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Desi Perkins biography
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Interesting Biography Facts

Real name

Desi Perkins


YouTube star

Birth Date

March 3, 1987


36 years

Zodiac Sign



Los Angeles, California, United States


college degree in elementary school teaching



Desi Perkins family members

Siblings names

three brothers

Is Desi Perkins a lesbian/bisexual?


What is Desi Perkins marital status?


Who is Desi Perkins husband?

Steven Perkins

When did get married?


Desi Perkins husband

Steven Perkins (husband)

Desi Perkins husband Steven

photo instagram / desiperkins

Date of birth: March 31, 1986

Desi Perkins married Steven Perkins in 2012. Since that year and till now they keep a happy marriage. In one of her videos Steven told, that the secret of their happy family life is their friendship, a strong connection between them two, and tasty sandwiches, which Desi makes him for lunch.

Steven seems really a humorous and positive person. Obviously, he loves his wife very much. Desi wears his surname, and her maiden name is not known to the wide circle of her fans.

Steven was born in USA. He attended Santa Ana College and was an amateur baseball player in his teen years.  Being a multi-talented personality, Steve has a college degree in graphic design. He also studied music art and worked as a DJ at the early phase of his career.

Steven Perkins

photo instagram / stevenperkins

After his marriage to Desi, he continued to work as a designer and a photographer for SIGELEI, the company, which produces electronic cigarettes.

No need to say, that Steven helps his wife on her career. It was he, who taught Desi to edit the videos and a part of her YouTube content is edited by him.

At first, he was a frequent guest at Desi’s channel and in 2015 they joined to launch the common channel “The Perkins”. The couple shared their traveling routine and some details of their family life in the videos.

Desi Perkins kids

Ocean Perkins (son)

Desi Perkins son

Date of birth: October 20, 2020

Desi’s way to parenthood was quite long. She suffered a miscarriage before she finally became the mother of her firstborn – a baby boy Ocean. The woman and her husband Steven became pregnant through IVF. She shared the details of her pregnancy with her followers through YouTube and Instagram. Finally, in autumn 2022 she shared a sweet Instagram story about the arrival of the baby boy.

He got an unusual name Ocean. Many of his photos can be seen on his mother’s page. Desi’s followers noticed that little Ocean is the carbon copy of his mother.

Harley Perkins (daughter)

Desi Perkins daughter

Date of birth: August 15, 2022

In 2022 Desi boasted that she became a mother of two. Her second child is a baby girl Harley Reign Perkins. She arrived in this world with the same weight as her older brother. The girl is called by Desi’s fans her father’s little copy.

Who are Desi Perkins parents?


Desi Perkins father

photo instagram / desiperkins

Desi doesn’t share the name of her father, but she used to tell, how close they were. She uploads his pictures on her Instagram account from time to time. The YouTube star never forgets to congratulate her parent on Father’s Day and tell that he is her role model and her inspiration.

Desi’s father (according to his daughter’s opinion) never gets stressed and loses his temper. She dreams to be like him and remain calm in any situation.


Desi Perkins mother

photo instagram / desiperkins

It’s a pity, but Desi didn’t share her mother’s name while introducing the woman to her fans in “Meet My ???” video. The YouTube star told that her mom had just come from Tokyo. The woman really has something Asian in her face, but according to Desi’s words, she is of Mexican origin. Obviously, Desi is very close to her mom and really loves her.

Desi Perkins siblings


Mrs. Perkins is the second of 4 children in her Mama and Papa family. Her older brother is circa 35, her younger brothers are circa 25 and 24 at the present moment. Her siblings’ names are Michael, Marquis, and Danny. Her brothers are very funny and friendly, and she spends a lot of time with each of them. Her older brother used to play saxophone in a band in his teens.


Desi Perkins bio

photo instagram / desiperkins

Her full name is speculated to be Desiree, although it’s not confirmed. The slim tall woman Desi Perkins gained international popularity as a YouTube star, fashion blogger and makeup artist.

She was born in USA in a Spanish-Mexican family. The girl grew up with 3 brothers, a mother, and a father. Desi was good in her studying at school and then gained a college degree. She planned to become an elementary school teacher because she loved kids so much.

Her life changed, when she made a Halloween makeup for her husband. She was so good in it, that people began to ask her if she was available for bookings. In spite of the fact that Mrs. Perkins had no practice, she answered “Yes!”, and thus started a career of a makeup artist. Later she launched the self-titled YouTube channel, which boasts with 3 million fan base as for now.

Desi is happily married to Steven Perkins since 2012. They have no kids because of health issues. In summer 2013 Desi got pregnant and lost her baby because of some complications. That was an awful experience, but till now the couple hopes to become parents one day.

Interesting and fun facts

  1. In addition to teaching, Desi is also good at singing. She tells that it’s her hobby and she has never considered it as a profession, but obviously, she likes it.
  2. Her career flourished after she uploaded the makeup tutorial video featuring Kim Kardashian. She is in good terms with KUWTK star and her sisters.
  3. In school, she was bullied for having a small butt.
  4. She is a big fashion lover and plans to start her own clothing line one day.
  5. Till she turned 12, she was a tomboy and liked to play football with her brothers.
  6. She hates touching cotton balls.
  7. She always takes caps from the bottles with her cosmetics products and then loses them.
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