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Jarrius Robertson biography
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Interesting Biography Facts

Real name

Jarrius Robertson


Instagram star, New Orleans Saints famous fan

Birth Date

March 26, 2002


21 years

Zodiac Sign



Gramercy, Louisiana, United States


Donaldsonville High School, Lutcher High School

Jarrius Robertson family members

Father's Name

Jordy Robertson

Mother's Name

Patricia Hoyal

Siblings names

Tiy Quan Hoyal (maternal half-brother), Shiy Markey (maternal half-brother), a brother and a sister from the paternal side

Is Jarrius Robertson a gay/bisexual?


What is Jarrius Robertson marital status?


Who are Jarrius Robertson parents?

Jordy Robertson (father)

Jordy Robertson father Jarrius Robertson

photo facebook.com/jordy.robertson.5


If you are Jarrius Robertson’s fan then you have already heard about his father Jordy and all the contradictions, which are connected with him.

Jordy Robertson was born and raised in Garyville, Louisiana. He was a high school senior when his girlfriend Patricia got pregnant with him and gave birth to their common son, named Jarrius. Jordy’s child was diagnosed with rare liver disease almost immediately after his birth. Despite his young age, Jordy decided to take responsibility for his son’s life. Jordy didn’t even visit the prom at a high school and decided to stay by his son’s bed. After school, he entered Delgado Community College, where he majored in drafting and design. After graduation, he opened the construction company “Robertson Const”.

After Jarrius’s meeting Saints players and building great relationships with them, the Robertson family became famous. Jordy appeared in the center of public attention, too, and he seemed the perfect parent at first. He impressed everyone with his optimism and self-sacrifice in the name of his son. He launched the fund “It Takes Lives To Save Lives” and the non-profit organization “GoFundMe”. The money, which people sacrificed for two organizations was supposed to pay Jarrius’s medical bills. But it turned out, Jordy spent them on his personal needs. He bought household goods for the fund money. Besides, he spent an enormous amount on gambling games. Later he admitted his fault.

Of course, Jarrius was crushed, when he understood, that his father did many wrong things.

In October 2018 Jordy was arrested. He was judged for three felonies – wire fraud, witness threatening, and cocaine distribution. The boy told, that he still loved his dad, although he felt sorry for people, who suffered from Jordy’s actions.

By the way, Jarrius has two younger siblings from the paternal side.

Patricia Hoyal (mother)

Patricia Hoyal

photo facebook.com/PatriciaHoyal

The name of Jarrius’s mother is Patricia Hoyal. She became pregnant with Jarrius in her teens. Mrs. Hoyal has never been married officially to JJ’s father. Later she called her ex-boyfriend Jordy “selfish”. JJ’s parents have joint custody over him. Since the age of 3, Jarrius lives with his mom.

She resides in Lutcher, Louisiana. Patricia is married to her third husband. His name is undisclosed as of 2021. Except for Jarrius, she has two other sons from her previous relationship.

Jarrius Robertson siblings

Tiy Quan Hoyal (younger half-brother from the maternal side)

Tiy Quan Hoyal

photo facebook.com/tiy.hoyal.7

JJ has two half-siblings from his mother’s side and two paternal half-siblings. Tiy is his mother’s son. She got him from her ex-husband, Mr. Hoyal. Tiy is a high school pupil as of 2021. The details of his personal life are not publicized.

Shiy Markey (younger half-brother from the maternal side)



His other maternal half-brother is little Shiy. He is the son of Patricia Hoyal and Lance Markey. The boy is still very little, so there’s not much info about him.

A Brother and Sister from the paternal side

JJ’s father also welcomed two more kids after his separation from

the boy’s mother. So, little Saints fan has paternal half-brother and half-sister. Their names are not known to the wide circle of people, but they share a close bond with their little brother JJ. They are active members of the “It Takes Lives To Save Lives” organization.


Celebrities make our lives brighter and more interesting. But there are some famous people, who inspire us to set goals and achieve them. Jarrius Robertson is one of such stars. The boy with rare liver disease has been struggling for his life since the day he was born. But now he feels better and sees his mission in supporting other people with chronic diseases. His motto is “It takes lives to save the life”. Thus, he tries to emphasize the necessity of organ donation.

He was just 4 weeks old when he was diagnosed with biliary atresia. This rare disease is characterized by the wrong development of the bile ducts. As a result, bile cannot reach the intestine and accumulates inside the liver. That can cause lots of health complications, including death.

In Jarrius’s case, the only way to save his life was to pass through the liver transplant operation. He was just 1 year old when he passed through his first operation, but that caused severe complications. That’s why he was placed into a coma for a year. His family members decided to unplug him from the ventilator when they lost their hope. But Jarrius started to breathe himself, and that was a real miracle!

Nowadays Jarrius Robertson serves as the role model for people with hard illnesses and their relatives. He has already passed through 36 surgeries and two liver transplantations. But he is still there, and has an important message for his followers – everything is possible.

Robertson is a huge New Orleans Saints fan. He is on friendly terms with the members of this team. He met them on Christmas 2015 when the Saints players were paying a charitable visit to a hospital. The team’s punter Thomas Morstead gave Jarrius a ticket to their game. Thus, their friendship started.

Robertson gained wide popularity at the NBA All-Star Game in 2017, when he came on the court and scored a basket. Nowadays, he is just a young man with an important mission. In the future, he plans to become a comedy star and to meet Kevin Hart. But now he leads the life – as ordinary as possible – of a normal boy. He got an education at Donaldsonville High School. His fans and relatives often name him JJ.

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