members!

Vin Diesel wife

Paloma Jiménez


paloma jimenez wife

Some people envy her, the others tell, that she is an unhappy woman, whose partner is cheating her (everyone remembers Vin Diesel’s harassment to a young Brazilian journalist Carol Moreira during an interview and his rumored affair with Return of Xander Cage co-star Nina Dobrev). In addition, she has been living with a famous actor since 2007 and gave a birth to their three kids. Nevertheless a muscled action star hasn’t proposed her yet.

In spite of all the rumors Paloma seems to enjoy her independent and silent life. What do we know about this woman? Most of people judge about her through Vin Diesel words, “Paloma is stunningly beautiful. She is a great mother and a good person”.

Karla Paloma Jimenez Denagustin was born in Acapulco, Mexico. She started modeling at a very young age, that’s why she had no time to go to college.

The girl was different from the others with her long strong legs, narrow waist, long shining black hair and huge exotic eyes. Soon she has become a fashion icon in her country. Paloma appeared in ads for Pantene Hair Care, Honda cars and Coca-Cola. She featured on the pages of male issues, including famous “Maxim”.

Paloma was focused on her career, when she occasionally met a rising Hollywood star Vin Diesel. He liked the girl at first sight, but she didn’t pay attention to him. Vin used all his charm to capture the beauty’s heart. Soon she started dating him and then moved into his huge house.

Currently Paloma Jiménez is not a frequent guest at various talk-shows and on pages of fashion issues. She spends a lot of time at home with her three kids. By the way, she does work about the house herself – Vin Diesel and Paloma decided not to hire a housemaid.

Vin Diesel kids

Hania Riley Sinclair (daughter with Paloma Jiménez)

Hania Riley Sinclair daughter Vin Diesel


Date of birth: April 2, 2008

Everyone remembers strong and toned Vin Diesel in the comedy “The Pacifier”, where his hero has to care about 5 kids of his late friend. As the actor opened up later, that was the first time in his life, when he felt that he was ready to become a father.

Four years later he got an opportunity to change diapers and feed the infant from the bottle in his real life. Vin Diesel’s partner Paloma Jimenez gave a birth to their first kid.

Diesel tells that he cut the cord himself and was the first, who took his small daughter in his big hands. It was not so easy for a movie star to find a gap in his tough schedule and spend several days with Paloma and their newborn daughter. It was Paul Walker, who convinced Vin to leave Fast & Furious set (then the actors were filming the fourth part of the franchise) and stay near his wife. “These moments are precious and unforgettable. Career is very precious for me, but family is much more important of it”, Paul said to his friend Vin Diesel. From that moment the actor dealt Walker as the member of his family.

Nowadays Hania Riley is 10 year old girl. She appears alongside her parents at various solemn events, including movie premieres and opening of Vin Diesel star at Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Hania resides with her parents in Los Angeles, CA. She attends a primary school and practices judo and jiu-jitsu. Hania is a holder of a black belt in these disciplines.

Pauline Sinclair (daughter with Paloma Jiménez)

Hania Riley Sinclair (daughter with Paloma Jiménez)

Pauline is a real olive-skinned angel. She was born on a warm spring day in one of LA hospitals. Her mother Paloma and father Vin decided to name the cute child after late Paul Walker – Vin Diesel’s colleague and close friend.

Nowadays Pauline is 3 years old. She is a cute baby, who likes to play outdoors and smiles a lot. Her famous parents eagerly upload her pics on Instagram.

Vincent Sinclair (son with Paloma Jiménez)

vin diesel son

Date of birth: 2010

For each man there’s a special moment in his life, when he welcomes a son. Vin Diesel fathered a son in 2010. The boy is 8 now. He is cute, artistic and copies his dad in numerous home videos, which Diesel uploads through social media. The boy is a pupil of a primary school in LA.

Who are Vin Diesel parents?

Irving Vincent (stepfather)

Irving Vincent (stepfather)

Date of birth: 1934

Vin Diesel has never met his biological father, but he considers his stepfather Irving H. Vincent as his parent. Irving was born and educated in The New York City. He earned his living as an acting instructor and manager. Later he became a filmmaker. After the retirement from acting industry, Irving continued his career as an educator – in acting area, of course. Currently he serves as an Outstanding Professor in New York University.

Delora Vincent (mother)

Delora Vincent mother vin diesel

Date of birth: October 23

Nee Delora Sherleen is a real woman, who keeps her age in secret. But it’s known, that her birthday is on October 23, because her famous son Vin sent her his congratulations on this day.

She has always been a beautiful woman and a talented astrologer. This woman gave a birth to twins Mark (Vin Diesel’s real name) and Paul Sinclair and soon separated from their father in order never to speak about him after that. The only thing she told to her sons about their biological parent is that he was multi-racial and that’s why her sons are connected with various cultures.

Soon she got married again – and this time her marriage was much happier. Delora’s new man – an acting instructor Irving H. Vincent did a lot for the woman and her sons. He took them to his big house in New York City and gave him his surname – Vincent.

Although Vin Diesel was a troubled kid in his early years – he was very active, fought a lot and even participated in acts of hooliganism – Delora supported his interest in acting. She gave her son a book about film making, when the young actor was refused by famous producers. Inspired by his mother, Vin Diesel started to make his legendary movies.

Vin Diesel siblings

Paul Vincent (twin brother)

Paul Vincent (brother, his twin)

Date of birth: July 18, 1967

Even the most die-hard Vin Diesel fans don’t know a lot about Vin Diesel family. The actor explained his position in his interviews numerous times – he wants to keep his personal life in private. That’s why during many years nobody heard that the hot actor Vin Diesel had a twin brother.

At first sight Paul Sinclair (Vincent) and Mark (Vin Diesel) have nothing in common. They look very different and behave in different ways. But in their everyday life brothers are very close and work on many projects together. Paul prefers to stay in the shadow – he edits Vin Diesel’s film and works with movie sound.

Paul Vincent twin brother

Samantha Vincent (younger half-sister)

Samantha Vincent stepsister

Samantha is Vin Diesel younger half-sibling. She is a daughter of his mother Delora and her second husband Irving H. Vincent. She works by her brother’s side. Samantha is a film producer. She produced Riddick and several films of “Fast & Furious”.

Tim Vincent (younger maternal half-brother)

He is a son of Delora and Irving Vincent and younger half-sibling of Vin Diesel.


The tall strong man with his famous deep voice seems to be undefeated. But in his interviews Vin Diesel confesses, that he is very sensitive and vulnerable. His real name is Mark Sinclair. He spent his young years in Alameda County, CA and then moved with his mother and twin brother to New York City, which was dangerous and attractive for him at the same time.

Although Mark’s stepfather was a film maker, the boy was inspired to become an actor not by him, but by an unknown woman from a local theater, where small hooligans Mark, his brother Paul and a number of their friends popped in to have fun and to make a mess there. The theater worker tried to calm the boys down and invited them to their acting classes. Mark Sinclair accepted her offer and soon starred in a local theater. He earned $20 for one of his performances – and during many years that was the only payment he got for his acting.

At the age of 17 Mark made up his mind to become an actor. He entered Hunter College, where studied performing art and served as a bouncer in the bar. There he got the moniker, which later he made internationally popular – Vin Diesel.

As for now, the actor has lots of hit films in his film list – “Saving Private Ryan”, “The Fast and the Furious”, “The Last Witch Hunter” and many others.

Interesting and fun facts

  1. Vin Diesel is a fan of cars. He used to be a big lover of high speed ride, but he refused from this hobby after the birth of his kids. His favorite car is Chevrolet Corvette.
  2. He is a game lover. In 2002 the actor founded his own game studio.
  3. His hobbies are yoga and cooking.
  4. Vin Diesel previously dated an actress Michelle Rodriguez. He tells that he likes independent strong women.
  5. He is a godfather of Paul Walker’s daughter Meadow Rain.
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